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C2E2 2015: A Look Back

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, April 28 2015 and posted in Features

C2E2 2015: A Look Back

Though he keeps on swearing he won't, Zechs continues to get himself into trouble at this year's C2E2. What hijinks did he get himself into this year?

I can't believe C2E2 2015 is already over. I feel like I'm still in the thick of it, but it's already been a day since it's been over with. This year it was all about Image. The moment you walked in a freaking huge Image booth awaited you at the con floor (The Walking Dead on the front side, everything else on the other). Oh sure Marvel and DC Comics were there and had their say (though of the two, Marvel again had the stronger showing in panels), but this felt like the Indy Publishers con to shine. Zenoscope, Valiant, Oni!, and others were all about the con.

Yes, Jonathan Hickman and Rick Rememder were there for the first time I can ever recall. But it was their Image books they were both pushing at their booths in artist alley (Hickman had East of West, Rememder had so many people, I kind of couldn't make out what he had). But that wasn't just the case with those two, Scott Snyder, Gail Simone, and a few others had crazy lines that would take an hour or more to meet them. The worse probably had to be my old friend secondary arch-nemesis Dan Slott. C2E2 is one of the rare cons he'll be attending this year. Add to that he was only signing at the Marvel Booth lead to a large ass lines.

Still, the Slott kept going even past the limits of when he was scheduled signing at the con. Both Saturday and Sunday the man stayed extra to sign books. He even came in early Sunday to start signing, though having to pause and take a picture when an amazing Man-Spider cosplayer came upon the booth area. For someone, whose so highly critcized, the Slott seems to have an ever growing fanbase. As for Slott and I? More on that later.

Given this was the age of Indy Comics, and I had guested on Mayhem and Chaos podcast prior to the con. I was told to give writer Dirk Manning a message. Well I gave him the message, but sadly the man had one of his own to give to the two gals.


Yes, I was curb stomped by Dirk Manning for the sins of Mayhem and Chaos. Yes, I am still recovering from the mighty blow.  I black out now and again, plus for a lengthy period I just slept in. Will I retaliate against the Dirk Manning? Well, I only gave him the message, So I'll do what anyone would do when life gives you lemons. .. YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT THE LEMONS!!!  I think the true fault is on Chaos & Mayhem, who obviously have no idea who they're dealing with. The Dirk Manning is a  Man-Lovecraftian-Beast who has no compulsion of mercy, only fury. He will be coming for them and nothing can stop him. Save a possible ice cream distraction.

So in order to recover, I found myself somehow at the "How to Fight like a Hero: An In-Depth Analysis of Modern Martial Arts“ panel moderated by Sifu Matt Johnson and his students. The panel surprisingly was packed full of people eager to watch actual masters of martial art breakdown the styles of Daredevil, Batman, Kato, and Batgirl. Watching and having them explain how each hero takes on opponents and what kind of techniques/form they use is quite fascinating.

Several of the demonstrations they performed was quite well done. My personal favorites were one of the students being blinded folded and actually taking on an opponent. The other was a three on one fight with the later demonstrating how to take on three people. All and all a very fascinating panel and if it returns I strongly suggest going to it. My only wish is there could have been fan questions, because I'd be curious to know their input on the styles of the masters. Say like Splinter of TMNT, Lady Shiva of DC Comics, or Deadpool at Marvel (he's a master of um.. stuff!). 

The other panel, I attended was the day previous in "Ask Scott Snyder", basically an hour of fans just asking the writer various questions. One lucky fan got a chance to read Batman #40 during the panel, while Snyder beguiled the audience with a meeting with Stephen King that lead to them taking a walk across a dock and just give input in general. Another very worth-wild panel, and it went way too fast. I think I'd kill for a two hour panel.

Surprising highlights for me at the con was watching a friend, Jordan (aka my partner in watching bad movie crimes) interview Sylvester McCoy and just like that, the Seventh Doctor whips out spoons then begins to play them. Another great moment was finding out Gail Simone and her assistant are HUGE Kaiju fans. Like literally both talked to me about my Godzilla: Half Century War shirt and were inquiring about G-Fest (which I already told you all of my amazing experience last year, and well we're only a few short months before THIS YEAR).  Though I leave both links there encase more inquiring minds desire more knowledge of the convention.

Cosplayers as always a regular fixture and this year had some surprising original choices. My personal favorites this year was seeing someone cosplay as Sam Hain, the Frankenstein Family, Infinite Gauntlet, Sho'Nuff (who TRULY was.. DA MASTER), a character from Rat Queens, and Kim Possible (who indeed was all that possible). There were others as well, all wonderfully made, but these stuck in my head the most.

I swore this year I would get three sketch covers done this year and absolutely not get a commissioned sketch cover of Cassandra Cain. I swore I shouldn't overdo it. Yet, I FAILED yet again when I came upon an artist named Daxiong. Who I think did an amazing job don't you think? 


But yes I failed miserably. But on the plus I got a Lady Shiva by Dijana Granov, a SUPERIOR sketch of the Shocker (with bonus Silvermane head) by Rachel Rosenberg, a stunning Spider-Gwen by: Ray Fawkes (who by the way is a sketching machine. He delivered said sketch in less than three hours after I commissioned it), and a dastardly Black Manta by Christopher Jones.

If there was anything negative to say is, well the show floor couldn't deal with all those bodies. Friday one of the upper level food areas had run out of pizza, while the bottom half amassed a huge line because it had some. I overheard this problem was regular, but I also heard it was quickly fixed. So no harm no foul.

The other issue was wi-fi. I gave up bringing my Mac Book Pro this year, after the horrendous Wi-Fi episode of last year. This year, appears to been slightly better, until certain parts of Saturday and Sunday when attendance was at its peak, and all those problems resurfaced. Still, they are way ahead of other cons. From the way they have their app detailing panels and guests (along with their panel appearances). To the artist alley which was perfect and again numerous maps around the area besides the program helped immensely. 

Of course my C2E2 experience had to end with the only way I could see fit: meeting said arch-foe Dan Slott and getting his mark on a few of my Spider-Man trades. Again, the man remembered me and even had a personal tale to share with me. We laughed and had our fun. That's about it. For those who hungered for another interview with me and the Slott. How can I top the original? Plus it would have denied fans his autograph. Also what am I going to ask him? I can't ask about Spider-Man: "Renew Your Vows". Though then again i could have asked him if this was his greatest plan ever to stay youthful? Besides with the sudden appearance of Tommy Dreamer (he popped by the booth for some reason. I shook his hand and that was it. I have no knowledge of why he was there, but he was), I didn't want to chance of getting nailed with a Death Valley Driver into the autograph table while  Slott crackling manically and the crowd around us chanting, "ECW! ECW! ECW!". Later on (a mere fifteen minutes after all of this) CM Punk showed up at that very same booth.  So if I dared risk that interview not only could I have gotten a Death Valley Driver, but also a Pepsi Plunge too. I think I chose rightly not to ask. Wait a minute.. is Marvel starting a stable with Punk and Dreamer with Slott as their manager?

Anyway, C2E2 was another fun experience for me. It does have it's issues, but those are small ones and easily fixed compared to others who are so much more problematic. Really, the only major slight is Chaos & Mayhem, but no worries a reckoning will happen to one of them in a few months. Oh yes, a RECKONING IS COMING!!


Back, to C2E2 I cannot wait for next year. I hope it's every bit as memorable as this year's was. Also this isn't my only article. As per last year, you'll be seeing some interviews popping up from the con. So the C2E2 ride is far from over!


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