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Super Reads Siege #4

Written by SuperginraiX on Thursday, October 15 2015 and posted in Features

Super Reads Siege #4

That wall is gonna come tumblin' down. And then it's just gonna walk off.

Super Readers, you are at the final stand of the Shield as we read Siege #4.

Did I already give away too much? Well then:

There are SPOILERS ahead.

Post-warning and all that.

KangConquers.pngBut if you are reading this series and Secret Wars, then you already know that thing's coming down. That's not a big revelation. That's what this book is about.

But, yeah, last issue, our brave men and women of the Shield fought off an attack by Ultron robots. This was a lot more difficult than you'd think and it doesn't sound all that easy when you THINK about it.

The biggest threat was that of the Fury, an amalgamation of Nick Fury and the ultimate, unstoppable killer robot known as the Fury. The Fury ran around murdering people until one of the Units that made up the combined form of the Unite gave it the order to HOLD KANG'S HAND.

This began a journey through the time stream where Kang the Conqueror surfed on the back of the Fury, forcing the robot killing machine into all those awful chronomines that have been gumming up the place.

When the ride was over, the Fury was KO'd and Kang hugged Commander Brand.

Which was weird.

Reinforcements.pngSo the Fury was dealt with but that still left the army of Ultron. They had held off while the Fury did it's thing but with their leader gone, it was time for a lot of robots to do a lot of killing. The Shield defenders were already worn out or already dead... so this was the last stand of the Shield.

Until the most unlikely of reinforcements arrived to assault the Ultrons.

Illyana Rasputin and Leah of Hel showed up with an army of zombies. The robots were beaten back. Victory and all that.

Illyana and Leah had built their own kingdom of the dead within the zombified Deadlands. Their assistance here was them paying Commander Brand back for everything Abigail had done for them.

That was the last minute save of the series. Don't expect it to happen again.

ThanosSurrenders.pngAnd then there's good ol' Thanos. The Mad Titan. Worshiper of Death.

In the first issue, a time traveling Kang warned Brand that Thanos would be responsible for the fall of the Shield. They've been looking for him ever since. And now, here he is.

Surrendering. Ready for a little chat.

That wall's coming down, people. If you read Secret Wars, you know it's already DROPPED.

Now let's learn a little bit more about HOW it's going to fall.

Siege4.pngSiege #4
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Filipe Andrade
Color Artist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Double-Page Spreads: Pepe Larraz & Ian Herring; Gary Choo; Bill Sienkiewicz
Letterer: Clayton Cowles (from Virtual Calligraphy)
Assistant Editor: Kathleen Wisneski
Editor: Jake Thomas

In this issue: Thanos reveals the true history of the universe to Ben Grimm, causing a good portion of the Shield wall to just up and walk away.

Bullet Points:
• After shooting Thanos a lot, Commander Brand has the Mad Titan transported to a holding cell where Thanos has easy access to Grimm.
• Major Summers, Leonardo da Vinci, Lady Katherine, and Ms. America enjoy a post-battle pizza before Kang arrives to take Summers and da Vinci to Thanos' interrogation.
• Thanos admits that he's trying to take Doom down and has united the three threats buried behind the Shield wall to help him with this.
• All three enemy forces begin their final attack against the Shield.
• Thanos tells Grimm that he's the best friend of Doom's mortal enemy, Reed Richards and that this is his punishment for kicking Doom's ass all those times.
• To find out the truth, Grimm has Leonardo hit him with a full blast from the Enlightenment Cannon.
• Realizing the truth, Grimm punches Thanos in the face before rising up and walking to an imminent confrontation with Doctor Doom.
• With the Shield wall compromised, Thanos takes his leave.
• Kang tries time traveling to the past to give Brand a warning about the future but just ends up dying again.
• Ms. America creates a star portal so that she and Lady Katherine can escape dying.
• Commander Abigail Brand and Major Summers face the oncoming horde hand-in-hand.
• The Shield has officially fallen, people.

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Finally, Thanos has come to the Shield. He's the big threat that a time-traveling Kang warned would cause the fall of the wall.

So, naturally, our Shield defenders hear his name and open fire.

You would, too.

Unfortunately, Thanos has thick skin and the bullets aren't going to easily penetrate it. He repeats his offer of surrender but explains that further violence against his person will force him to turn the Fury back on.

