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Super Reads Siege #3

Written by SuperginraiX on Thursday, September 17 2015 and posted in Features

Super Reads Siege #3

How do you stop your former Commander when he's become an UNSTOPPABLE robot killing machine?

Welcome to Super Reads! I hope you survive the experience! On deck is Siege #3 so let's get to it.

But before that, a public service announcement:

There are SPOILERS ahead.

Consider yourself served.

LeahLeaves.pngI probably don't need to describe the Shield to you again but I'm going to anyway. The Shield is the wall that separates the more... civilized kingdoms of the Battleworld from the wild, virus-like domains that lie beyond. It's defenders are all criminals from the various realms that have broken either Doom's laws or their local Baron's. They're hear on a life sentence, holding back one horror or another from infecting the rest of the planet.

And, yes, it's possible that some are here voluntarily but the boss of the Shield, Commander Brand, WANTED to get on the wall and had to commit a plethora of crimes before she was sent here.

Commander Abigail Brand is having a rough month. It started out when here second-in-command, Leah Hel-Ranger, decided to go beyond the Shield in search of her lost girlfriend, Illyana Rasputin. THAT would be enough but Brand was ALSO given a doomsday warning from a time-traveling Kang the Conqueror that told her that the Shield would fall in twenty days. Well, there's only five days left and it hasn't fallen so they're essentially in the clear.

But, yeah, it's gonna FALL.

ThanosattheShield.pngWho's fault is that gonna be? Kang said it would be because of Thanos. The Mad Titan. Big-time bad guy.

Since this is Battleworld, there are multiple Thanoses to choose from. They've already ruled out the one appearing in Infinity Gauntlet because he's busy doing other stuff. In fact, they still haven't been able to locate any Thanoses that seem of particular danger to the Shield.

However, WE know of a certain Thanos that might be all the danger you need. The one appearing over in Secret Wars. THIS Thanos is actually the original Marvel-616 version of Thanos, saved from the end of the universe by riding inside the Ultimate Universe's life raft. Thanos-616, since he wasn't created by God-Doom, is MUCH more powerful than any other Thanos on Battleworld.

Thanks to Sheriff Strange, Thanos, his Cabal, and all the surviving heroes from Earth-616 were magically scattered throughout Battleworld. In Secret Wars #5, we learned that Thanos landed in a Thor graveyard right at the foot of the Shield. He's in perfect position to cause a WHOLE lot of mayhem.

TheFury.pngBrand, unaware of ANY of this, continued to look for Thanos, eventually having her two robotic traitors, the Unite, look Thanos up in the Ultron hivemind. This search sent out red flags all over the Perfection network. The immediate response to looking up "Thanos" sent a gigantic wave of Ultron robots to crash against the Shield.

This is a DOOMSDAY SCENARIO Ultron army in both numbers and power. The Shieldmen and Shieldmaidens simply don't have the strength to take on this threat. Nevertheless, they've got a job to do so they dutifully prepare for the upcoming... um... Siege.

But it gets worse. The robotic army is being led by The Fury. The Fury is a villainous robot from Captain Britain's comic series. It has a ridiculous power set, including deadly power blasts and the ability to adapt to any threat.

But because this is Battleworld, it's not JUST The Fury, it's an amalgam of The Fury and Nick Fury, the former Commander of the Shield. Just to make this more awesome.

The end is coming, people. Are you prepared?

Siege3.pngSiege #3
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Filipe Andrade
Color Artist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Double-Page Spreads: Julian Totino Tedesco; Juan Jose Ryp & Andy Troy; Michael Wm. Kaluta & Rachelle Rosenberg
Letterer: Clayton Cowles (from Virtual Calligraphy)
Assistant Editor: Kathleen Wisneski
Editor: Jake Thomas

In this issue: The men and women of the Shield fight off an assault from the Ultron Perfection with the help of Illyana and Leah just in time for the arrival of Thanos.

Bullet Points:
• The Ultron Perfection attacks the Shield with the Fury at it's lead.
• The Endless Summers are wittled down to just one hundred survivors.
• The Unite admit that the reason they took asylum at the Shield is because they were in love and didn't want the feeling to be crushed under the Perfection.
• One of the Units loses it's life after telling the Fury to shoot it's own head off.
• The second Unit dies after sending the Fury on a trip through time with Kang the Conqueror.
• Illyana Rasputin and Leah Hel-Ranger show up with an army of zombies to assist the Shield in battle against the Perfection.
• The two sorceresses leave to rule a little kingdom in the middle of the Deadlands.
• Kang returns from his temporal voyage, having destroyed the Fury.
• Kang and Brand engage in a post-battle hug.
• Um... yeah.
• Thanos shows up and surrenders.
• That HAS to be good...

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On a specially crafted flying machine, Leonardo Da Vinci spreads a special word of warning to the guardians of the Shield. The armies of Ultron are INSANELY numerous. They're led by an unstoppable killing machine that combines Nick Fury and THE Fury into one. All hope is most likely lost. But our Shieldmen and Shieldmaidens will hold the line for as long as they're able.

It's clearly one of the best motivational speeches ever given on the Shield wall.


In our first two-page spread of the comic, we watch as The Fury blast away at the Shield and it's defenders. There's also an army of Ultrons doing their best to kill everything that lives. When she gets a moment where something isn't trying to kill her, Commander Brand sends out messages to the Barons and Baronesses of Battleworld, essentially begging them for more bodies.

