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Super Reads The Infinity Gauntlet #5

Written by SuperginraiX on Tuesday, December 01 2015 and posted in Features

Super Reads The Infinity Gauntlet #5

The Infinity Gems are assembled! But what does this mean for the Bakian family and their friends?

Hey Super Readers! You joined me just in time to hear a tale of The Infinity Gauntlet #5.

Before you dive straight into spoiler territory, maybe you should know:

There are SPOILERS ahead.

Got it? SPOILERS. And here they are.

BakiansandFriends.pngAw. Our last family portrait. That's the Bakian family and the comrades they've gathered during their journey. From left to right: The dog in pink armor is Zigzag. The brooding dude in the cloak is Thanos (not a friend). The girl in the red armor is Anwen Bakian, the older sister and our "main character." You should probably recognize Star-Lord. In the dark blue armor is Eve Bakian, the mother and veteran Nova. In green is Menzin Bakian, the father, and right below him in purple is Fayne Bakian, the younger sister. The giant tree is Groot and below him is a green lady you know as Gamora.

That's our cast of characters. They live it up in New Xandar, one of the three domains in Battleworld that are locked up behind the Shield wall. New Xandar is infested with alien bugs from the Annihilation Wave and it's a bad, bad place to live. The only thing that MIGHT save the whole place is a fully assembled Infinity Gauntlet.

"Fully assembled" means putting little colored rocks on it that happen to grant nearly unlimited power. Those are the Infinity Gems. Or Stones. Except they're Gems.

AdamMagus.pngHaving already collected four of the six Infinity Gems, the Bakians and their allies went to Magus City to gather up number five: The green Soul Gem.

This little item was on the forehead of Adam Warlock/ Magus. He wasn't really in the mood to give it up. In fact, he wasn't in the mood to give ANY of the newcomers up.

So: fight time.

During the battle, we learned that even though Even wielded an Infinity Gauntlet loaded with four Gems, Adam Warlock's mastery of his ONE Gem nearly gave him victory. We also learned that Adam kept the Annihilation Wave at bay by keeping a giant Annihilation Bug docile within his city using the power of the Soul Gem. He just had to keep it fed (on people) and everything was fine, relatively speaking.

FiveGems.pngIn the end, it was Thanos who defeated Adam Warlock. It was also Thanos who claimed the Soul Gem. With this one Gem, the Mad Titan was able to overpower Eve and take the rest of the Infinity Gems.

With five of the six Gems in his possession, Thanos stood nearly triumphant. He unleashed Adam Warlock's pet Annihilation bug on Magus City and killed his longtime nemesis, Drax the Destroyer, as an encore.

The Infinity Gauntlet is almost fully assembled. The bad guy is just about victorious. Now would be a GREAT time for the heroes to pull victory from the jaws of defeat.

Y'know. Unless this is a tragedy.

InfinityGauntlet5.pngThe Infinity Gauntlet #5
Story & Art: Dustin Weaver
Script: Gerry Duggan
Color Artist: Rain Beredo
Letterer: Albert Deschesne (from Comicraft)
Assistant Editor: Devin Lewis
Editor: Nick Lowe

In this issue: On the verge of ultimate victory, Thanos is killed thanks to the imaginitive young Anwen and her quick mastery of the Reality Gem.

Bullet Points:
• The Bakians recover the body of Eve, learning that she's not dead but that her soul is missing.
• Anwen comes up with a plan to have Zigzag sniff out the remaining Infinity Gem.
• Star-Lord, Gamora, and Groot take some Nova Stars to distract the giant Annihilation Bug while the Bakians do their thing.
• Thanos has a fight with his future self because even though he's got five of the six Infinity Gems, he's still gonna lose.
• Zigzag finds the last Infinity Gem: the Reality Gem.
• Star-Lord and friends Nova up for a final showdown with a giant bug.
• (they probably don't make it)
• Thanos kills his future self after learning where the final Infinity Gem is.
• The Bakians fight Thanos in a giant robot mech.
• Thanos, wielding an almost full Infinity Gauntlet, defeats the Nova mech.
• Anwen rises from the wreckage of her Nova-bot and finds the Reality Gem.
• After bargaining with Thanos, Anwen agrees to give him the Reality Gem is he'll leave the Bakians alone.
• Thanos is ACTUALLY given a Death Stone, created with the power of the Reality Gem.
• The Mad Titan dissolves.
• Recovering the Infinity Gems, Anwen fastens them on her Infinity Gauntlet and uses the Soul Gem to get her mom's soul.
• Mother and daughter hug it out as our story comes to a close.

