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Flash Facts: S01E13 "The Nuclear Man"

Written by ThanosCopter on Wednesday, February 11 2015 and posted in Features

Flash Facts: S01E13

A look back at the Easter eggs and comic references from last night's episode.

Welcome to Flash Facts, a weekly column dedicated to discussing the various comic book references, Easter Eggs and other cool facts about The Flash, CW's new superhero show. While I'll attempt to be as thorough as possible, I'll definitely miss a reference here and there. If I miss something, feel free to comment or shoot me a Tweet at @TheOuthousers, and I'll gladly add it in and credit you. If you enjoy this column, be sure to check out Arrow Annotations, which discusses similar references over on Arrow.

52nd and Waid - Barry is called in to stop a jumper at the corner of 52nd and Waid. 52 is the token number of DC Comics, and Waid refers to Mark Waid, a modern day writer who had a prolific run on The Flash in the 1990s.  Waid was previously referenced in "The Things You Can't Outrun."

Quentin Quale - At the beginning of the episode, Firestorm attacks a former colleague named Quentin Quale.  In the comics, Quale was Dr. Stein's former boss at Concordance Research, a research firm based out of Manhattan. Quale and Stein had a rocky history together and Quale eventually fired Stein from Concordance.  

You'll note that Quale is leaving the Concordance Research building when he's confronted by Firestorm.

Channel 52 - Barry and Caitlin overhear a report about Firestorm attacking Quale on Channel 52.  We've covered Channel 52 a few times before, including here.

firestormDr. Stein - Dr. Stein makes his first "full" appearance in this week's episode.  Stein made his first appearance in Firestorm, the Nuclear Man #1, created by Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom.  In the comics, Dr. Stein was a nuclear physicist in charge of developing the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant.  Along with Ronnie Raymond, Stein was transformed into Firestorm after the plant was destroyed in an explosion caused by saboteurs.  Since Stein was unconscious when the explosion occurred, Ronnie was put "in control" of Firestorm's bdoy, while Stein acted as an unseen guide to using and controlling their powers.  

Stein and Ronnie worked together as Firestorm for several years, until Stein gained sole control of Firestorm's powers during a battle with the villain Brimstone.  During the battle, Stein was exiled into deep space and remained there until he discovered the new Firestorm, Jason Rusch, struggling to survive during the events of Infinite Crisis.  Stein merged with Rusch and mentored him (and a resurrected Ronnie Raymond) up through the 2011 reboot.

In the New 52, Stein was the creator of the "god particles" that gave both Rusch and Raymond their Firestorm abilities.  After attracting the attention of several terrorist organizations, Stein faked his death and went underground to continue his research. 

Stein is played by veteran actor Victor Garber.  Garber is best known for his roles as Jack Bristow on Alias and Jordan Wethersby on Eli Stone (which was produced by Flash producer Greg Berlanti and Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim).  He also voiced Sinestro in the Green Lantern: First Flight animated film. 

Clarissa Stein - In the comics, Clarissa is Dr. Stein's ex-wife, who divorced him due to devoting all his time to work.  Clarissa is played by Isabella Hofmann, who also played River and Simon Tam's mother on Firefly.

Conway Prize for Scientific Achievement - Dr. Wells notes that Stein has won three Conway Prizes.  As mentioned earlier, Firestorm was created by Gerry Conway.

heraldMal Duncan - Barry suggests to Linda that they go sing Mal Duncan play at an underground jazz venue.  In the comics, Mal was a minor superhero with several aliases, including Guardian, Hornblower, Herald and Vox. Mal was a Teen Titan and was married to the superheroine Bumblebee. Mal was a jazz musician in the comics, as well.  

Flame On - Barry asks Firestorm not to "flame on", which is a reference to the Human Torch's popular catchphrase. 

Keystone Combines - Linda tells Barry that the local hockey team, the Combines, had blown a 2-0 lead the night before. In the comics, the Combines are Keystone's local (presumably NHL) hockey team. Both Linda, her husband Wally West, and Captain Cold are all fans of the team. 

Hudson Falls - Firestorm mentions that he remembers being at the Hudson Falls with Caitlin.  In the comics, Firestorm was created at the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant.

1982 - Firestorm asks Barry for a glass of 1982 Chateau Haut Grion Pessac-Leognan wine.  Firestorm first appeared in 1982.   

Oh, and bottles of that wine sell for about $500.

Quantum Splitter - The design of the quantum splitter devised by Wells and Cisco is a deliberate nod to Firestorm's original costume. 

And that's all for me this week!  Thanks for reading.


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