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Super Reads Extraordinary X-Men #1

Written by SuperginraiX on Thursday, November 12 2015 and posted in Features

Super Reads Extraordinary X-Men #1

The X-Men visit all of the familiar territory in this all-new, extraordinary series!

Get ready, people. It's time for another installment of Super Reads. This time around, we're checking out Extraordinary X-Men #1.

Last chance warnings:

There are SPOILERS ahead.

So now you know.

Beast_copy.pngUncanny X-Men #600 featured the Trial of Hank McCoy which was just about as underwhelming as you could get without just being blank pages.

Which, honestly, might have been better.

It went down a little like this: all of Beast's friends, colleagues, students, and few antagonists got together to voice their concerns to Hank McCoy about all of his crazy science experiments that kept getting him and the X-Men in trouble. Many of these issues were legitimate. He brought the original X-Men to the present from the past and then they got stuck there, for example.

And the worst thing about this is that instead of this action creating a separate, branching universe like it's supposed to, the original X-Men were still connected to the Marvel Universe in scary ways. When one of them nearly died, the present day counterpart disappeared until the past X-Man's condition could be stabilized, as an example. So the longer these All-New X-Men remained stuck in the present, the more chances that the time-line could be broken, irreparably.

Beastie boy managed to do all of this without even giving the X-Men a heads up. And he STILL thinks he did the right thing even though he acknowledges that it's all like dancing on the edge of a pin.

So: Trial. That resolved nothing.

Well, it led to Hank McCoy leaving the team with as many science supplies as he could carry. His eventual destination was the Uncanny Inhumans.

JeanLeaves.pngSpeaking of those All-New X-Men, they went through their own shocking changes in Uncanny X-Men #600. In that issue, Jean Grey left the team.

Actually, the entire group split up, temporarily. Just to see what it was like to live a quasi-normal life.

But, for the purposes of THIS book, it's Jean that's important because she's a cast member. So, she left her teammates to train in her powers with Emma Frost. Even though she took her leave of the team, she decided to continue her relationship with Young Hank McCoy.

The events of this comic take place eight months after Uncanny X-Men #600 so I'm not sure if her training or her romance have continued to this point. But that's where we left her before the time jump.

Cyclops_copy.pngFinally, where did we leave Scott Summers?

In a pretty good place, actually.

Cyclops has had a rough couple of years. As the leader of the mutant race, Scott had to make some tough choices when the mutant population was Decimated following the House of M event. A lot of these decisions were... less than heroic.

It's high to maintain a high moral standard when you're fighting to keep the last two hundred remaining mutants alive against overwhelming hatred and oppression. It's still disappointing but that was the position Scott Summers was put in.

Anyway, everything came to a head when under the influence of the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force, Cyclops killed his mentor and replacement father, Professor Charles Xavier. That's a low point and it's been a struggle for Scott Summers to "come back" from that.

But Uncanny X-Men was a great step in the right direction. Cyclops gathered a whole hell of a lot of the world's mutant population in Washington DC to protest peacefully for the mutants' right to exist.

It might have been the last good thing Cyclops ever did.

ExtraordinaryXMen1.pngExtraordinary X-Men #1
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Penciler: Humberto Ramos
Inker: Victor Olazaba
Colorist: Edgar Delgado
Letterer: Joe Caramagna (from Virtual Calligraphy)
Assistant Editor: Christina Harrington
Editor: Daniel Ketchum
X-Men Group Editor: Mark Paniccia

In this issue: Storm and the X-Men struggle to keep the world's remaining mutant population safe in X-Haven, recruiting a new team in the process.

Bullet Points:
• Storm talks to an imaginary Charles Francis Xavier.
• Magik rescues an ill mutant from New Delhi when a mob and soldiers try to kill her and her family.
• Iceman and Magik finally convince Storm to form a new X-Men squad.
• Jean Grey, now a student at Empire State University, gets a visit from Storm and Iceman.
• When she doesn't immediately jump at a chance to join the team, Jean is invited to read Storm's mind to learn how bad things are getting for today's mutants.
• It turns out the Inhumans' Terrigen Mists are killing and sterilizing mutants while also causing them to spread disease.
• Magik recruits Colossus into the X-Men, taking him away from his solitary life as a farmer.
• The All-New Marauders recapture Nightcrawler in some underground tunnels.
• Jean still doesn't join the X-Men but Storm gives her a communication device that'll allow her to contact X-Haven is she ever has the need.
• Before Storm and Iceman leave, Jean clues them in on an old mutant that might make a prime member of the X-Men.
• This leads Storm, Iceman, and one scared sentient Sentinel into a confrontation with Old Man Logan in a frozen wasteland that is probably Canada.

Super Reads Uncanny X-Men #600

Ororo Monroe has been left the last X-Men leader standing and she's starting to regret her position. The mutants of the world have been backed into another corner (more on that later if you haven't caught the "subtle" clues laid forth in All-New, All-Different Marvel Point One #1 and Avengers #0) and Storm has had to do make compromises to keep homo-superior safe from those that would do them harm.

