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Indie's 50!!

Written by The Indie Huntress on Thursday, September 10 2015 and posted in Features

Indie's 50!!

50 creators- Writers and artists alike, all under one spot.

Source: Crystal O'Rourke

Welcome back my faithful friends! I have an extra special treat for all of you today! 50- the number of articles currently written to date. It seems hard to believe, as I just started doing this a mere four months ago. It's been an incredible journey with meeting so many wonderful people. I hope to continue this for a very long time.

For my 50th article, I wanted to do something special to celebrate that mark. I wanted to bring 50 of the best creators I know, together under one article. This is a mixed bag of illustrators, colorists, writers, and letterers. Hell- some of them even do it all themselves. Most (if not all) are open for commissions, have books on hand at all times, or are just plain happy to talk to you further about their work. Websites have been included for all involved, and I highly suggest you peruse through and take a peek. Connecting with each one of these people (and hundreds more!) is an unforgettable experience. I have a special place in my heart for all of em. The really lucky ones are even on my list for lumps of coal at Christmas *coughs* (lookin at you Dirk and Erick). Without further aideu, here are those delectable bits you crave. In alphabetical order: 


50-demone'Diamond' Demone Amerson: One of the members to the 'El Arto' family. There are several members amongst this list. This is a solid group of men that have come together to create some of the best stuff out there. Demone has had several one shot stories with Erick Guiterrez, Thomas Finley, John Marroquin and Christopher Sanchez. All whom are part of this group. Demone is an artist and occasional writer for this company. He also freelances and takes on commissions.



50-kcKC Anderson: What can I say about the multi talented creator of Wafflecus: Champion of Breakfast? Blending his culinary background and love of comics, Wafflecus is high octane comedy and hack and slash action complete with all the food puns you could ever want. He's also debuting a new project, Vikings vs. Unicorns, written by Jim Tramontana and illustrated by Anderson, an epic tale of heroic Vikings defending the realm against the evil scourge of the Unicorn horde!



50-eric adamsEric Adams: Known for his biting wit and an artistic style thats instantly recognizable. His book Lackluster World, is a biting and acerbic tale of a journalist who tries to change the status quo by acts of vandalism with a message, all while trying to dodge his ultra religious brother and sister, who are bent on bringing him into the fold. He's also responsible for writing RUMSPRINGA! art by Jeremy Treece, a hilarious Amish punk story featuring two feuding families, duking it out in giant wooden robots!



50- david brownDavid Brown: Never want to sleep again? Good. David Brown will take you through hell and back with his collected edition of, Obscura. A collaborative book with several other writers and artists, with tales of horror and sci fi. DNS, on a majority of the illustrations, I cried, I had goosebumps, and wanted more. So much more. David- I better be seeing a second volume from you. In addition to this, David also has a book coming soon with art from DNS. Something to look forward to for sure, the print I received as part of the Kickstarter package can only be described as delicious. I drooled on it... For a more in-depth article with David, click Here



50-keithKeith Brown: Greetings from Hell! That's literally how Keith introduced himself to me, paired with a strip of his comic, The Wages of Sin to my Facebook timeline. How do you not love that kind of bold action? Keith does it all on this strip webcomic, and I adore it. So much to the point that I requested a specific strip to be used as my header on my Indie Huntress Facebook Page for awhile. Wages of Sin is about two disgruntled workers in Hell. Keith also has a children's rhyme book, themed around Halloween. Collected editions of Wages of Sin are also available: Read more here.



50-kellyKelly Bender: A sci-fi and action extraordinaire of his craft in writing. Kelly has been picked up by Alterna comics, a small publishing company from the mind of Peter Simeti. Kelly comes from Singapore and was introduced to me by Bob Salley, and I have been enjoying his work ever since. My personal pick from him is Starburn (Published by Markosia). A comic about a ship and it's crew in space, on a mission for cash and protecting their ship from thieves. However, things go south when they are after a particular package. Double crosses will happen, crew members will die, and the future is uncertain as we learn one member's ties go much deeper than thought. Full interview here!


