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C2E2 2016: A Look Back

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, March 23 2016 and posted in Features

C2E2 2016: A Look Back

What? You think Zechs would miss another C2E2 and not report on his shenanigans there?

Another year, another C2E2

Though this one unlike past years felt different in some ways. Yes, Marvel, Zenoscope, Valiant, and Image were there. DC Comic's dwindling presence continues to now just guests and no booths at all (they've got bigger fish to fry this week at WonderCon). Still, I kind of missed seeing DC Collectibles around. Seeing their displays always was a treat. Given also we were a week removed from Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. You'd have thought DC could have used that for promotion. Nope nada. Still, I have to give props to Tony Daniels and Scott Snyder who caught a con bug that claimed a lot of folk during it all (not I. It helps wearing a chrome mask to protect yourself from germs and coughing). 

Though Marvel, while having a presence there. Well, kind of seemed also light on news and was more about teasers too. Well, save a few things I guess some could be hyped for. But the stuff just ain't clicking for me. Though then again maybe I was lucky in some regards

20160319 002423

Last year, I paid for my sins of delivering a message.  This year, I was assisted in my mayhem by showing "Mayhem" aka the Indie Huntress the ropes of this grand Midwest convention. Rest assured, she was a machine during the con. She probably gonna crank out a TON of articles from being there. 

Likewise, it's because of her I learned of a few new comics this weekend Dead Duck & Zombie Chick: Rising from the Grave! by Jay P. Fosgitt, Norah #1 by Kasey Pierce and Sean Seal, the Rot #1 (sounds so John Carpentery, and the cover is freaking amazing) by David C. Hayes, Sean Seal, and Joshua Werner to finally FINALLY buying a copy of Mariachi #1 by Dirk "take all of my money" Manning, John Marroquin, and Chris Sanchez

Still, there was one property that instantly caught my eye and that was 1001 by Saya Anwar. I had a two-part interview with the creator (thanks to bumbling on my end) and I look forward to looking over the mini given the amazing covers the series had. I talked to C2E2 regular and amazing colorist Jeff Balke about his new animation studio. I also pestered sought out first time C2E2er artist Marcus To. Because, simply put he's an amazing artist and I had to have all his prints. Literally, I bought a single copy of each print of his and had him do two commissions for me (I had eight in total done this year).


Though it wasn't only just the Indie Huntress I met at the con, but we had another OH! operative there as well, Ali Jaffery the Hunk (tragically when I left him at the con he was still there on the con floor steps looking for his mother and father). You might be seeing a tag-team review soon of us.  

Anyway, I did a couple of reviews (whenever they're uploaded on the OH! You Tube channel and full interviews will be had when I got free-time). But as always there had to be ONE panel that got my attention and that was "Let's Make a Villain" panel which had creators Adam Withers and Comfort Love run a panel pooling a villain together with assists/guidance from Mark Waid (who didn't go into a rage fit, nor lock the panel down) and Dirk Manning. 

What developed was a horribly burned crazy Pirate Queen (who listens to Nickleback) who wants to cover a world where land is scarce, and water is everywhere by erupting volcanoes at certain junctures, annihilating the race of sea creatures who now claim it. Oh, her and her crew eat these sea creatures, more so the young ones because they taste like "succulent veal".  

20160320 114314

WRITER'S NOTE: The moment I look for Withers and Love's website and find their official pic I'll show it here too.

If that wasn't enough I did something totally different than I've done before in previous C2E2's, I stayed at the hotel rather then drive back and forth. Let me just say that dayum did it help my body out. #1 I didn't have to buy overpriced drinks at the con. Nope I just went back to my hotel room cracked open a drink I had in the mini-fridge, and bam rehydrated. Having little to no stuff on my person made the hassle of back and forth (instead of lumbering with bags). Not to mention I got to stay WAAAY past if I stayed at home. Took in the atmosphere after each night, saw some random people (CM Punk, Sgt. Slaughter, Mick Foley, Neal Adams, and Tom Brevort), and met some fun new folk who I hope to meet again.

Overall, I'd have to say this C2E2 rated highly memorable. I've met new friends, have a ton new comics to delve into, and walked out with some amazing art. It's something I so want to rekindle again next year when the convention returns in April. Seriously why the hell was it in March this year?! WHY?! It had nothing to do with Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. NOTHING!!! 



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