Since any reinforcements would arrive too late, the Endless Summers take to the field to kill The Fury but instead, they just end up dying en masse in our second two-pager. Major Summers tells Commander Brand that he's down to one hundred clone brothers. Brand has them pulled back and maybe accidentally compliments the clones by calling them "good men."

Kang tells the Abigail that the timeline is dotted with chronomines. He can't travel through time without detonating them. It's the first time Kang has admitted to not being able to do something, so at least there's that.

You'll also notice that Abigail has a jetpack. She didn't have it last issue and it doesn't get much play in this comic beyond window dressing, but it reminds me of the jetpack that Cyclops wore sporadically during Fraction and Gillen's run on Uncanny X-Men.

Brand, Summers, and Kang take a ride with the help of Grimm (the much more rocky version of the Thing) that takes them straight to the Unite. These are the two Units that left Ultron's Perfection in order to live out their lives in captivity at the Shield. Brand doesn't trust them and believes that they're just waiting for a chance to betray her. Today, she's going to learn the truth.

After a couple threats, the Unite finally admit to their nefarious plan. It's much more than you ever thought.

The Unite are in love.


They ran away from Perfection because they were in love and didn't want that stripped away in the Ultron world order. Sure, they spent all of their time behind bars at the Shield, but they were together and it was enough. Instead of admitting to this earlier, it was just easier to let others believe their ulterior motives were sinister instead of pure.

The Unite also admit that they're able to dominate other robots. "We were happy for a while. Our life is worth fighting for."

Up the surface, The Fury is busy killing things. One of our side characters, Lady Katherine of Bishop, is facing off against it with a bow and arrow. In a comic like this, it feels woefully inadequate. Because it is. The Fury is about to blow Lady Kate's head off when one of the Unite tells it to "Kindly put that ludicrous firearm against your head and fire, please?"

The Fury obeys, unleashing a deadly blast on it's own noggin. With the threat over, the Unit explains to Commander Brand that it played a bunch of chess with it's partner to determine who would come out here and face the unstoppable threat. This Unit lost.

Oh, yeah. "Unstoppable" is the word. The Fury gets up. That blast may be mostly lethal to everyone else but for The Fury, it's just a temporary bump in the road of killing all super-heroes. It aims it's hand cannon at the Unit and refuses to comply with any of the Unit's commands.

Just like that, half of the Unite is gone. The remaining Unit is beyond grieved (though it would be hard to tell just by looking at it), prepared for a suicide mission. The problem is, if you can only give The Fury one command before it overrides your control, what do you tell it to do?

Meanwhile, The Fury has been kept busy by a second of our peripheral cast. Ms. America Chavez has stepped up to the plate. She has no hope of WINNING this fight but it hasn't stopped her from trying. When she's on the ropes, the other Unit floats on up and gives The Fury it's second order of the day. It just needs to take Kang's hand.

Kang leaps in, taking The Fury on a ride through time but not before the killer robot gets off a blast that kills the second Unit.

Lady Katherine helps her friend (America) to her feet. Brand uses her jetpack to fly into the field, delivering a pep talk to her remaining troops. She explains that Kang took The Fury through time BECAUSE of all the chronomines. Kang is riding The Fury through them, attempting to hit EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM on the way through. With their leader gone, it's just a matter of killing the massive, over-powered army of remaining Ultrons with only a small rag-tag number of defenders remaining. It's just a little LESS impossible than it was two minutes ago, but still impossible.

And then, over the hill, comes something Abigail never expected. It's a giant, zombie Colossus leading an army of zombies. On his back are Illyana Rasputin and Leah Hel-Ranger.


In our last two-page spread, we see the zombies helping to push back the Ultron Perfection. The day is won, thanks to the return of Leah and Illyana.

It's something Abigail thought impossible. She only knew that when friends and comrades went missing beyond the wall, they were GONE and if they came BACK, they were no longer your friend or comrade but some weapon to be used against you.

In Illyana and Leah's case, it turns out that neither had REALLY disappeared. They had just gone to make a little kingdom within the Deadlands. Illyana had left first to clear the way and then Leah joined her when the time was right. They didn't want to serve ANYONE so they went to the only place on Battleworld that lacked even DOOM as a ruler. With their magic and just the right prep time, they had carved out a kingdom.

That done, they came back to clear the slate with Commander Brand. This is that debt clearing moment.

As they leave, Brand shouts out that she COULD make their lives hell (or MORE hell) if she wanted to. But looking around at the fallen Ultron robots, she's just happy that they beat back an unbeatable wave. It's a good day. She even thanks the missing Kang the Conqueror.

Missing no longer! Kang returns through a temporal portal with a fallen Fury to the sound effect: "SOUNDOFREALITYBEINGTORNAPART!" This might be right on the nose. Seeing what he just accomplished, Kang is the first to congratulate himself. Heck, even Commander Brand of the Shield gets in on the act.


It's been a good day but things MIGHT have just taken a turn. I'm not talking about Kang and Brand hugging. I'm talking about the guy applauding. That's Thanos, the Mad Titan. He announces his presence and then, holding his arms up as if to have them handcuffed, he tells Brand, "I'm here to talk."

And maybe, JUST maybe, he's here to tear this all DOWN.


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