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Super Reads Secret War #0

Written by SuperginraiX on Thursday, May 07 2015 and posted in Features

Super Reads Secret War #0

The Future Foundation make plans in a world without a future.

Hi, all, and welcome to Super Reads. This is the feature where I read a comic and then spoil the hell out of it for you in an informative and possibly amusing way. This time around, we're doing Secret Wars #0.

This might go without saying but to the unitiated:

There are Spoilers ahead.

So you've been warned. Let's do this thing.

Secret Wars 0Secret Wars #0
Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Paul Renaud
Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
Assistant Editor: Jon Moisan
Editors: Tom Brevoort with Will Moss

In this issue: The Future Foundation build the life raft that will allow about sixty people to escape the complete destruction of the multiverse.

• Four days before the end of the world, Valeria Richards bosses the Future Foundation around as they finish work on a special project.
• When questioned, Valeria admits that it's a life raft that will save sixty people from the end of everything (else).
• Franklin Richards tells everyone why saving the world isn't an option by detailing some events from New Avengers and Avengers.
• Everyone gets back to work.
• Four days later, the craft is built but there's a snag.
• The Marvel Universe is being attacked by the Ultimate Universe!

It's the end of the world as we know it, folks.

And I feel fine.

That's right... um... does anyone not know that the Marvel Universe is ending? My mom doesn't but this isn't really in her wheelhouse. Well... that's right, Mom, the Marvel Universe is coming to it's ever-lovin,' blue-eyed, conclusion. It's been building through something like thirteen volumes of Avengers and New Avengers... but we'll get there.

Right now, let's focus in on the Future Foundation's efforts to fight against inevitability. Delivering orders is the daughter of Reed and Sue Richards, Valeria. Val is around three years old with a genius level greater than Reed, making her the creepiest toddler you'll ever see. She's giving everyone the lowdown while also being hilarious.

1. The world ends in four days.
2. They're building something and they should complete it before the four days are over.
3. Mr. Fantastic, Black Panther, and others will be around to help but things are getting cray-cray out in the real world so they shouldn't rely on assistance and better focus on getting the job done.

Before we go much further, we might have a few people out there who don't know what the Future Foundation IS. Well, let me tell you. The Future Foundation is a group formed by Reed Richards that focuses on building a better tomorrow. You see those initials? "F.F.?" Same as the Fantastic Four. Some key members of the group are Valeria, her older brother Franklin, Bentley-23 (the child clone of genius/ madman/ villain the Wizard), Dragon Man (a sentient robot in... dragon man form), and Alex Power (the oldest brother from the Power Pack). There are a lot of others filling up panel space but those are the ones who have actual lines.

So what happens when the organization that's dedicated to building a better tomorrow realizes that there are only four tomorrows left?

That's a good question, me. Let's see how they respond to Valeria's assessment of the situation. At a call for questions, Dragon Man raises his hand. He and the others have been working on their own singular projects without knowing what they were going to be combined to create. Now that it's started to be assembled, it's certainly not looking like, say, Devastator.

No, it looks like a ship.

So we can only take thirty people now.

But that's not EXACTLY what it is. Alex Power brings up the fact that this ship is most like a life raft. It's not going to stave off destruction and save everything. It's going to ESCAPE it. Moreover, it's not 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, and 30 cubits high. This is a tinier vessel capable of saving about sixty souls.

Which is downright depressing.

Bringing us down even more is Franklin Richards who explains why flight is their only option. He describes how his dad and the rest of the Illuminati (the cast of New Avengers) had tried everything possible to avert all-out destruction. These heroes compromised everything to see the job done only to find out that nothing they did could stop the oncoming apocalypse. In the end, it just left them fractured with former allies and friends chasing them down while enemies united to speed along their destruction.

And the inevitable end was still coming. In four short days.

With a win out of the question, all that was left was "NOT LOSING." Valeria tells the rest of the Future Foundation that the ship will be populated by a hand selected crew in order to restart the human race on whatever world/ universe/ taco stand left after the destruction of everything. But they have to finish the craft for the plan to actually work.

It's only after the rest of the team turn away and return to work that Val drops her tough guy act and looks downright scared.

Fast forward four short days. The life raft is complete and it's just in the nick of time. But a new complication has arisen. Heralding the end of everything, an other-dimensional Earth slips into close proximity to Marvel's Earth. The sky is filled with SHIELD Helicarriers, jets, and one, lone Ultimate Iron Man. They're looking for a fight.

As the heroes of this Marvel Universe gather one last time, it looks like they've found one.

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