Since the Fury is nigh-unstoppable, Commander Abigail Brand takes the option to incarcerate the Mad Titan.


Those are the same bars that once held the Unite. They had a vacancy after the events from last issue.

Thanos admits to having a part in the recent attacks against the Shield. He'd like to tell them what is coming next. Brand decides to hold off on this talk until later and calls for Grimm to her and Kang away.

With Brand and Kang off, Thanos calls back for Grimm. It's really the rock man that Thanos wants to talk to and his story is a DOOZY.


On top of the Shield, some of the Shield defenders enjoy their latest victory with a celebratory pizza. Our main cast has been whittled down someone, so the quartet sharing in the quiet is made up of Major Summers, Leonardo da Vinci, Lady Katherine of Bishop, and Ms. America Chavez. It's mostly small talk. Summers mentions that the pizza, given to the troops by Commander Brand after a battle, is a sign that Abigail truly cares for her soldiers.

That Summers is a romantic.

It's time to talk to the Mad Titan. Kang arrives to round up Major Summers and da Vinci for this bit of entertainment.

Thanos has a lot to tell. First, he tells his jailors that he refuses to live on a world where Doom is god so he's done a few things that may switch up that dynamic. At the least, they've kept him entertainment. Primarily, he's talked the three factions that have existed on the other side of the Shield into an alliance. The latest separate attacks have basically been growing pains as the three groups began their transition of working together.

With the zombies of the Deadlands, the Annihilation bugs of New Zandar, and the Ultron robots of Perfection working together, the wall isn't going to be able to stop them. Thanos tells Brand and company that he hopes they die well. He knows they could try killing him but they seriously don't have the time.

An alarm sounds, telling everyone that "ULTIMATE DANGER!" is at the door. Commander Brand races out a Grimm-made portal, telling the others to gather everyone they have left. The final battle is about to begin.

Our first two-pager greets us as the Kitty Pride and the Fantastic Thors fight Annihilation bugs. Abigail Brand's War Journal gives us a chunk of how the battle fares on other fronts. There are heroic victories and deaths all over the Shield. Brand is proud of her soldiers but she knows that there really isn't any hope. The defenders know there isn't, either, but everyone just keeps fighting because it's better than the alternative.

Meanwhile, Thanos continues his talk with Grimm. This is basically an expansion of the scenes that took place in Secret Wars #6. In this version, we start from the fact that Grimm doesn't even remember that his first name is "Ben" and take it from there.

Grimm doesn't believe anything Thanos says but as part of maintaining total honesty, the Mad Titan tells the rocky hero that in the original universe, they ARE NOT FRIENDS. They are decidedly enemies. But in that place, Thanos has "a love even there. I will never see her face again except in the moment of my death."

That would be Death.

"If I die in THIS world, the face I see will be Doom's."

Which, if you were in love with Death would probably be disappointing. Or maybe oddly satisfying? It's a strange world, man.

When questioned on how long Grimm has served at the Shield, Grimm can't really recall. All he knows is that his walls have taken a lot of attacks.

Now, if you haven't read Secret Wars #6, you might not have realized, even after reading this far into this issue, that Grimm doesn't just have some power that allows him to manipulate the rock around him. He's part of the wall. He can control it because it's HIM. Every attack on the Shield is an attack on Ben Grimm.

Think about that kind of thing. Doom has set Grimm up on some heroic mandate to keep the southern border safe from threats but the reality is that the invaders attack, scrape, and destroy bits of Ben Grimm with every battle. That's a little thing called hate.

This is where, much like Secret Wars #6, Thanos explains that Ben Grimm is the best friend of Doom's greatest enemy, Reed Richards. Together with Reed and the rest of the Fantastic Four, they have defeated and humiliated Doctor Doom on multiple occasions.

Here's where Grimm asks if Battleworld is real.

Here's where Thanos tells him that it's definitely real, it's just not RIGHT. Ben can stay down here and keep the border safe on a terrible world or he can get up and leave the border open, possibly dooming the world but maybe helping bring back a better one.

We'll leave Ben to his decision. Right now, there's a battle between the Shield defenders and as many robots, bugs, and zombies as you can imagine. Leonardo da Vinci is using his Enlightenment Cannon to tell the zombies that they are a "philosophical contradiction," causing many of the zombie invaders to just lay down. That gives the Shieldmen and maidens room to maneuver, at least.