50-bryan bulletsBrian Byrd: Donning bow ties and a pair of chucks, he is the author of Bullets and Angels. A successfully funded comic on kickstarter, that is now on it's way to issue number 3. In true gritty form, it's about a man on a mission to save himself, while taking care of business on the ugly side of town. Brian has turned his love for indie comics into a new venture with his wife, Sarah. They have officially launched a small publishing company (Master Plot Comics) to help other creators get off the ground. In addition to that, they also host a small network of reviews and podcasts on their site as well. 

Read the full interview here  



50-todd beastTodd Beistel: THE BEAST! At least that's what I like to call him. Todd is incredible with his talents. I cannot say enough good things about the man. He has delivered many fine paintings, prints, sketch covers, and of course, my favorite from him and James Maddox: The Horror Show. A comic about a TV reality show, set to scare its victims, turns all wrong when real beasties show up. Plenty of blood and humor to be had here. Think Evil Dead. I am looking to pick up the recently released TPB. Read the full interview here




50-martinMartin Brandt: The genius behind the lovable and hilarious children's book, Kidthulhu. What if Cthulhu were a child dealing with insane cultists and a mother that won't let him have a cookie? His various misadventures are something else, that is for sure. I am especially fond of the creature, Shog (shoggoth) that was utilized for Kidthulhu's pet 'Dog'. He is large and oafish in the best ways. Charles Dowd and Jess Boudrie were also part of the team on this book. If you'd like to check out a more in depth interview click here




daxCoverJess Boudrie: I met this guy on an off chance. I was tabling at SPACE back in July, and Charles Dowd told me to pop down at his table and say hey. Since then, I've been rampantly stalking him on Facebook with promises of an article. His creation Dax is about a space mercenary who works solo. At least until an 11-year old girl hijacks his ship and bio-links herself as the pilot. Unable to be rid of her, she wiggles her way into his family get-togethers. By the end of volume 1 she is kidnapped. During the next story arc her history is revealed that she was the top student at Arjnod's School for the Wicked, but escaped when she realized they were training kids to be villains. He illustrated the Fetch story in Kidthulhu #1 and the No Butts About It story in Kidthulhu #2.


50-chris charltonChris Charlton: Chris hails from Ohio and has brought forth many fine works. My personal favorite is a noir detective book called, "Black of Heart." I cannot say enough good things about this, as the art alone is enough to drool over. Provided by: it is a collaboration of photos, paints, pencils, inks.. The story that follows is so beautifully written, I refuse to put any issue down until I have read it no less than three times. Chris has a multitude of other spectacular books. You can also check out the full interview with him here



50- cuffeKevin Cuffe: In a word? Awesome. This man is up and coming into the wonderful world of independent comics. I have read the script for his first book Oathbound, a combination of western and fantasy- you will not be disappointed by this tale. Cowboys, raptors, and goblins. What more could you possibly want? Paul Gori on the illustrations is the best possible choice. Along with Hedwin Zaldivar, they bring this story to life with the magic of their combined talents. Did I mention Goblins? Read the full interview here



50-dan doughetyDan Dougherty: Bearded. Man. Myth. Legend. Creator of the fine works of the webcomic Beardo and Touching Evil. Beardo is a strip comic, revolving around his life trying to make it as an artist, a barista, a newlywed, and now a baby Beardo in the mix. This comic is not only witty, but extremely well rendered. Touching Evil is a divine crime thriller about a woman named Ada who has gained the power to kill evil men with a touch. Forgive her if she doesn't shake your hand...

