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Arrow Annotations: S03E14 "The Return"

Written by ThanosCopter on Thursday, February 19 2015 and posted in Features

Arrow Annotations: S03E14

A look at all the comic book references and Easter eggs from last night's episode.

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Rockets Hat – Oliver wears a Starling City Rockets hat to conceal his identity at the beginning of the episode. The Rockets are Starling City's local baseball team, and have been referenced on the show several times. Interestingly, Sara also owned a Rockets hat, and wore it several times after she escaped from Lian Yu.

Other prisoner - Oliver tells Thea that there's one other person imprisoned on Lian Yu, but he probably wouldn't be willing to help them escape.  Oliver's referring to Captain Boomerang, who was captured by Oliver and the Flash during "The Brave and the Bold."

"You're not my brother" - Thea insults Tommy by telling him that he's not her brother, which is funny because they're actually half-brothers.

The Queen's Gambit – A model of the Queen's Gambit, the Queen family yacht, can be seen sitting behind Moira's desk when Oliver breaks into her office.

Andy Diggle – Andy Diggle makes his first on-screen appearance this episode. Andy Diggle was named after the writer of the Green Arrow: Year One miniseries. He's played by Eugene Byrd, who's best known for his recurring role as Dr. Clark Edison on Bones.

Detective Hilton – Not only does Tommy make his grand return to Arrow, Detective Lucas Hilton also makes an appearance, and correctly guesses that the drug dealer's death was the work of a vigilante. Hilton was killed by Cyrus Gold last season.

Wethersby and Posner – Laurel mentions that she's taken up a job with Wethersby and Posner, a prestigious San Francisco law firm. Wethersby and Posner is a law firm from Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti's Eli Stone television series. Eli Stone was previously referenced last season when Laurel visited her old friend Joanna de la Vega at her new job at the Wethersby and Stone law firm.

Eating sushi - Tommy asks a girl at his party if she's ever let someone eat sushi off of her body before.  In the pilot episode, Tommy suggests to Oliver that they find some leggy models and eat sushi off of them.  Good to see his tastes are consistent. 

Grease paint – Maseo tells Oliver that his "hoodie disguise" wouldn't work even if his face were covered by grease paint. That's a little nod to Oliver's original costume design on the show, which used grease paint to obscure his face.

creaturecommandosMatthew Shrieve – General Matthew Shrieve is revealed to be Amanda Waller's superior and makes his first appearance at the end of the episode. In the comics, Shrieve was the leader of the Creature Commandos, an American team of monster supersoldiers that fought in World War 2. While Shrieve was the team's only human member, other Creature Commandos resembled classic Hollywood monsters such as a vampire, a werewolf and Frankenstein's monster. First appearing in Weird War Stories #93 (by JM DeMatteis and Pat Broderick), the Creature Commandos were sent overseas to fight strange Nazi threats and conduct covert missions to disrupt enemy plans. The team was later rocketed to space and captured by Brainiac. The Creature Commandos were later freed by Superman after Brainiac invaded Earth, and assisted the superhero in fighting Brainiac and freeing a number of Kryptonians also imprisoned by the supervillain.

The Creature Commandos were reintroduced to DC continuity during the New 52 reboot as members of SHADE, a spy organization specializing in metahuman threats. The Creature Commandos were led by Frankenstein, and appeared in the Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE series.

Shreive is played by Marc Singer, who's best known for playing the Beastmaster in a series of 1980s movies. He also voiced Man-Bat in Batman: The Animated Series.

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