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You read above, right? The day is DOOMED, yo. Thanos has unleashed a giant Annihilation bug from within Magus City and he's got five of the six Infinity Gems assembled on his Infinity Gauntlet. When taking them from Eve Bakian, it looked like he had killed the veteran Nova but when Menzin gets in close to investigate, he discovers that Thanos just took her soul.

So all they have to do is get back the Soul Gem and RELEASE it. Easy peazy.

Thanos is long gone by now. Gamora tells the Bakians that the Mad Titan will be found "wherever the last Stone is." The Bakians' dog, Zigzag is already sniffing the air and Anwen realizes that they can use their DOG to find that last stone. As Thanos flies over the landscape, searching for the last Infinity Gem, Anwen explains the plan to her family and their friends, Star-Lord, Gamora, and Groot.

Peter Quill (Star-Lord) doesn't LIKE this plan but he adds a few new factors to it to make it workable. It seems that giant Annihilation bug stomping around in the background is going to get REAL interested in the Novas when they start using their powers so Star-Lord, Gamora, and Groot are going to distract it by using some spare Nova Stars and his stolen spaceship.

Since Thanos doesn't have a fancy dog to find the last Gem for him, he's got to go searching. That means he's going to... fly in the sky and look from a distance. Maybe he's looking for something that sparkles?

What he finds instead is the Annihilation Wave. Thanos is the guy who unleashed these critters on New Xandar in the first place because... because it would make it easier to find the Infinity Gems? I don't know. He's not called the "MAD" Titan for nothing, folks. Anyway, with victory so close, Thanos decides he no longer needs these devastating insects around and uses the power of the Infinity Gems to destroy them.

Suddenly, from above him, ANOTHER Thanos appears and drops right on the villain.

This Thanos is from the future and he's here to make the right alterations to the timeline so that he WINS. This has already happened earlier in the series. With the power of the Time Gem, Thanos can escape into the past if he's ever about to be defeated and then do things differently.

THAT means that present day Thanos is going to lose. Only FUTURE Thanos stands a hope of winning. But for THAT to happen, PRESENT Thanos has to give up the Infinity Gauntlet to his future self and then get killed. That's the cycle. Even though future Thanos knows where the last Infinity Gem is located, Present Thanos is SO CLOSE to a full set that he's too greedy to give up.

While the two Thanoses fight over who should lose to the Novas, our Guardians of the Galaxy trio boards Peter Quill's starship, the Milano, and fly off to face the giant Annihilation Bug. This is a good thing because Zigzag has JUST gotten the scent of the last Infinity Gem and when the dog hits the air, the Annihilation Bug gets VERY interested. To keep the monster off the Bakians, Star-Lord and friends Nova up.

What's fun about this is that Peter's Nova suit features the classic bucket head design used by Richard Rider and Sam Alexander. So does Groot's but the living tree's is a whole lot more modified.

As Star-Lord pilots the Milano, Gamora and Groot fire Nova blasts and the giant Annihilation Bug. It gets the creature's attention. Just when these three think they might be about to actually DEFEAT this massive monster, the big bug opens it's mouth and unleashes a blast of energy at them. It nearly takes the Milano and it's passengers out of the fight in one shot.

Meanwhile, our two Thanoses are still arguing over the Infinity Gauntlet. Future Thanos knows they're wasting precious time but he's fighting against his own greedy, self-destructive nature. When too much time has passed, Future Thanos finally reveals that the last Gem is located at Mount Terizi. The Bakians have already had enough time to acquire it but Future Thanos thinks that if they work together, they might be able to defeat the Novas.

Present day Thanos has another plan.


The cycle is broken. Thanos kills his future self and teleports off to Mount Terizi to win this battle on his own. Just as his future self predicted, the Bakians have already collected the last Gem and mounted it on their Infinity Gauntlet.