Or, in her own words: "I've tried to keep it going. I've-- I've done things I never thought I would just to keep the dream alive, to keep THIS PLACE alive."

We all know what that means.


In her office, she talks about the X-Men's losses aloud to someone who may or may NOT be sitting on the other side of her desk. Finally, she wonders how this person was able to keep the X-Men working for so long and whether she's doing a good job as the camera turns, revealing...

Professor Charles Xavier!

That would be a twist I would NOT have expected but it turns out that the Professor X that sits before her is most likely just a little bit of her imagination combined with artist license. When Iceman appears at the door to tell Ororo about the latest mutant incident, he asks who Storm was talking with and Ororo tells him "no one."

Don't worry, Xavier. Your time will come. Again. Eventually.

For now, it's up to Bobby to tell Ororo about Magik's escapades in New Delhi. Illyana Rasputin headed to India to rescue a mutant child from soldiers and a mob that meant to take her life. Before she got there, the only ones defending the kid were her parents. That's more than some mutants get so, bravo, parents.

But those parents weren't going to be enough. This is a sizable mob and they figure the parents sticking up for their kid is proof that THEY'RE mutants, too.

The mob scatters as magic light strikes them, giving Illyana time to speak to the parents and their child. The parents are terrified, believing Magik to be just another person trying to hurt their kid but Illyana successfully explains that she's here to help. When the kid (Sapna) agrees to go with Magik, it's just in time for the soldiers to open fire.

It's a good thing some of Illyana's costume looks like body armor. It's also a good thing no one aimed at her bare midriff. Comics, people.

Anyway, Magik swings her Soulsword around herself, Sapna, and the two parents and the teleporting begins.

You might think that Storm, Iceman, and all of the mutant refugees Magik is bringing back are living at the Westchester County (New York) based Jean Grey School. That MIGHT be the case. All we know at this point is that they call it "X-Haven."

But wherever X-Haven is, the mood is tense. It appears the only X-Men working the grounds are Storm, Iceman, and Magik. Everyone else is either a student or a refugee. Iceman is concerned for the students being able to handle this kind of situation but Storm is resolute that they are up to the task. However, she hasn't filled anyone in on "the NEWS" yet...

Oooooh. Secrets.

Magik arrives with Sapna and her parents. Some of those bullets actually hit some skin but Illyana is unconcerned for herself. She's more worried about Sapna, claiming "the Terrigen Mist hit her hard."

Don't worry. We'll get to the Terrigen Mist.

As some students come to attend to Sapna, Illyana gives Ororo a report on the situation "out there." You know. The part were the Indian Military was shooting guns at her and the new mutant. Illyana claims that because of "what Scott did, the JUST HATE US!"

This is a common theme to the book. Scott Summers did something VERY bad during the eight month gap in time. We won't learn WHAT that is in this issue but it was enough to get the whole world to start killing mutants. And this is a world that is no stranger to mutants doing terrible things. Magneto ALONE has given the world some great reasons to kill all mutants.

Iceman says that Magik can't serve as both the "search and rescue" X-Man while "keeping THIS PLACE safe," implying that Illyana is using her magical talents to keep X-Haven from prying eyes. Or maybe it's in Limbo.

Anyway, this finally convinces Storm that maybe it's time to get a proper X-Men team together. Ororo poses dramatically, lightning crackling off her hands (for reasons) as Illyana and Iceman stand behind her. This gives us our only establishing shot of X-Haven, revealing that, yes, that is definitely the Jean Grey School surrounded by tents. It's probably not in the same location where the school usually resides but it's got the same crazy architecture.

Seriously though, Storm, watch where you're dramatically shooting random bolts of lightning. That stuff can kill people. You know what happens when a toad gets struck by lightning?

At Empire State University, Jean Grey is just getting out of an Anthropology class. One of her fellow students asks if she's going to be partying it up in the evening and after talking about all the school work she's got to do, she tells him that, yeah, she'll be out tonight. The rain has turned into a downpour and Jean knows that can only mean one thing.

Storm has come to try recruiting her into the X-Men.

Now, this is YOUNG Jean. I want to make that clear. This is the version of Jean Grey that came from the past into the present and most recently was a member of the All-New X-Men. She knows what the future holds for her because it already happened. There is no "present-day" Jean Grey because she's already dead. One of her reasons for not immediately joining up with Storm is because the X-Men= death to her.

When Jean tries to leave, her path is blocked by a wall of ice. Iceman. Jean yells at him for so blatantly displaying his mutant powers. Clearly, living out in the world, Jean knows that being openly homo-superior is like putting a target on your exposed midriff.

Jean again tells them that she has no intention of joining the X-Men, citing what "happened with Cyclops" as another reason.. Storm cryptically tells her that the mutant situation has changed significantly, inviting Jean to read her mind to learn the truth.