Read more about Dan here and here



50-seth damooseSeth Damoose: Another reason to drool on the pages of your comics. The illustrations that Seth provides throughout his work, are simply gorgeous. His line work is what really catches my eyes, along with his animated style. Another member on the 'Dream Team' on the series of, The Tales of Mr. Rhee. I fully believe that Seth captured the essence of Rhee, in the best fashion. Not just through looks, but his entire being. The internal and external struggles he continually faces, are displayed vividly through the rendering by Seth. Additionally, he has collaborated with several other creators such as Howie Noel and Source Point Press. I had commissioned him myself for a print of my bestie and I with Rhee, let me tell you- that print hangs in my living room and I adore it more and more every single day.



50-dahlJosh Dahl: Coming from my old stomping grounds, Josh Dahl is one hell of a writer. My pick from his lineup: Rapid City- Below Zero. A gritty tale about a young woman whose abandonment has led her to join up with a crew that is less than savory, but make her feel at home. However, that is not without its problems. When betrayal happens, and her lover is murdered in cold blood- she sets off on a path of unstoppable rage and vengeance. Oh yeah.. she has the power of ice as well. Femme fatale Sub Zero anyone? Shawn Langley makes this comic just sing with the illustrations. All done by hand, I was lucky enough to see the original pages myself, and they are simply amazing. Check out interview with Josh here and with Shawn here. You can also pick up Rapid City on ComiXology here



50-charles dowdCharles Dowd: Another member of the Kidthulhu clan! I cannot say enough good things about the talented hands of Charles. Moreover, his recently added book on Kickstarter now, A-Z guide to jobs for girls. This book is aimed at young girls to show them the endless possibilities on job perspectives. Some of which include quarterback and firefighter! The extra cool thing about this current project, is that there is a reward tier to get a book and one to be donated to the Children's Hospital of Maryland!


50- victorVictor Dandridge Jr.: The hardest working man in comics. It seems like every time I open up Facebook to check in on things, Victor has a new project he is announcing. From empowering children's books to mature reading, Victor leaves no stone unturned. He has collaborated with many artists throughout his various works such as : Bryan Moss, Ren McKenzie, Harold Edge and many others. My personal favorite from him is The Samaritan. A graphic book about a man in the trenches of the inner city, taking justice into his own hands. This isn't your traditional regular guy turned hero book, it's filled with grit, true crime, and the ugliest sides of life we only talk about behind closed doors. It is powerful on a number of levels. An especially beautiful thing Victor does, is U-Create comics. He has little booklets, designed to teach kids how to make mini-comics. He does several presentations all over the state of Ohio and other places to teach kids to be their own heroes. I commend him on his love for kids and his incredible generosity. Check out the full interview here


50-ford brosThe Ford brothers: James and Jason: Twins that have teamed up to provide all kinds of indie related goodness. From their podcast, The Wombmates- a show that revolved around other independent creators to their joint comic, The Servant- these two men come together as a highly effective team. It's X-Men meets Conan about 6 brothers seeing how much a promise is worth. War is being waged amongst Gods, and it is intense. Read the full interview here



50- Jay spirit animal guide part 6Jay Fosgitt: Spirit animal to many, wonderful to all. He is the unicorn of the pack, in my opinion. Jay has worked on a wide variety of things including: IDW's My Little Pony, Necronomicomics in Rue Morgue, and Dead Duck. Jay's artistic capabilities blow my mind every single time. He has a beautiful animated style that just makes you sigh with adoration, every single time. My pick from his work is his own creation: Bodie Troll. A creation he has drawn, colored, HAND lettered, and written on his own. A lovable little creature (Bodie) that tries his best to terrify the natives, but is a cuddle bug at best. Through his various mishaps and adventures, he is loyal to his keeper: Miss Cholly, often cosplayed by the beautiful Kelly O'Hara-Nemzek. Keep him away from Ginger Beer, though. Read the full interview here!