When the Bakians declare that they want Eve back, the Mad Titan laughs. Thanos is reminded of his own life strategy: "Family is weakness." He tried to teach this to Anwen in a bid to mold her into his servant but it didn't take. Now, it's only time to fight.

This last Infinity Gem is the yellow Reality Gem. Menzin uses it first, blocking Thanos' energy blast with a quickly formed wall. The Mad Titan is better at this game than Menzin is, however, and after teleporting out of the elder Bakian's attack, Thanos "time-shifts" the Novas' wall away and flies in quick for a physical attack.

Anwen takes the Reality Gem just in time to protect her family. They're surrounded in a red wave of whatsis and even after Thanos punches this across the field, it rises, taking a distinct, robotic shape.


It's about time our Novas got to pilot a mech. If you don't recognize the shape of the robot, it bears the same design as Eve's Infinity Armor from last issue. It's just bigger and more robot-shaped.

Menzin is amazed at Anwen's skill in wielding the Reality Gem. Because she's GOOD. What she's doing is more than just creating a giant suit of armor, though. Anwen is also taking Thanos' earlier lesson ("Family is weakness") and completely denying it. The four Bakians (the dog counts) are going to defeat Thanos together. As a family.

That means using the Reality Gem together. While piloting a Nova mech. Together.

Menzin's tactic throughout this battle is to use his knowledge of science and the Reality Gem to push Thanos "out of reality." He does this twice, once by increasing Thanos' mass and another time just by saying "I'm going to try to push him out of this reality." Neither effort works.

Thanos is starting to realize that his real enemy is Anwen. He's disappointed because he wanted to make her his minion and she's totally not into that plan. So now she's gotta die. The Mad Titan uses his full knowledge of his five Infinity Gems to take the Nova mech apart.

Meanwhile, Star-Lord, Gamora, and Groot have run out of options. The Annihilation Bug is readying another mouth blast and Peter knows he won't be able to maneuver out of the way in time. He shouts at his teammates to abandon ship but doesn't finish his sentence before the bug strikes.

That's the last we'll see of those three so whether they live or die, it's up to you.

In our main battle, the Nova mech has been destroyed. It's remains fall back down to the ground, along with the Bakians. Anwen struggles back to her feet and searches for her sister and dad. First, she finds the Infinity Gauntlet and quickly slips it on. Nearby, her father and sister lie on the ground. Anwen calls out to them but isn't able to investigate.

Because Thanos has found her. He demands the Reality Gem. Anwen prepares to resist. It's in the moment that the Mad Titan realizes that the Nova who keeps on defeating him in the future is Anwen. He had thought it was Eve.

From the sidelines, Menzin mutters his encouragement to his daughter, proclaiming that she was "always the STRONGEST of us."

So at least he's alive.

Instead of blasting Thanos with her Infinity Gauntlet, Anwen admits that she just wants to get rid of the Reality Gem because she's "SCARED of it." Thanos bargains with her, telling Anwen that if she gives him the final Infinity Gem, he'll leave her and her family in peace. What does he care? He's immortal. They'll be gone soon enough for him.

Anwen takes him up on this deal and tosses him the Reality Gem. The Mad Titan happily pops it on his Infinity Gauntlet and then rejoices in having full control over... pretty much everything. Time. Mind. Space. Power. Soul. Reality. That's the full package, right there.


Instead of having access to a fully powered Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos starts dissolving in dark red energy and black Kirby dots.

Anwen fooled him. She never gave up the Reality Gem. Instead, he just gave her what he THOUGHT was the final Infinity Gem but what turned OUT to be a brand new thing: a Death Stone.


And that's the end of that. Thanos is dead. Anwen gets the Infinity Gems. After mounting them on her Infinity Gauntlet, Anwen takes a journey into the Soul Gem... or at least that's what I THINK she's doing. The green Soul Gem is glowing in the next scene.

What we see is Eve, unarmored but clothed, in a forest that's more light than trees. When she sees her mom, she tells her "Sorry I'm late" and then the two embrace.

That's as happy an ending as this series is going to get.


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