Lady Katherine of Bishop is starting to doubt what good an archer is in such a fight as this but Ms. America won't have her "Princess" speaking so negatively. They keep this fight up because they can. No one's heard any fat lady just yet.

While those two mix it up with some zombies who've somehow managed to scale the Shield wall, Grimm pops up next to Leonardo and asks the Vitruvian Man to hit him with the Enlightenment Cannon. This doesn't seem like the best moment to do something like that but Grimm reminds Leo that this is sort of a last stand situation. It really doesn't matter what they DO. It's all gonna end soon enough.

So what does Grimm need enlightenment FOR?

"Why are we here?"

Again, Leonardo protests. The Enlightenment Cannon is powered by the Vitruvian Man and to even ATTEMPT to get an answer to a question like that would use ALL of his power.

And this is where we learn that those extra arms and legs that Leonardo has been rocking as the Vitruvian Man are ACTUALLY part of another person: Michelangelo.

Michelangelo separates from Leonardo, telling his companion that THIS is the kind of question that they HAVE to answer. The two share one last, loving head bump before Michelangelo uses the last of his strength as ammunition for enlightenment.


As Mikey dies, he tells Leo, "You, Leonardo, you were always my truth. Goodbye."

Oh, and Ben Grimm realizes that the truth is that Doom is a lying liar.

Grimm heads back down to Thanos's cell and after a quick internal debate, decides to sock Thanos in the head instead of administering a hug. It's more appropriate.

Thing wonders what he should do next. Thanos shatters his chains, telling Ben that what you do when a mad god is trying to keep you down is "You stand up."

Then, Thanos just keeps asking Ben for the time. Which is, like 6:23 and I don't get the relevance of... oh.


It's clobbering time.

Back on the Shield wall, Leonardo is saddened by the loss of his lover. He decides on one last flight into the waiting enemy. It ends with an explosion.

At about the same moment, the Shield wall is fundamentally altered as Ben Grimm rises from his self-imposed imprisonment. Commander Brand, Kang, and Major Summers slip down to ground level.

Our second two-page spread shows a gigantic Ben Grimm treading away from the Shield. Fortunately, he's managed to wrap his but in some kind of underwear. That's unstable molecules for you.

I wonder what part of the wall was made up of his underwear...

Thanos rises out of the red smoke caused from Ben's departure. He's not here to fight. He's just being courteous and telling them that he's leaving. HIS fight lies north and it's going to be against Doom.

Abigail wants to send Thanos on a ride through those chronomines that have clogged up the timestream but Kang tells her that it appears that the chronomines are not HERE. They're more THEN, as in further back in the timestream.

That means that Kang should be able to travel BACK in time and warn her of this and then everything will be ok, right?

No. Because we know what happens when he does this. He dies. He ALREADY died attempting just this thing. Commander Brand tries reminding Kang of this but it's useless. An overconfident Kang the Conqueror slips into the past where he'll eventually die in issue #1.

Ms. America sees the odds before her and decides it's time to get out of here. She kicks the air, creating a star-shaped portal (yes-- it's something she can do). Lady Katherine is amazed at this seldom used display of power but it's not time to look any gift horses in any mouths. The two race off to relative safety.

And then, there were two.


Now, it's possible that there are some other defenders left alive somewhere else on the wall. Right here, however, we've got Commander Abigail Brand and Major Summers. They're standing in the hole made from Grimm leaving so this is the exit that the robots, zombies, and bugs are going to take.

Summers muses that maybe, in another reality, Kang made it back alive to warn them and none of this happens. For Brand, that's heresy because it would mean that there was more than one Doom and that means more than one god. Summers doesn't really give a damn about pissing off Doctor Doom. He's staring death in the face, after all.

So he's "going to believe there're better worlds."

Brand holds his hand, telling the clone, "Scott... there was never anyone like you."

Our last two-page spread is our last two hand-holding defenders standing before the combined armies of Perfection, New Xandar, and the Deadlands. Abigail Brand's last War Journal Entry is basically her admitting that she did the best job she could have done with what she had and cursing out anyone who thinks different. But for anyone that may have her job in the future, should the Shield be rebuilt and Doom's order restored, she has a little advice:

"Try not to make the mistakes I did. Make your own mistakes."







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