50-erick maxErick Guiterrez: A true mad man, with a heart of gold, and one part of the El Arto family. Erick has had his hands in many projects including film and comics. I am anticipating the release of Max: The Inebriated Rabbit issue #2. Max is a complete degenerate that had initially set out to buy his smoking' hot girlfriend, Ophelia, a birthday gift. Several hours later, a few hookers and some blow- he has not fulfilled his mission. To make matters worse, he has found himself owing a lot of money to the wrong people. While he sounds like a complete piece of shit, his heart is in the right place. You can read the full interview here



50-ravenRaven Gregory: A hard working hilarious and lovable man that has brought us the the brilliant work of, Widow's Web. A classic tale of boy meets girl, except the girl ends up eating the boy. A must. I'm itching to interview Raven fully, in the near future. Raven Gregory was born in Phoenix, Arizona 1979, the youngest of three brothers.

Discovered in 2000 by then Vice President of Publishing at Top Cow Productions, Renae Geerlings, his first professionally published work was the critically acclaimed creator owned comic series, The Gift, in 2003. The hit series would later be published by Image Comics as the writers' popularity continued to grow.

Years later, the young writer would come to attention of Zenescope Editor in Chief and co-founder, Ralph Tedesco, who recruited him to the position of Executive Editor/Staff Writer of Zenescope Entertainment. Gregory would go on to co-create and write the best selling Wonderland Trilogy series as well as numerous other Grimm Fairy Tales spin offs, crossovers and creator owned titles.

In 2014 Raven left Zenescope to produce his own new line of creator owned titles set to debut in 2015. Known for his incredibly dark, yet realistic stories of horror, his use of relatable personal tragedy, and powerful themes have made the writer a fan favorite across the nation. Raven currently resides in Arizona with his four children.





50-rob humphreyRob Humphrey: We could all only hope to be as smooth as Rob Humphrey. This charismatic, cool cat started out his career in comics with Jeff Manley on the web comic, Punching the Clock. A love letter to Clerks involving the frustrations of big box retail. Rob didn't stop there, he had a hand in the crime anthology, Unlawful Good- where several creators got together under the editing supervision of Heather Antos to put together one of THE best collected projects on the market, in my opinion. Rob also has his hands in many other projects, that are due to be announced soon. Don't worry. Indie already coerced him into press rights for the first                                                     run.


50-rob jonesRobin Jones: Rob Jones is a comic writer and letterer for the UK. He has written several comics for his own publishing house, Madius Comics, which he set up with friends; Nick Gonzo, Brad Holman and Mike Sambrook. (All creators in their own right!) Notable titles include: Papercuts and Inkstains #01 & #02 ( a quirky, crazy horror/sci fi anthology comic) Ramlock Investigates #01 (An all ages detetctive story co-created with Mike Sambrook and with art by Drew Bristow) and The Kings Leap with illustrator and co-scripter Gareth Sleightholme. He also has a straight horror comic titled Horrere, created again with Mike Sambrook and with Rockstar Games artists Alisdair Wood & Al McLauchlan, illustrator Neil Ford and teaming up once again with Gareth Sleightholme! Both the later will be available at the UK's premier comics festival, Thoughtbubble Sequential Arts festival, in November.



50-kevin joesphKevin Joseph: Magical fruit that causes a drift between worlds, anyone? Kevin is a phenomenal writer. My pick on his work is, Tart. Tart Acid is a female demon hunter that travels through time to protect the universe from the hell the beasts wish to create. She is everything that is beautiful and powerful in a female character. Ludovic Salle on the illustrations is a dream come true. He provided the dream-like world feel in passionate way. In addition to this, Kevin is a stand up guy. He has extended his hand to assist others numerous times. Read the full interview here



50-ADLAnthony D. Lee: Red. So much red. That's how you know things are about to get real with ADL. What's the deal with the color red, you ask? Watch Anthony work his magic in The Tales of Mr.Rhee from Dirk Manning. When Anthony pours red on the pages, you know the nightmare is about to begin in the most horrific fashion. He comes from England, and his color work is completely gorgeous. I am especially fond of his ability to render lighting correctly. This is an important factor that is often overlooked. Colors and lighting are used set the final tone on the pages in a book. It can be illustrated well, written exceptionally, but if the coloring isn't right, it won't matter. When you first open a comic book, your eyes automatically drift to the overall appearances, then you begin reading it. The work that Anthony puts into whatever piece he is working on, is clearly done with a passion like no other.


