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Salvagers: They're Here...(updated)

Written by The Indie Huntress on Tuesday, June 30 2015 and posted in Features

Salvagers: They're Here...(updated)

Interviewing Bob Salley on his comic, "Salvagers".

Source: Bob Salley

Welcome back, my minions! Your Indie Huntress is here once again to save you from the agony of you 9-5 jobs, and bring you something delightful! MORE INDEPENDENT COMICS. Why? Because it's my job to bring you gifts of great reads, the interviews you crave, and gives me the feels to keep on spreading the good word of indie comics. Today I am bringing you an extra special treat. Open wide, because here comes Bob Salley.

I met Bob, like everyone else, through the pits of Facebook and stalking his pages endlessly. I read his comics, batted my eyes, and begged for him to come on the podcast with Michelle, and I. Bob joined us back on May 1st, to talk about his comic the Salvagers, and again last night. You can listen to the first episode here.  The second episode with Bob Salley is now available here on Digital Nerdage. (NSFW and great stuff!) 

Since then, Bob has brought a host of others to come on the show, and to discover. Like Ruben Romero and Jason Sparich, all three have delivered a wealth of information on comics, the independent industry, and displayed a tight bond amongst each other.  

After reading the first three issues available, I can easily say this is a Sci-Fi dream. With clear influences of: Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien, Event Horizon...and a host of other greats- this comic sold me halfway through the first issue.

I had conversed with Bob briefly before picking it up on Comixology. He took the time out to talk with me about his work, geek out over it, and it was contagious. His excitement MADE me want to read and support his work. After having him on the podcast twice now, I am officially a lifer. (By the way Bob, I want one of those kickass Salvagers Patches.)

Without further delay, here are the bits about Bob and his comics you desire. 



What made you decide to get into making independent comics?

Writers Block. Seriously... When I was struggling to write my poetry and short stories, I dove into my two true loves: Comic Books and Science Fiction. I watch a lot of Scifi, whether it's Star Wars or Star Trek, one thing is for certain: things blow up in space. Someone needs to clean that mess up. However, you can imagine there is a lot of profit to be made in snatching up a war machine and grabbing all of it's munitions. So someone has to regulate that. Salvagers.  (hahaha)

Who are The Salvagers? What is this comic about?

We're creating our own universe, here. Salvagers is gritty side of scifi. Imagine a crew dealing with all that comes with a hostile galaxy... but dealing with each other like they're on an episode of The Office. The Salvagers are us. They're me, you, everyone you know- who's trying to get by in life. They have hopes and dreams. They have their closet full of skeletons, too. They're not ultimately good or bad; they do what they do to make it in life. I like to think, as the story goes on, that Salvagers is more than just an action adventure series, but maybe it shows us all something in ourselves we never saw before.

How will this story line progress? When might we see issue #4?

We might see it by the end of August. It's progressing as any Indie Comic progresses, when the people behind it are doing it for the love of the game. We have our 9 to 5 jobs and we fit in the work when we can. Sometimes that's a string of late nights for our artist George Acevedo. However, I'm pleased with the pace we're keeping. 

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You just ended the kickstarter for issue #4. Can you tell me about some of the challenges and rewards you've experienced through using kickstarter? What were some of the packages backers were able to claim through this project?

Kickstarters are amazing for indie projects that might not, otherwise, get off the ground. It's a stressful 30 Days. You feel like you're filling people's social media feeds with your crowdfunder, but there are ways to get it out and not be so intrusive. You can build an Event and ask people to join, that way people who aren't interested don't need to see it all the time.

We've made rewards from miniture sculptures to original artist pencil sketches. It's a lot of fun when you finally get the rewards out to backers.

Who are some of the artists you have on the team? 

George Acevedo is the sequential artist, DeSika is the colorist and HdE is the Letterer. They all do so much more than just that. They all go above and beyond the call of duty to put this together. In reality, I've been working with so many brillaint artists. I like to get other artists take on my characters. I want to get other artists exposure and have their work seen by other creators, or just seen by fans.


I understand that you work with your childhood friend, Jason Sparich on a strip called, "Jasper's Starlight Tavern". What is it like for you two working together on this? Where did the idea for this come from, and how does it tie into Salvagers?

Jason and I always dreamed of doing comic books since the 6th Grade. I love working with him. We've been great friends for so long and its refreshing to work with someone I know inside and out. I like to think The Tavern ties ALL scifi stories together. We have everyone from Mr. Spock to Flash Gordon stopping in for a drink.

When did you come aboard Think Alike Productions?

January 2015. Ruben woo'd me with promises of Comixology and he and his wife Bethany delivered and then some. 

Pairing with Ruben Romero, it seems that you two have an excellent working relationship- bouncing ideas off of one another frequently. Will we be seeing any future collaborations from you two?

No comment (wink wink) (This is where I regret emailing Bob. I know if I had him on the phone, I could have strong armed him into speaking...)

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You have gathered a large following of fans and friends of your work. How have you maintained this fanbase and what are some of the things you do to give back to your supporters?

It wasnt easy to hold people's interest, especially in a saturated market like comic books. I always tried to come up with a new piece of artwork or a contest to keep people interactive on the Facebook page. I also think the Salvagers page has it's own personality. There's a lot of chatter between it and other people and pages. I'm a HUGE fan of giving back to the fans. I like to do contests where I can give posters, comics and even patches away. We have something big that we're going to be giving away soon. Stay Tuned.

Where can people follow you for updates on Salvagers through social media? Where can they purchase your work from? Will you be at any shows in the coming months?

I'll be at Boston Comic Con at the end of July, Hartfod in September, and at NYCC in October. 

You can buy us in Print at Salvagers Website or Digitally on Comixology 

We're on Facebook at Salvagers Series Twitter @_Salvagers and Instagram @SalvagersSeries

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