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WINNER - Most Maddening Moment of the Year - 2014

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, January 06 2015 and posted in Features

WINNER - Most Maddening Moment of the Year - 2014

What truly irked fans the most in 2014? Wonder no longer!

Look at the bright side, at least 2014 was much nicer than 2013. That's something right guys? RIGHT?!  In any case, once more we're here to talk about the top three moments of 2014 that irked you the most.

Coming in at #3 with 35 votes is the moment that broke DC's long lasting eighty-day run of not doing anything stupid, yes I speak of that lovely moment when someone outside of DC thought this:

Would be highly marketable. Yes, the Superman/Wonder Woman: SCORE! Superman Does it Again T-shirt scandal.


Liscensed DC Comics Shirts Congratulate Superman for Banging Wonder Woman, Prepare Young Women to Marry Batman

Now It's Just Getting Sad: More DC Licensing Shenanigans Yield Sexist Toddler Pajamas

DC Comics Agrees With Outhouse on Sexist T-Shirts, Promises to Do Better Next Time


#2 isn't just a DC Comic issue, but really a comic-wide problem that involves every company. The problem to which I speak is that came in with over 52 votes is of The Rise of the $5 Comic and it's Ever Increasing Dominace in the Comic Book Market:



Editorial Mandate: Why I love Small Press Comics


Marvel to Offer Financing Plans for New $4.99 Price Point


The Era of the Five Dollar Comic Begins in the Marvel September Solicitations


Marvel is Releasing a "1 in 52" 3D Deadpool Variant, But the Joke May Be on You


Not Sure How Much Longer I Can Justify This Hobby To My Wife: Batman Jumps To $5 An Issue


Scott Snyder Fights for Your Right to $3.99 Batman Books


Say No to Five Dollar Comics: Five Comics to Buy For Less Than Five Bucks on October 8, 2014


So what ruled #1? Well, it's been a year and you all are STILL sore over it. I'm even astonished a lot of you are furious over it. Your WINNER of the Most Maddening Moment of 2014:



It's been a year, and I'm still furious over Cartoon Network cancelling Young Justice.


56 Votes

Is Warner Bros teasing 'the Batman' or 'Young Justice' for Blu-Ray Release?

'Young Justice' Season 1 Blu-Ray Coming from Warner Archives Collection

SDCC: 'Young Justice' Season 1 Blu-Ray Release Date/'Batman: Brave & the Bold Season 2 Blu-Ray" Announced

'Young Justice' Season 2 Soon to Deal Out Justice on Blu-Ray!!!

'Young Justice' Season 2 Coming to Blu-Ray November 18th & Extras Revealed


This one surprised me. With all the problems that happened with the Legend of Korra this year. I thought for sure, that was a shoe-in to win this year (that came tied for fourth place with twenty-six votes). Then the $5 comic issue rose up in October, but nope, you're all bummed at this show which has been gone for an entire year.  The Blu-Ray releases that came out this year only spurned the old wound, didn't it?.

Well, there's your Most Maddening Moment of the Year for 2014. It still left me like this after all is said and done:

Will 2015 be better for us? Who knows, only time will tell. Until next year folks!

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