50-dirkaliciousDirk Manning: The man in black. The one. The only: Dirk Manning. Cthulhu's homeboy, lover of ice cream, and extraordinary writer, especially of the horror nature. Pay attention, for this man will lead you down the ultimate path of strange crossovers within his books. Nightmare World Vol. 1-3 (with #4 on the way) are collected editions of short horror stories that all connect to a much larger picture. Some of them are even later referenced in his ongoing series of The Tales of Mr. Rhee. A man that is blessed with magic as much as he is cursed, Rhee is burdened with the task of saving the mortals of this world laced with powerful extraterrestrial beings, monsters, and oh yeah... the great old one. Dirk is a force to be reckoned with on the independent scene. There is not a single thing that he has written that hasn't blown me away, left me in tears, or shaking my fist angrily at the characters he has killed off. The faithful shall be eaten first here:  

                                             Read the full interview with Dirk here.                   





50-poguesMatthew Pogues-Metzger: The quiet one of the bunch. His pinup art on some of the Suicide Girls, is mesmerizing. I love seeing the beauty he brings with his talented hands to these women on paper. They are delicate and captured in an excellent way. He is also pairing up with Michael Watson soon on a collaborative webcomic. He also has a podcast called, Not Another Origin Story, where he and his partner critique comic book films. We all feel the need to rag on these stories, so why not listen to a couple of pros take on the daunting task? 




Avner Meyrav: we're going international! Avner is from Israel, and blew my mind with his comic, BPD (Baltimore Police Department). A crime based comic revolving around four police officers that were taken hostage by thugs of the city's underworld. Torture and brutality ensues, until they take back their lives in an outrageous fashion. Taking on the role of officer by day and vigilante at night, the main character is a woman who will stop at nothing to cleanse this city of it's ugly side. 

Read the full interview here


50-marroquinJohn Marroquin: Another member of the El Arto crew. I don't even know where to begin with my adoration of John's work. My favorite would have to be his team up with 'Diamond' Demone Amerson and Christopher Sanchez on: El Mariachi. An undead, skeleton vigilante who is five kinds of badass. Stopping at nothing to rescue his woman. It is love and death wrapped up in a sexy Mexican package. This is getting a fresh start with writer Dirk Manning. I am itching to see the reboot of this comic. For this is a true dream team coming together. Additionally, he is teaming up with Kasey Pierce (Pieces of Madness) on a collaborative graphic novel. As soon as that is available for announcement, you will be reading about it right here on The Outhouse- for this is going to be one to go down in the books.



50-TonyTony Miello: Tony Mello is a self-taught artist. He got his start in comics working as an inker on the limited series Fate's Five for Innervision Comics in the mid 1990's. After that Tony worked here and there doing small comic projects but really nothing of note. It was around 2004 when Tony created the comic strip he is most known for, GAPO the Clown. Gapo started on the web and ran nearly 800 strips before the series came to an end. Previously seen and all new strips of GAPO the Clown are now published by Caliber Comics. Tony has worked on several different independent comic projects over the last ten years, including comics for the SyFy channels reality series Who Wants To Be A Superhero. Lately Tony has gained praise for his pop culture and fine art paintings which have been displayed in gallery's in and around Detroit, MI. Tony now works on art and comic projects for his own studio and publishing company Rocket Ink Studios, which he started with friend Bill Pulkoski. You can find Tony's art work and get in touch with him on his facebook page, The Art of Tony Miello.



