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Supernatural- The Executioner's Song

Written by Dr. Improbable on Wednesday, February 18 2015 and posted in Features

Supernatural- The Executioner's Song

Shame on whoever didn't name this episode "Citizen Cain"

Source: Supernatural

Hello, internet! I know y’all were worried about the lack of Supernatural updates- how ever would you know what Sam and Dean are moping about lately without me?! But fear not, I am recovered from my illness, and I’m pretty sure I no longer have any functional prokaryotes in my body! Superbugs, here I come.

This week on Supernatural: The boys are back together! All four of them! Sam, Dean, Cas, and Crowley (I’m pretty sure these four actors’ ages added together is twice as much as any other cast found on the CW) join together to defeat Cain.

Cain is on the loose, attempting to atone for his fratricide by murdering all of his descendants, because no one on this show is much with the “logic.” Cas is interrogating demons to figure out how he got out and where he’s going, whilst Crowley is dealing with having his rather manipulative mother on the Council of Hell (band name dibs.) The boys find their way to a prison Cain has hit (bonus points: when they zoom in on Cain in the security footage, the image remains pixelated! Supernatural: Officially More Realistic Than CSI.) and use the information to lead the chase.

Dean, of course, is still suffering the after-effects of accepting the mark into his soul (which is apparently stored on his arm). He and Sam and Cas have a lot of wishy-washiness about whether or not he’ll have the strength and fortitude to both defeat Cain and let go of the power of the First Blade afterwards. There are many doleful looks.

Cas finds Cain and confronts him. Cain reckons about 10% of the population has his genes, which from a biblical genetics standpoint I’m not sure about, unless Seth was way more prolific than his big brother. Yeah, that’s right, I know about Seth. Everyone forgets about you, Seth. It’s almost like someone could lock you up in a cage with Lucifer and toss you in the deepest bowels of hell and everyone would just sort of forget about it. (Pointed look.) Unfortunately, even super juju’d Cas isn’t strong enough to defeat Cain on his own. Drama intensifies. It seems that only Dean will have the power to do this great deed. Only the First Blade can destroy Cain. 

Crowley, as mentioned, is dealing with his mother sitting on the Council of Hell. She’s disappointed that despite him being King, he’s still more bureaucratic than ruthless. When a crossroads demon comes to simply ask for a little more appreciation for his work, Crowley is ready to give it to him, but his mother suggests instead that he be disembowelled and used as an example. So they go with that instead. She goes on to manipulate him into letting some witch ally of hers free, but before he can fully agree, the Winchesters call to ask him for the Blade. Mummy dearest looks pretty miffed that she got blown off for the Winchesters.

So our boys reunite, figuring that the next victim will be the son of the murderer Cain got at the prison. Crowley magics a fake kid to deceive Cain, and they trap him in a barn with the good ol’ pentacle. Crowley reluctantly turns over the Blade to Dean, who starts a showdown with Cain. Cain rambles on a bit about how the Mark is deeper than just a scar on your arm, it’s within you, it drives you to do horrible things, and that with Cain dead, Dean will be driven the same as he was. He will kill Crowley, and then Cas, and then …gasp! Sam! Not Sammy! Anyway, Cain almost gets the drop on him, but ultimately Dean is smart and cuts off Cain’s arm to prevent his own stabbing, then turns the First Blade on Cain.

Much to everyone’s surprise, but especially Crowley’s, Dean hands the knife over… to Cas. Crowley mumbles some curses and promises to get even blaa blaa blaa. The next day, Dean talks cheerily to Sam, but Sam recognises his lies (because it’s been ten years and they’re still singing the same tune) and tells Cas that Dean is in big trouble. Meanwhile, Mama Crowley is still disappointed in her son and wants the Winchesters destroyed.

Supernatural is going on a little sabbatical for the next month, and when it returns it’ll be on Wednesdays. Because why not?


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