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Super Reads Infinity Gauntlet #3

Written by SuperginraiX on Saturday, August 22 2015 and posted in Features

Super Reads Infinity Gauntlet #3

Living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland? Teaming up with Thanos? Life ain't easy if you're a Bakian.

Hey, Super Readers, I'm back and I've got more juicy spoilers for you. This time around, I'm going through Infinity Gauntlet #3.

You know the deal but here's your last warning:

There are SPOILERS ahead.

So let the spoiling... begin.

BakianNovas.pngHey, that's the Bakian family, all Nova'd up for action. From left to right, we've got the Eve (the mom) in the traditional blue colors, Anwen (the older sister) in red, Fayne (the younger sister) in purple, Menzin (the dad) in green, and Zigzag (the dog) in pink. Missing in this family portrait is Eve's father, known only as "Gramps," who died before the family was reunited with Eve and got all their Nova stars.

Here's a short rundown of what's happened over the last two issues. The first issue is the easiest because it basically establishes our family of Bakians, living to the best of their abilities in the post-apocalyptic world of New Xandar, behind the wall of the Shield. By the end of this issue, they had been split up during an attack by the bugs of the Annihilation Wave. Anwen had found the first of the six Infinity Gems, the blue Mind Gem. Just as the she was about to be overrun by bugs, Anwen was rescued by her mom, Eve, who also happened to be a Nova.

In our last issue, the Bakians found each other and even handed everyone a Nova Star, giving them all the living rocket powers of a Nova. Yes, even the dog. The group made their way back to Nova Headquarters only to find the place raided and a second Infinity Gem, the purple Space Gem, stolen. The Nova's Infinity Gauntlet, the only device known to allow it's user to wield all of the Infinity Gems at the same time. They just needed to find the rest and recover the stolen Space Gem.

Oh, the Space Gem was taken by Star-Lord. Not the same Star-Lord that escaped from the Marvel-616 Universe and appears in the main Secret Wars series and the Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde book. This is a different Peter Quill who is native to the New Xandar domain.

FutureJustice.pngWe're not the only ones who have been interested in the comings and goings of the Bakians. Following them from the shadows (and the rooftops) is the mad Titan, Thanos.


Much like Star-Lord, this Thanos is a native of New Xandar. There's another Thanos running around in Secret Wars. That one is a survivor from the Marvel-616 Universe. The Infinity Gauntlet Thanos isn't that guy.


Sometime in the future, Thanos is due a confrontation from the last remaining Nova (who is PROBABLY Anwen but maybe not?). This fight goes VERY badly for the mad Titan and he ends up retreating to fight another day.


It's where he goes that makes this battle relevant.

ThanosvsThanos.pngFuture Thanos had gotten his grubby gloves on two Infinity Gems: the Time and Soul Gems. The Soul Gem is the more recently acquired. Thanos has had the Time Gems since at least the start of this series.

Using the Time Gem allows Thanos to travel back in time, to right what once went wrong and hoping that the next leap will be the leap home. Or, y'know, VICTORY.

It's hinted that Thanos has done this a lot and every time has met defeat. When he tells his past variant how his every attempt has met with failure, the past Thanos declares that he'll just double down on the same failed methods.

So future Thanos kills his past self. Time doesn't fracture or anything.

Seizing past Thanos' Time Gem (you don't get to keep it when you use it to time travel), Thanos decides to try a completely different strategy...

InfinityGauntlet3.pngInfinity Gauntlet #3
Story: Dustin Weaver & Gerry Duggan
Artist: Dustin Weaver
Script: Gerry Duggan
Color Artist: Rain Beredo
Letterer: Albert Deschesne (from Comicraft)
Assistant Editor: Devin Lewis
Editor: Nick Lowe

In this issue: Thanos uses this run through the timestream to ingratiate himself onto the Bakian Nova family, encouraging them to assemble the Infinity Gauntlet as the Guardians of the Galaxy appear to be forming around them.

