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Arrow Annotations - S03E07 "Draw Back Your Bow"

Written by Christian on Thursday, November 20 2014 and posted in Features

Arrow Annotations - S03E07

A look back at all the comic references from last night's show.

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"Draw Back Your Bow" - This week's episode title is a lyric from the song Cupid by Sam Cooke. 

Palmer Industries - The Palmer Industries logo features an electron circling around the "P".  Yes, that's a reference to the Atom's logo, which features three electrons circling an atom nucleus.

Cupid - This week's episode focused on Cupid, a comics villain created by Arrow showrunner Greg Berlanti. In the comics, Carrie Cutter was a special ops soldier who volunteered for an experiment designed to remove her sense of fear.  While the experiment succeeded in removing her sense of fear and increasing her physical strength and reflexes, Cutter went insane as a result.  

Some time later, Cutter tracked down her husband in Star City and attacked him.  Green Arrow saw the attack from a distance and, thinking that Carrie was the one being attacked, shot an arrow to stop Carrie's husband.  Carrie became obsessed with Green Arrow and killed off several minor villains of the hero to attract his attention, including Brick.  She then tried to force Green Arrow to kill Merlyn, but Oliver and Black Canary found a way to beat Cupid and save Merlyn's life. 

Cupid previously appeared in a DC Nation animated short, and was voiced by famed voice actress Kari Wahlgren.  She was played in last night's episode by Amy Gumerick.  

Gravano - Joe Gravano, the mob member who Cupid takes hostage, is played by David Jacox, a stunt actor who's appeared on several episodes of the show. Jacox appeared in the opening voiceover sequence of a number of Arrow episodes as one of the white collar criminals Oliver takes down. 

Sherwood Florist - Green Arrow and Arsenal locate Cupid and her hostage at Sherwood Florist.  In the comics, Black Canary owned and operated a florist shop in Seattle called Sherwood Florist.  Ollie and Dinah lived above the flower shop.

Avery Presnell - Dr. Avery Presnell, Carrie's psychiatrist, is played by Jill Teed.  Teed appeared in X-Men 2 as Iceman's mother (she famously asked her son if he could try "just not being a mutant") and played the DC police detective Maggie Sawyer in Smallville.  

"Gaijin" - When Oliver asks Tatsu what "Gaijin" means, she tells him that it means 'Outsider'.  In the comics, both Oliver and Katana are involved with the Outsiders, a secret society dedicated to fighting corruption.

Kirby Bates - Cupid tracks down Oliver's base with the help of Kirby Bates, one of her former criminal informants.  In the comics, Cupid briefly teamed up with Hannibal Bates, the shapeshifting supervillain known as Everyman.  At the time, Bates believed himself to be Green Arrow, having lost his memory after he was stabbed in the neck by Black Canary (in self defense) while impersonating Ollie. 

Bates' name previously appeared on Oliver's list in "Vendetta".

Mr. and Mrs. Gardner - Ray Palmer purchases a Nevada mine from Mr. and Mrs. Gardner during the episode.  Gardner's name is a reference to Palmer's co-creator, Gardner Fox.

Mr. Gardner is played by Fred Henderson.  Henderson previously had a recurring role on Smallville as a doctor who helped Lex fake Lana's pregnancy.  He also voiced Howard Stark in the Iron Man: Armored Adventures cartoon. 

"Even nuttier than the last woman they had on the Squad" - Diggle mentions that Lyla said that Cupid was even crazier than the last female member they had on the Suicide Squad.  You'll recall that Harley Quinn made a brief, off-screen cameo as a Suicide Squad member in last season's "Suicide Squad".  

Dwarf Star Alloy - Palmer purchases a mining operation in Nevada in order to mine dwarf star alloy,  In the comics, the Atom's original size-changing belt was powered by material from a dwarf star. 

ATOM Exosuit - Palmer reveals his plans for an ATOM exosuit, which looks shockingly similar to his costume in the comics.  

Captain Boomerang - The Flash villain/Suicide Squad member Captain Boomerang makes his first appearance in the Arrowverse.  We'll cover him in detail next column. 

And that's it for this week.  Thanks for reading and have a happy Thanksgiving! 

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