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The Interview Review

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, December 30 2014 and posted in Features

The Interview Review

Well, hopefully it isn't a "bad" movie this time as Zechs and Jordan take on this year's most "controversial" movie.

Well, given how popular our  Kirk Cameron Saving Christmas review was, and given how this all came about came about the day before Christmas Eve when it was revealed that some theaters would indeed be showing The Interview.  Of course, there was the temptation of watching it online via the various options that are available. BUT.. there's just something about seeing a movie in a theater and the crowd reaction that just adds to the experience.

So once again, I'm joined in a review with my friend Jordan. Will we fare better than our previous effort? Well, there's only one way to find out as here's our review:


As we said in the review above.  If you want to drive us insane and our thoughts on a bad movie? Well January is coming up, the movie month were some real bad films are released.

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