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Arrow Annotations - S03E04 "The Magician"

Written by Christian on Thursday, October 30 2014 and posted in Features

Arrow Annotations - S03E04

A look back at the comic references and Easter eggs from last night's show.

Welcome back to Arrow Annotations, the Internet's number one Arrow column. If you want to know more about the comics that inspired the TV show and random factoids about the latest episode of Arrow, you've come to the right place. Past articles can be found here.

If you enjoy this column, be sure to check out Flash Facts, my new column on Arrow's sister show, The Flash. And feel free to follow me on Twitter at @OH_IGW. Now onto the comic references!

Episode #50 - The Magician is Arrow's 50th episode.  Not only is that a major milestone for the show, that also means we've had 50 Arrow Annotations columns.  Crazy.

Adam Castwidth - Adam Castwidth, the man whom Oliver kills for Amanda Waller, was played by John Wardlow, a stunt actor and coordinator who appeared in both Fantastic Four movies and X3.

The Magician - Merlyn's code name in the League of Assassins was The Magician.  As in Merlyn the Magician, from the King Arthur legends.  In the comics, Merlyn was originally a famous archer that performed as "Merlyn the Magician". Oliver even originally took up archery after being inspired by one of his acts. 

Ken Zhi Jansen - Oliver and company track down Ken Zhi Jansen, a former associate of Malcolm Merlyn.  In the comics, Jansen was the sensei at the monastery where Oliver and later Oliver's son, Connor Hawke, trained in archery.  Jansen would later accompany Conner during some of his early adventures as Green Arrow.

Tracer Arrow - Oliver debuts another trick arrow, this one involving traceable nanites.

The Grind and Jolt Cafe - If the Grind and Jolt Cafe looks familiar, it's because it's the same set used for the CC Jitters coffee shop scenes in The Flash.  Thea's coffee cup even has the CC Jitters logo on it. 

Eddie Fyers - In case you wanted a refresher on who Eddie Fyers was in the comics, we spoke about him in the Arrow Annotations for "Damaged".

Ferris Air  Flight 637 - As we mentioned way back in the Arrow Annotations column for "Darkness on the Edge of Town", Ferris Air is the aviation company that employs Hal Jordan.  Oliver saved that flight in the flashbacks of "Sacrifice".  Ferris Air has periodically been mentioned on the show, most recently in the first episode of this season.

Amanda Waller - Amanda Waller was responsible for the attempted downing of Ferris Air  Flight 637, as was heavily speculated by fans two summers ago. The showrunners have been hinting at this for a while, as Waller's been shown wearing the distinctive stiletto heels worn by the person who ordered Fyers to shoot that plane down.  Nice to see the writers of the show following up on that plot.

China White - So, it looks like Oliver's history with China White pre-dates her first appearance on show.  We discussed China White's (brief) history in the comics in the Arrow Annotations for "Honor Thy Father".

Felicity - When Felicity does finally appear at the end of the episode, she's wearing the same dress she had on at the end of Tuesday's episode of the Flash.  Her absence was mentioned earlier by Diggle, who mentioned that she was away at Central City.

Ra's al Ghul - We previously discussed Ra's al Ghul in the Arrow Annotations for "League of Assassins".  You'll note that he first appears rising from a pool.  Could that be a reference to one of his life-extending (or resurrecting) Lazarus Pits? Personally, I think the chances are pretty slim that they'd introduce Lazarus Pits into Arrowverse canon, but I've been wrong before.

He's played by Matt Nable, an ex-rugby player turned actor who previously played Boss Johns in the third Riddick movie.

And that's it for this (very light) week!  See you all next time, and thanks for reading!


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