50- howieHowie Noel: A true master of his trade. Often a one man band on his main project: Tara Normal. An ass kicking woman who fights off a variety of creatures and ghosts from the beyond. Her powers are phenomenal as well as her overall character. Howie recently had his artwork on WWE characters featured on Summerslam. It doesn't get too much cooler than that! Read the full interview here



50- dan nokesDan Nokes: Who the hell let this guy in with that big drunk chicken? Dan is also a one man bad, illustrating, hand coloring, writing and lettering all of his own works. Most notable work, Adam and Eve: bizarre love triangle in the zombie apocalypse. Sounds insane, right? It is. A beautiful love tale set in dystopian post apocalyptic universe of zombies with a sentient robot and a dog. The main character Alan, will stop at nothing to get to his true love. Read the full interview here


50-jacquesJacques Nyemb: a never ending source of knowledge, optimism, and encouragement for all. Jacques has a lot to offer not only as a creator but a mentor to many as well. The stories he has written are campy and highly entertaining. My pick from him is Not So Super Comic. A story about a vegan, hipster dude, being bitten by a vampire; trekking with his ex vampire hunting grandma; to destroy the vampire who bit him. David DeGrand's art is the perfect pairing for this punchy comic. (photo by Caroyln Scott). Read the full interview here


50-kelly oKelly O'Hara-Nemzek: Detroit-area painter showing in major galleries in and around the Detroit area for well over a decade in Galleries such as 323 East, Cpop, Rivers Edge, Start and Atomic Cafe Gallery. Started with super flat portraits with a neo tokyo pop feel I have moved more towards the comic realm making art and posters featuring a variety of characters from pop culture. You can find me at Motor City Comic Con every year. I am currently on the exhibition committee of the GPAC.



50-doug pazDouglas Paszkiewicz: Responsible for the Eisner nominated Arsenic Lullaby. These various collections of strips are some of my most favorite material I have had the pleasure of coming across. In addition, Douglas was kind enough to be my second interview here on The Outhouse. Arsenic Lullaby can be best described as a strip about everything that is demented in this world. Douglas touches on some of the rawest and darkest humor out there. In addition to bringing that to the table, his illustration capabilities are intense. I don't know if I've ever seen such perfect (or as close as you can get) line work. Clean, unwasted, and exquisite. Doug also has a youtube channel up, where he offers instructional videos, in addition to that, he also has some animated cartoons. Oh yeah, and a podcast where no subject is taboo. A man of multiple talents without a filter. In a word? Awesome. Read the full interview here!

50-palickiErick Palicki: Three words: Red Angel Dragnet. This is my personal top pick of what I have read from him, thus far. A story about possession in fashion that is beyond twisted. Demons entering humans, to take over their bodies. But here is the catch, they're stitched up. Once the stitches are pulled out, the demons are freed to wreak havoc. They don't get far though, not with Nate on watch. He has taken it upon himself to become one with another, to give him the power he needs to destroy whatever lies in his path. Read the full interview here!



50-kasey pKasey Pierce: Aside from being the very embodiment of everything the represents a strong female? This girl reached deep down and conquered the horror genre with her anthology novel, Pieces of Madness. A rich intertwinement of horror, macabre, Clive Barker meets Twilight zone, psychological, and overall guttural deep rooted fear inducing page turner. I loved every last word of it. So much to the point that I shipped off copies to friends and repurchased a new one at a recent signing. This is the stuff dreams are made of. The passion poured into these pages, is unlike anything I've seen. Not only are the tales of a terrifying nature, they are painted with such vivid imagery and emotion, that is plays on the deepest fears of man's mind. Kasey also has some other works in the making, including a graphic novel she has teamed up with John Marroquin on, Pieces of Madness 2 and a scifi book called Norah, on the way. Read the full interview here


50-reddingtonJames Reddington: James is an elusive creature. He tends to remain behind the scenes, watching, and waiting for the perfect moment to strike, so it seems. James has many talents, amongst painting, illustrating, logo design and lettering. He has played a big part in the works of Dirk Manning with lettering The Tales of Mr.Rhee, amongst others. Additionally, I personally contracted him for logo design for the Mistresses of Mayhem and Chaos podcast. I can say this, he not only blew me out of the water with his design, he went above and beyond expectations with service.


