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Arrow Annotations - S03E05 "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak"

Written by Christian on Thursday, November 06 2014 and posted in Features

Arrow Annotations - S03E05

A look back at the comic references and Easter eggs from last night's episode.

Welcome back to Arrow Annotations, the Internet's number one Arrow column. If you want to know more about the comics that inspired the TV show and random factoids about the latest episode of Arrow, you've come to the right place. Past articles can be found here.

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Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak - This week's episode title was a reference to the Secret Origins DC comic series.  Secret Origins is an anthology style series featuring stories about the origins of various DC superheroes and villains. DC recently revived the series earlier this year, this time focusing on their characters' new origins in "The New 52" universe.

Robin Hood - Felicity had a 1938 Robin Hood movie poster hanging in her apartment. Neal Adams used Errol Flynn's depiction of Robin Hood from this movie as the basis for his 1969 redesign of Green Arrow's costume and look. 

Felicity's college look - Felicity's black hair, tank top and ankh necklace during her college years were a nod to Death, a DC character created by Neil Gaiman.  Appearing mainly in the pages of the Vertigo series Sandman, Death was one of the Endless, a family of anthropomorphic beings each representing a different concept or emotion.  Death was shown as a young goth girl with near limitless powers. Despite her dark clothes, Death had an upbeat and friendly personality and served as a friend and guide to Morpheus, her younger brother and friend.  

According to Arrow writer Brian Ford, Felicity's original costume design featured both the ankh necklace and the Eye of Horus mascara design, but DC told them they could only keep one or the other.  

Cooper Seldon - Cooper Seldon isn't based off any DC character that I know of, but his name is probably a nod to Sheldon Cooper, one of the lead characters from CBS's The Big Bang Theory.

Seldon was played by Nolan Funk.  While Funk is best known for his recurring role in Glee, he also made a brief appearance as a captured mutant in X-Men 2.

Brother Eye - This week's villain was named after the Brother Eye intelligence system, an AI program based out of an orbiting satellite.  A Jack Kirby creation, Brother Eye originally served as the assistant to O.M.A.C., a hero who operated in an alternate "near future" unrelated to most of DC's other comics.  

In 2005, Brother Eye was reintroduced to the DC universe in the build up to Infinite Crisis. Brother Eye was an artificial intelligence system created by Batman to monitor and collect information on metahumans.  The system gained sentience and was later used by Checkmate to control its army of OMAC drones, dangerous cyborgs with the ability to recalibrate their bodies to counter various superhuman abilities.  Batman and a team of superheroes (which included Green Arrow and Black Canary) eventually destroyed Brother Eye after discovering an alternate version of Lex Luthor was using the satellite in his plot to recreate the multiverse. 

Brother Eye was resurrected in the New 52 in the pages of OMAC with much of its new history intact.  Brother Eye initially used OMAC in his fight against Checkmate before the AI system was allegedly destroyed by Max Lord. It later took control of OMAC and used it to cripple Justice League International, effectively ending that team. Brother Eye reappeared as one of the primary antagonists of the currently running weekly series The New 52: Futures' End

You'll recall that Ray Palmer recently recovered the plans for an OMAC weapons program in "Corto Maltese". 

Santa Prisca - Diggle mentioned that Lyla was on assignment in Santa Prisca.  Santa Prisca is a fictional Carribean nation notable for being the birthplace of the Batman villain Bane.  

Coast City - Another week, another Coast City reference.  Captain Lance mentioned that Laurel's boss was away in Coast City, leaving her as acting district attorney.

Myron Forest - Felicity's roommate is named Myron Forest.  In the original OMAC comics, Myron Forest was the creator of the Brother Eye program.  

Starro the Conqueror - Shortly before he was arrested by the FBI. Cooper was wearing a t-shirt featuring Starro the Conqueror.  In the comics, Starro was an alien lifeform that resembled a large starfish.  It could take over a person's body by attaching a minature clone of itself to their face.  Starro was notable for fighting the Justice League of America during their first appearance in Brave and the Bold #28.

"Nice apartment. Lots of space" - Ollie's comments to Thea about her new apartment mirror those made by Batman and Joker about Vicki Vale's apartment in the 1989 Batman movie. 

"Definitely black" - When Ted offered her a choice between a red or black outfit, Laurel chose the black one, because of course she did. 

Possessed - At the end of the episode, Ollie and Thea began to watch Possessed, a 1931 movie about a female factory worker who becomes the lover to a wealthy divorce attorney.  The movie starred Joan Crawford and Clark Gable. 

And that's it for this week.  Thanks for reading! 


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