OK, now I get to talk about the Terrigen Mists and the current mutant situation. Terrigen Mists are the special vapors that give Inhumans their powers. Well, it turns out that the OTHER thing they do is kill mutants. Worse than that, the Mists have effectively stopped any future mutants from manifesting. WORSE THAN THAT, there's a disease spreading to humans called M-Pox that is allegedly spread by mutants.

So, if you're paying attention, the new era of the X-Men is Decimation Part Two: No More Mutanter.

While Jean Grey reels from that news, let's head over to Lake Baikal, Russia where one special mutant is living the life of a farmer.


This is Piotr Rasputin. Colossus. His bio-steel covered arms are a bit more veiny and he's got a beard, proving that eight months can provide real change to a character.

Piotr is in the middle of feeding his sheep when a bear shows up to cause trouble. Colossus just roars back at the beast and it lumbers away in fear.

After his daily chores are done, Piotr goes back to his house to do some hard drinking. Illyana teleports in just in time to stop him from taking down the whole bottle.

Magik is Colossus' sister. They had a strained relationship but that's over now. They made up in Uncanny X-Men #600. Now, they do 100% more hugging.

Illyana fills Piotr in on the mutant situation and we learn that even though Beast has left the X-Men and joined up with the Inhumans, his mission with them is to "find a cure for the Terrigen Plague." Hank is still in contact with the X-Men and it is through McCoy that they learned about the new "no more mutants" situation.

Colossus isn't exactly hyped to join a new X-Men squad. He'd rather live the life of a farmer in his family home. But Illyana reminds him that when he first got his mutant powers, his dad made him sleep in the barn like livestock.

So, yeah. They're giving Piotr a tragic, unnecessary backstory. It's even weirder because Colossus isn't even the FIRST mutant in his family. His older brother, Mikhail, developed mutant powers and used them as a Russian cosmonaut. And then later as a super-villain.

When Piotr continues to refuse to join the new team, Magik swings her Soulsword at him. Colossus instinctively armors up and catches the blade. Magik takes this as an indication that he'll join the X-Men and tells him to get some proper clothes on (and put down the bottle) so they can go get his "best friend."

She's talking about Kurt Wagner. Nightcrawler. Right now, he's in a whole heap of trouble, being pursued through some underground tunnels (maybe the Morlock Tunnels?) by a brand new group of Marauders. The first one we meet is named "Aries." The others are Azmuth, Coda, and Chimera.

It appears that Nightcrawler was a prisoner and this was his escape attempt. Making even more terrible, he's decided that quoting verses from the Holy Bible while fighting is a good idea. Specifically, Revelation 21:4, Genesis 22:13, and Genesis 1:31 (kind of).

Azmuth ends up recapturing Kurt (while quoting Revelation 20:10) and the Marauders return him to their leader (who isn't shown), commenting that he would have "flayed us alive" if they hadn't gotten Wagner back.

OK, that's enough time for Jean Grey to process the newest "mutants are an endangered species" storyline.


Yeah. More talk about some unmentionable crime committed by Cyclops that has damaged the mutant race's reputation in front of the entire world.

Even after learning the X-Men's situation, Jean is still not interested in joining. Storm makes one more attempt, saying that Jean is the "heart of the X-Men." Except that's exactly what Ms. Grey doesn't want to BE. She just wants the chance for a normal life. Storm relents.

Before leaving, Ororo gives Jean a Mini-Cerebro that doesn't DO what a Cerebro unit usually does. A normal Cerebro is able to detect mutant signatures. The Mini-Cerebro (created by Forge) is a communication device. Jean can use it to get a hold of X-Haven if she ever finds the need.

Storm and Iceman take off but Jean stops them. She hasn't changed her mind. Not yet. Instead, she has another mutant in mind that may want to join an X-Team. Jean found him after the whole Cyclops debacle when she was doing a telepathic scan of the world.

She's talking about Old Man Logan but let's not spoil the surprise for Storm. This version of Logan is from the future and ended up HERE following Secret Wars. Probably. I mean, he showed up there and now he's here. Man, I wish Secret Wars was over so I could have these vital answers!

Anyway, Old Man Logan is wandering around in a snow-covered wasteland that is either Minnesota or Canada. Or maybe Antarctica, except for all the trees. It could be a lot of places.

In the middle of his walk, Logan stops in his tracks, sniffs the air, and pops his claws. Suddenly, a Sentinel flies into view. The old man leaps right at the giant robot, preparing to do the whole slice and dice routine.

The Sentinel, however, is TERRIFIED and begs Logan not to harm him. This takes Old Man Logan by surprise. Soon after, Storm and Iceman show up.

Ororo was... intimate... with Wolverine before he died. Even if she wasn't, Logan was a friend who is supposed to be dead and now here he is, walking around in the middle of nowhere. She asks, "Is-- is that REALLY you? LOGAN?!"

Old Man Logan turns towards her, not really knowing how to ANSWER.


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