50-will xoWill Ripamonti: A rather sassy and delightful Italian man. He made his debut in the industry earlier this year with Eli, a dark comedy about a Jewish hitman with quite an attitude (add pro-wrestling pun here). A gig that made him love working on the characters acting through long dialogue scenes. He is currently working on a project written by Stephen L. Stern, co-creator of Zen the Intergalactic Ninja, that will see the light next year... "The laser dot that just appeared on my forehead tells me that I said enough about it for now." Oh yeah, and he made that really bitchin header photo for this article for me. Pretty rad, right?


50-gary reedGary Reed: The man behind Deadworld and Caliber publishing. Need I say more? Gary was making the undead cool long before the recent explosion in the medium of comics. Deadworld isn't just another zombie story, no. This time the zombies are intelligent with an agenda of their own. 30 years and still going strong through IDW, this award winning series has even had a soda line dubbed after it: Deadworld Soda from Caprice Brands



50-peter simetiPeter Simeti: This guy has been making some powerful moves on the scene. One of his most recent accomplishments included having his graphic novel, The Chair turned into a film. One of the actors in this was our dearly departed Rowdy Roddy Piper. Oh'll always have a special place in my heart. The Chair is a thriller/horror based story in the setting of a prison. With sickening torture taking place, as those in power take advantage of the helpless. It is a story all about struggle and the desperation to survive.



50-bob salleyBob Salley: Bob is all kinds of win. His main comic Salvagers, is about a crew in space, hunting around for various abandoned, broken down ships to raid parts from for cash. This crew tends to run into a whole lot of trouble; however, what seems to be happening, is there is a much larger picture being formed from this crazy puzzle. These characters don't just appear in this book, they are also part of the crew over at Jasper's Starlight Tavern. Bob teamed up with his long time friend, Jason Sparich, to create a webcomic. The sell point? What if all of your favorite fantasy, sci fi characters were hanging out a bar? It's killer to say the least. You can read the full interview here


50-tom spellmanTom Spellman: The Dr. Herbert West of comics. Seriously, what other type of mind would come up with a bat-shit nuts comic about goats that suddenly become free thinking and go on a massive homicide spree against their slaughterers? This guy. That's who. Year of the Goat is easily one of the most disturbing reads I've witnessed to date. Vegan approved with Goats wielding axes and chainsaws. Follow your deepest desires for blood here:

and read the full interview with Tom, here


50-chris sanchezChristopher Sanchez: another fine gentleman of the El Arto family. Chris is a phenomenal artist on a variety of levels. Working with John Marroquin on El Mariachi! Was an amazing collaboration of artistic skills to witness. On El Arto Presents Chris tells me, "it's a series of short stories. All horror based with a narrator. La Larrona is from a Mexican folk tale of a woman who steals children. We try to weave her into the theme every time we put one out."

Recently, the two of them had joined up in Detroit for a project of pimping out some PBR vans. Pretty sweet, right?!about/c1se


50- tom savageThomas Savage: Another fine creator of many wonderful talents. Thomas released his first book earlier this year The Anathema it's a futuristic science fiction horror fantasy, about a post war torn galaxy of aliens and humans. They're trying to recover, after an evil demigod known as Balam: The Enslaver. Nearly all life was destroyed, in an attempt to rule the universe through harnessing the powers of these 5 spirit Gods. During a huge battle at the peak of the Genesis War, a mysterious relic known as The Anathema was used to trap and banish Balam from this dimension. However, Balams army of Necrodians (resurrected dead aliens and humans) are forced to do his will. They are close to freeing their master from the Anathema so they can complete their quest to control the universe. The only hope is a small band of misfit survivors of the Genesis Wars. They must work together to destroy Balam completely, before he is freed from the relic. You can read the full interview here