Bullet Points:
• Drax the Destroyer finds the dead body of Thanos and not believing his quarry to be dead, he flies off to continue his hunt for Thanos.
• Thanos changes recent history by becoming an ally to the Bakian family and accompanying them to Nova Base.
• The Novas and Thanos track down Star-Lord and Gamora, forcing the two to land their space jet.
• After some negotiating, Star-Lord returns the recently stolen Space Gem in exchange for three Nova Stars.
• But, instead of leaving, Gamora (and a protesting Star-Lord) decide to join up with the Novas to find the rest of the Infinity Gems.
• Eve has a vision of Adam Warlock... or Adam Magus.
• Adam Whatever has the Soul Gem embedded in his forehead.
• Anwen asks if the Infinity Gems would be able to return her grandpa to life but gets a vague, discouraging answer.
• Thanos tells her about the weakness that is family.
• Our... heroes... track the next Infinity Gem down to a forest of dead trees.
• Within, they meet Groot, help the guy come up with a catchphrase, and recover the Power Gem.
• Eve adds this Gem to her Infinity Gauntlet.
• Thanos plans everyone's death.

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Last issue, a future version of Thanos killed a past version of Thanos. The body we open this issue with is that dead, past version of Thanos. Looking over it is the one guy in all the universe who was specifically built to kill the mad Titan. He's miffed that someone completed his life long mission before he did it but is pretty certain that there's still a Thanos out there, needing to be killed.

This is Drax the Destroyer. And, yes, he looks different than the one you see in the current comics and the movie. That's because, initially, Drax looked like THIS.


He was able to fly and project concussive blasts along with his super-strength. Those earlier abilities are long gone but he's got that proficiency with knives, now, so... y'know, bonus.

Drax takes to the air, continuing his search for Thanos.

Now, we can join the Bakian family but, since we traveled in time along with Thanos (I know- it was amazing), we join back up with the family right around the time of issue one. Gramps is back alive, the family hasn't got their Nova Stars, and the sun is setting. Anwen sees Thanos on the rooftops again and this time, her father takes notice, too. In a world where supplies are limited, they hope that this guy isn't going to rob them of what little they have.

Quite the opposite, actually. After the Bakians make camp, Thanos shows up to offer them some food. Yep, Thanos is going to BEFRIEND them, this time.

When the Annihilation Wave hits, like it did the first time we saw this happen, things play out in much the same way as they did before. However, this time we follow Menzin, Fayne, and Zigzag as they speed away from danger. Instead of the death-defying leaps that they made in issue one, Thanos intervenes.


The mad Titan, allows the bugs to get the upper hand to show the Bakians just what he's willing to sacrifice for them. Of course, as soon as the family is out of sight, he makes short work of the Annihilation bugs and rejoins the humans.

All the while, he's thinking about what pathetic fools these people are and how delicious it will be to extinguish their lives... but to their faces, he's a begrudging ally, looking out for their interests.

When Anwen shows up with Eve, Thanos has to change tactics to convince the Nova that he isn't a villain. He shows Eve a Nova Pulse Cannon and claims that he fought alongside Commander Jesse Alexander and his son, Sam.

Sam is the Nova that stars in Marvel's usual Nova series, if you were curious.

Thanos also pulls out his Time Gem, claiming that the Novas gave it to him before they perished. This is... at least BASED on the truth. In reality, Thanos killed a lot of Novas to GET this Gem. In order to complete his ruse, he's got to hand it BACK to the Novas.

Just like last issue, the Bakians get their Nova Stars and fly off to Nova Headquarters. Again, it's been attacked by the Annihilation Wave and Star-Lord has made off with the Space Gem. Thanos suggests that Eve use the Mind Gem in a new, undisclosed way...

While Eve does that, we switch over to Star-Lord, who has joined his partner, Gamora. The two are flying off to sell their ill-gotten wares.


It turns out that in the wake of the Annihilation attack on the Nova's HQ, Star-Lord was able to loot some of the best gadgets in the building. He's got a jetpack, and various EMP-related devices. What he WASN'T able to get were Nova Stars. Those things apparently go for big money on the black market.

Of course, Peter was also able to nab the Space Gem but since he doesn't know what he's got, Star-Lord has put it in a containment unit so he doesn't accidentally unleash any of it's presumed power.

After Star-Lord has listed off a bunch of stolen goods, the ship is attacked by the Bakians and Thanos. Space Cops!

Gamora activates the ship's defenses and releases a volley of blasts at the Novas. Anwen is able to dodge this attack and speed up to the destroy the firing cannon but her younger sister takes a hit and is sent into freefall. Before hitting the ground, Fayne is rescued by Thanos.

