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Flash Facts: S01E09 "The Man in the Yellow Suit"

Written by Christian on Wednesday, December 10 2014 and posted in Features

Flash Facts: S01E09

A look back at all the Easter eggs and comic references from the comics.

Welcome to Flash Facts, a new weekly column dedicated to discussing the various comic book references, Easter Eggs and other cool facts about The Flash, CW's new superhero show. While I'll attempt to be as thorough as possible, I'll definitely miss a reference here and there. If I miss something, feel free to comment or shoot me a Tweet at @OH_IGW, and I'll gladly add it in and credit you. If you enjoy this column, be sure to check out Arrow Annotations, which discusses similar references over on Arrow. 

Mercury Labs - The Reverse Flash attacks Mercury Labs at the beginning of the episode.  In the comics, Jay Garrick (the original Flash) based the design of his winged helmet off of Mercury, the Roman god of messengers. 

David Milchard - The Mercury Lab scientist who sees the Reverse Flash at the beginning of the episode is played by David Milchard.  Milchard played Nelson Ravich, a corrupt Starling City businessman, in the first season of Arrow. Ravich was killed by Malcolm Merlyn in "Year's End", the midseason finale of the first season.  I guess it's now a tradition to have Milchard appear in first season fall finales now.

The Man in the Yellow Suit - We covered the Reverse Flash's history here.  It'll be interesting to see just exactly who Harrison Wells really is in future episodes. 

Tachyon Particles - The Reverse Flash attempts to steal tachyon particles from Mercury Labs.  In addition to being used to explain away faster than light travel, tachyon particles are also commonly used in various forms of media to explain time travel.  In the comics, Hourman uses tachyon particles to gain brief glimpses into the future.  Given the obvious hints that Dr. Wells is a time traveler, do not be surprised to see the tachyons used in a future episode to explain some sort of time travel plot.

Dr. Tina McGee - Dr. Tina McGee makes her first appearance in the new Flash series.  In the comics, Tina McGee was a researcher hired by Harvard to study Wally West's metabolism.  Her husband's experiments with super speed briefly transformed him into the villain Speed Freak, and eventually put him into a coma.  After McGee breaks up with her husband, she and Wally become romantic partners, but stress in the relationship break them up.  McGee later became the head of STAR Labs' Central City location and continued to assist Wally until his disappearance.  McGee later studied Bart Allen in an attempt to discover what had happened to the Speed Force.

Amanda Pays reprises her role as McGee from the 1990 Flash series.  In that show, McGee was the Flash's civilian partner and main romantic interest for the second half of the season.  McGee and Barry had a "will they or won't they" relationship that went unresolved after the show was cancelled after one season.  Here's to hoping that Pays and John Wesley Shipp (who played Barry in the 1990 show and plays Barry's father in the new series) get to share at least one scene together in a future episode.

A stable matrix - Dr. Wells mentions that he's designed his force field matrix to be stable enough to contain the Reverse Flash. Given the presence of Firestorm this episode, I can't help but wonder if that was a nod to the Firestorm Matrix.  In the comics, the Firestorm Matrix was the reaction that created Firestorm whenever Ronnie Raymond and Dr. Stein merged.

Two speedsters - Cisco theorizes that a second speedster was present at Nora Allen's death in addition to the Reverse Flash. In the comics, Barry travels back in time and fights the Reverse Flash at the moment of his mother's death.

Flash ring - Dr. Wells pulls out his very own Flash ring at the end of the episode and uses it to open his Reverse Flash storage closet.  In the comics, Barry uses a Flash ring to carry his costume on him at all times.  The costume is specially designed to fit into his ring, and Barry changes into it at super speed seconds after opening it. flashring.jpg

And here's one I missed last week:

Tyler Chemicals - Oliver and his team set up a temporary base at a Tyler Chemicals facility, as evidenced by a small sign on one of its exterior walls.  In the comics, Tyler Chemicals is a pharmacuetical company owned by Rex Tyler, aka Hourman.  Tyler developed the drug Miraclo, which granted him superstrength and limited invulnerability for hour long periods.

And that's it for this week (and this year!) Thank you for reading, and I hope you all enjoy the coming holidays.  See you all in 2015! 

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