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Outhouse Exclusive: “52 Shots” The DC #Rebirth Drinking Game

Written by GHERU on Thursday, February 18 2016 and posted in Features

Outhouse Exclusive: “52 Shots” The DC #Rebirth Drinking Game

We would suggest that you drink responsibly, but we’re not sure that is possible with this game.

Source: Outhouse EXCLUUUUUUUUSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

We here at The Outhouse pride ourselves on knowing the three things our readers want from us: honestly, non-biasedness, and poorly disguised satire. Taking all of those traits into account, we can exclusively announce the creation of 52 Shots, a drinking game based on the upcoming DC Comics' event, #Rebirth. With Comic Book Resources beginning to release EXXXCLUSIVES, we thought now would be the time to share the game with the world.

The rules to 52 Shots are as followed:

2 – 10 players
Each player must have

  • One shot glass (1.5 – 3 oz.)
  • One drinking cup (16-24 oz.)
  • One DC #Rebirth comic book (cannot be repeated within the group and must be purchased prior to the dealing of the character cards [see below])
    • A different comic must be provided per round.

Character cards (3-11)

  • Each character card must have the name of one DC Comic book character printed on them and number one more than the number of active players (for example if there are 6 players there needs to be 7 character cards).
  • No less than 50% of all character cards must read "Batman." If there are an odd number of players, round up. (3 players would have 2 Batman cards)
  • Non-Batman cards can be any other DC Character.

WARNING - We here at the Outhouse make no suggestions as to what to fill your cups with, but if you do chose to drink alcohol, we suggest "near beer."

For your health.


How to Play:

    • Character cards are randomly distributed with the extra card to be placed in the middle
    • The DC #Rebirth comics are randomly distributed
    • Players quietly read their assigned comics to themselves
    • Using whatever complex ritual your group relies on – the first player will then attempt to explain their assigned comic.
      • If the character assigned to the reader appeared in the comic then the reader must fill and empty their drinking glass prior to the explanation.
  • Audience players with a character card must take a shot:
    • Every time their character talks
    • Every time their character's name is said (secret identity or super identity)
  • All audience members take a shot:
    • If Batman figures out the answer no one else guessed
    • If the book contradicts its own continuity
    • If the issue is a first or last issue
    • If there is a cliffhanger ending
    • If it changes everything we thought we knew
    • Something completely ridiculous happens and drinking is your only solution.
    • Reader and audience must take a shot:
    • If there are bees in the comic book
      • Bees. My G-d
  • Once the reader has completed their account of the book, the other players get to vote as to how well the reader did. If, by a majority (over 50%), the audience understood the book then they fill and empty their drinking glass. If, the audience didn't understand the book, the reader must fill and empty their drinking glass.
  • At the end of the round, the first person who can find the left over character card goes first in the next round.
  • Multiple rounds:
    • The first player to reach 52 Shots is declared the Uber-Winner and is given first dibs on where to pass out for the night.
    • If no one has reached 52 Shots by the end of all rounds, the person who finds the last left over character card is given the dibs.
      • Current occupiers of wherever the game took place are not required to give up their existing places of sleep.

Writer's Note: It has come to my attention that this game was created under a paradigm that assumed our readers had at least one friend. As we do not want to come across as "friend-privileged" we have come up with a single player version:

1 player

Each player must have

  • One shot glass (1.5 – 3 oz.)
  • One drinking cup (16-24 oz.)
  • One bottle of vodka.
    • Can substitute variant bottle of liquor
  • DC #Rebirth comic book(s)

How to Play:

  • Toss out both the shot glass and drinking cup.
  • Drink straight from liquor bottle while reading DC #Rebirth comics.

  • Cry to sleep.


Editor's Note: We have decided to beta test 52 Shots on Outhouse Ace Reporter Zechs.  We figure at best it can only improve his writing and at worst no one will know the difference.  Also, this article was his idea, it seemed the least we could do after fixing stealing it.

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