Star-Lord is just about ready to unleash a new attack when he gets a telepathic message from Eve. She tells him that there's no unexpected attack that she won't expect and that now would be a good time to land his space jet. Before things get a lot messier. We get a good look at Eve and see that she's wielding the Infinity Gauntlet with the Time and Mind Gem housed in it.

Once everyone is on the ground, Eve demands the Space Gem in exchange for letting these two live. When that doesn't prove to be enough, Eve explains that with all of the Infinity Gems, the Novas might be able to stop the Annihilation Wave... and if they can have the Space Gem, Star-Lord and Gamora can have three Nova Stars.

Since there's a wave of Annihilation heading their way, Star-Lord takes the deal and starts heading back to the ship. Gamora, on the other hand, wants in on killing the bugs. Star-Lord can't believe this but she's set on joining our family of Novas and saving New Xandar.

Thanos doesn't think this is a great idea but Eve still doesn't trust him enough to take his opinion seriously.

Everyone gets on Star-Lord and Gamora's ship as the Annihilation swarm closes in on them. Thankfully, Eve's still got her Infinity Gauntlet on and is able to use the Time Gem to freeze the bugs in the air. Unfortunately, she's not able to kill them because while she's inside the ship, she might just as easily blow IT up instead of the Annihilation bugs. The space jet and it's occupants have to be content to just fly THROUGH the wave and escape.

SUDDENLY, Eve is confronted by a vision. Bugs dead and placed on spikes. The city exploding with energy. A mysterious man (Adam Warlock-- possibly in his all-evil Adam Magus form) surrounded by other survivors with the green Soul Gem on his forehead.

Eve wakes up with a start and tells her daughter, Anwen about this vision. Anwen wonders if this mystery man would give them his Gem bug Even doubts it.

Anwen wonders if the Gem she found might be strong enough to resurrect the dead. Eve discourages this line of thinking but doesn't outright say that it's impossible. Anwen walks to a secluded area of the ship and draws a quick sketch of her grandfather (who still died despite Thanos' interference with the bug's attack). Thanos joins her.

The Titan gives Anwen a pep talk but, because he's a jackwagon, it's all about how weak it is to have and rely on others. The only true way to live is to do it alone.


Meanwhile, Eve uses the Infinity Gauntlet to track down the nearest missing Infinity Gem to a forest of dead trees. The ship lands and everyone disembarks. The place looks deserted buy Eve claims that there's someone out there. She "can feel his thoughts. Hiding in the trees."

Menzin wants to bring his daughters back to the ship but... yeah, that's not happening. Gamora picks up some movement and whips out an extendable battle axe in order to... fight a tree.

Or at least threaten one. Eve finally tells Gamora that it's the tree itself that is thinking and it isn't thinking any hostile thoughts. Suddenly, it forms eyes, to which a stunned Anwen responds "EYES?!"

The tree repeats this word. "Eyes... eye."

Can you see where this is going? Wait for it.

The tree continues to act more and more like a person. It's clear that somewhere inside the tree-man, there's an Infinity Gem but how do they get it OUT? Thanos has some ideas about that. It involves breaking the poor creature open like a piñata.

Anwen says "hmm" and the tree-thing decides THAT'S the part it wants to repeat. "Hmmm." Eve asks "You think it grew over the stone?" and the tree decides to add the word "Grew?" to his vocabulary. Anwen thinks the Infinity Gem might be in it's roots... and the tree learns a new word. "Root?"

There's more talk of breaking the poor tree open to find the Infinity Gem and more talk about how horrible a thought that is. There's no real need to think of horrible ways to remove the Gem, however. Groot's gonna do that all on his own.


"Eye Hmmm Grew Root."


Anyway, our rag-tag team of adventurers have recovered another one of the Infinity Gems. This one is the red Power Gem. That leaves only Adam Warlock/ Magus's Soul Gem and the yellow Reality Gem.

Once everyone is on board the ship, Eve places the Power Gem onto the Gauntlet. Thanos is quickly losing patience even though it seems like his plan is WORKING. The Infinity Gauntlet is being reassembled. He's trusted enough to be in a prime position to kill everyone before they can even react.

He's just got to hold OFF on the murder until the Infinity Gauntlet is ready. As Groot repeats his slogan for the hundredth time, that's becoming more and more impossible.


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