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Indy and Indie: Joining Forces at S.P.A.C.E.!!!

Written by The Indie Huntress on Wednesday, July 15 2015 and posted in Features

Indy and Indie: Joining Forces at S.P.A.C.E.!!!

Indie powers: activate!

Source: Crystal O'Rourke

Minions! I have returned! Your Indie Huntress is here with some incredible news! I will be at the S.P.A.C.E. (Small Press and Creators Expo) in Columbus, Ohio (THIS SATURDAY) with The Outhousers very own, J.M. Hunter! We will be set up at a table together, with the host of Basement Fodder Podcast: Todd Davidson! 

J.M. will be there, peddling his wares. Some of you know him as The Indy Hunter, others may know him from his various works on independent comics, as well as his painting. Which, you can check out more of here at The Art of J.M. Hunter

 INDY skull

Hunter had approached me on coming here to The Outhousers, to carry on his legacy as the Indy Hunter, and brought my formal title of The Indie Huntress to life. Both being hungry for independent comics and speaking with their creators, we're joining forces for a great cause: helping one of our own. Michelle Joy Gallagher. 

Michelle is my podcast partner for The Mistresses of Mayhem and Chaos. She recently suffered the heavy loss of her partner and father of three children. She has a Go Fund Me page up, for donations towards funeral expenses, and other necessities. This has been a complete devastation to her, and her children. Michelle is also an independent creator. She has been writing poetry for many years. She is working with various comic artists, to combine their art with her stories. She has been avidly creating a collaborative book of these works. You can check that out here at: MJG Poetry

indie promo

Which brings me to why I'll be there setting up shop. I have gathered up some dear friends of mine to help support the cause for Michelle. I will be there with prints, a few books, and some other goodies to peddle. All proceeds will be going towards the Go Fund Me project for Michelle Gallagher. Art, promotional posters, from some of the coolest dudes I know on the indie scene: Kevin JoesphTony Miello, Sal Otero, Dan Nokes , Shawn Langley, Bob Salley, Scott Markley, Bob Garr, Jason Ford. As well as some books and FREE PDF's from Kevin Joesph for his comic, "Tart". I'm currently working to secure more goods from folks. So come on down, make a donation- get some cool stuff and bring the love together! J.M. has also offered up to do some Zombie quick sketches of people, as am I. My art is terrible though, you may just want to buy a print instead. However, I'll be there with sketch pad in hand- ready to rock if requested to do so!! 

You can find a complete list of exhibitors that will be at S.P.A.C.E. here on their website: Back Porch Comics. Some of you may be wonderind what Space is about. Pulled directly from the owner himself, Bob Corby: 

 "SPACE is about the comics and the creators with no distractions. I've always felt a great creative buzz during the show."-Bob Corby 

In 1988, Bob put together the first Oh, Comics! an annual anthology title and sold it at the Mid-Ohio Con here in Columbus. There was only one table and about 13 small press publishers showed up, but that planted a seed in Bob's head. He continued with Oh, Comics! and then in 1995 Dave Sim announced his "Spirits of Indendents" tour. The very first one was here in Columbus. The following year though the Spirits show disappeared he continued exhibiting at regular conventions. But all of the sudden, all of the regular conventions became "Pop-Culture" conventions in an attempt to bring more people though the door. The net result is that the small press folks seemed to be selling less. At that point Bob decided to bring the "Spirits" show back. He wrote a letter to Dave Sim and asked if he could continue the Columbus Spirits show. Dave answered back and said to go for it but he wouldn't be able to attend because he was concentrating on keeping Cerebus on schedule. Without Dave's involvement, Bob didn't feel that he should continue with the Spirits name so he came up with the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo or SPACE.

The show hit a rough patch starting out.

In 2001, Bob was putting the second show together kind of going through the motions half expecting it to bomb again when he got a phone call from Dave. Dave had decided to start up the Day Prize and wanted to do it at SPACE. Bob quickly accepted his offer. The Day Prize or more formally The Howard Eugene Day Memorial Award is named in honor of Gene Day, Sim's mentor during his early years in comics. Entries are submitted by the exhibitors of SPACE with the nominees and winner chosen by Dave Sim and Gerhard. (before his departure from Aadvark-Vaniheim) With Dave's help, attendance improved and things began to smooth out.


Part of the fun of the show is watching exhibitor's work blossom over the years. Some continue on with cartooning. Some move on to gallery work. Some go to work for the 'mainstream' crowd. Some of these include folks like Jim Rugg, Paul Hornschemier, Andy Runton, Alex Robinson, Mike Dawson, Farel Darymple, Esao Andrews, Kevin Huizenga, Nate Powell and John Porcellino.

You never know what you'll find at S.P.A.C.E. A new favorite. An old one. Multiple genres represented. People from the webcomics world. People who just do mini-comics. The show has creators just starting out. As well as creators who have been working on their craft for quite some time. Pro... amateur... the common thread is they're all creating their own thing.

Since 2008, the Day Prize has been merged with the Joe Shuster awards, but in 2009, Bob began the SPACE Prize. A juried festival award given to the best small press comics at the show. Entries are culled from submitted works at the show.

Sold yet? Get your rears to SPACE, come say hey to your favorite indie creators, and come see me: your beloved Indie Huntress!!


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