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Links to Articles Written By People Better Than Us - November 13, 2014

Written by Christian on Thursday, November 13 2014 and posted in Features

Links to Articles Written By People Better Than Us - November 13, 2014

Links to relevant comics articles and things we find interesting.

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Welcome to "Links to Articles Written by People Better than Us", a new recurring feature that will link to articles on various sites that we find interesting. Most will be opinion or feature pieces that we can't milk for an article of our own, a few will be alt-comix stories that are interesting but probably couldn't scrape up a whole bunch of hits on the front page. 

Newsarama published this Jim McLauchlin piece about journalism in comics.  Some of it touched upon frequent complaints of ours (the frequent fluff PR pieces masquerading as journalism), while others touched upon some really pedantic stuff (how to properly photograph a creator at a convention).  Personally, I have strong feelings about the piece and the amount of shit it may or may not be full of, but I'll let you make your own conclusions about it on your own.

Steve Morris, the Outhouse's bestie, has been previewing new releases at the upcoming Thought Bubble convention that runs this weekend on his website, ComicSpire.

Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder are doing a signing over in London this Friday.  That sounds pretty cool.

More commentary on that James Sturm "The Sponsor" comic from The Nib, this time from Ken Parille over at The Comics Journal.

The Oatmeal explains Net Neutrality to Ted Cruz. We're sure none of you have a strong opinion on this matter one way or the other.

Columbus comics newspaper The Sequentialist posted a 2 page comics interview with Nate Powell, the illustrator of the John Lewis's March graphic novels, by Matt McClure and Jeremy McFarren ahead of Powell's appearance at ICAF this weekend.

Speaking of ICAF, I'll be there today and tomorrow and a bit of Saturday.  I'll be livetweeting the event, so if you're into international comics academic forums, be sure to follow me at @OH_IGW.


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