Source Point Press (Trico Lutkins, Travis McIntire, Josh Werner): Source Point Press is a horror/supernatural/occult comic and novel publisher out of Michigan. After grinding out the convention circuit for 3 years, Source Point has grown to acquire top shelf titles like Up The River, Monstrous, and Hank Steiner, Monster Detective with national distribution. Next up is The Savants, written by Gary Reed (of Deadworld fame) with art by the incomparable Seth Damoose. Also including, Norah written by Kasey Pierce, with art by the fantastic Sean Seal. Check them out at!

50-travic mcTravis McIntire: a writer, editor, project manager, and publisher who is very active in the Michigan independent comics scene. As a co-founder of the Michigan Comics Collective (a non profit publisher) and Editor-In-Chief of Source Point Press, he is constantly on the look out for new talent to work with and publish. Travis has several books of his own floating around out there, most recently, Bayani and The Nine Daughters of The Moon, an all ages adventure book based on Filipino folklore published by Caliber Comics. You can read more about Travis here! 


50-josh wernerJoshua Werner: an illustrator, author, designer, editor, comic book artist, and all around creative mastermind looking to infect the world with his special brand of eccentricity. He's the man behind As Fall Leaves Illustration, where he has done literally thousands of pieces of artwork for freelance jobs of all sorts as well as the Art Director at the book and comic publisher Source Point Press. He's done illustration work for several licensed characters and properties, including: Transformers, Doctor Who, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Deadworld, Warlord of Mars, Vampirella, Night of the Living Dead, and many more. Check out the graphic novel Zombie Rush: Riot, from Source Point Press. which Josh was an illustrator on as well the editor and letterer. Be sure to download the accompanying free Zombie Rush: Riot iOS App videogame along with it for the full experience!

50-tricoTrico J. Lutkins: a massive history buff, poet, and comic writer with a bad habit of fixing cars. As Managing Editor and sales rep for Source Point Press, Trico is on the frontlines of the independent comic scene on a weekly basis, talking to retailers and creators. Trico is the writer of Jack of Spades, a noir detective comic from Source Point along with several published poems, found all over the place.


received 1120722644606183Stephen Sharar: owner of Coy's Comics in Saginaw, MI and cofounder of the Michigan Comics collective- he is an incredible artist on a whole other level. His multiple talents come together in an explosive way. He has provided illustrations on several titles from Michigan Comics Collective and Source Point Press. Additionally, he has also worked with Mark McKenna on convention exclusive prints. He is currently working on the horror anthology, 13 Little Hells to be released through Caliber comics in the coming months.


50-mikewatsonMichael Watson: Easily one of the biggest sweethearts you could ever meet. I bumped into him on an off chance at the SPACE show back in July. His positive energy and excitement for the industry is unlike anything I've ever seen. This man loves what he does and it shows in his work every single time. Michael began Freestyle Komics publishing label in 1999, and has been going strong ever since. My personal pick from him is Hotshot written by Victor Dandridge Jr. illustrated and created by Michael Watson- it is absolutley GORGEOUS. I first opened the PDF and literally slobbered all over myself. His artwork is something else entirely out of this world. It's a superhero tale, but with so much more to it. About a young man who has to keep that hidden away from the world, and destroying his personal life with his secrets. *sighs* I'm defintely going to be getting down with Watson soon on a full length article.


Well that wraps it up! 50 of the best creators out there that I know. Believe me this was tough to keep it down to 50. It has been an insane week working on this piece. If you can, please go and support these people as much as you possibly can. Be it through saying hello on social media, sharing this article, or buying some of their work. The independent community is vast and beautiful, filled with so many wonderful people. Until next time, my friends...


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