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AFCD Creator Showcase: Mark Stanislawski

Written by The Indie Huntress on Friday, April 08 2016 and posted in Features

AFCD Creator Showcase: Mark Stanislawski


Source: Mark Stanislawski

Hey everyone! Your indie huntress has returned! Our webmaster Jude Terrorr has been working around the clock to bring Alternative Free Comics Day to life and has enlisted me for assistance. What is Alternative Free Comics Day (AFCD), you ask? Well let me tell you more about that! It is an event that we here at The Outhouse have decided to host. The idea came from Jude last year, while he was investigating claims that small publishers were being forced out of Free Comic Book Day. Jude couldn't get a straight answer out of anyone from Diamond or otherwise about the matter and decided to take matters into his own hands. Thus, Alternative Free Comics Day was born. Jude made the point of,

"anyone who wants to offer free comics should be able to do so. Free comic book day doesn't just have to be limited to Diamond distributing. It's 2016, we have the internet. Let's make a digital free comic day for independent creators." He added that, "we aren't knocking Free Comic Book Day. It is an important event for comics and a great deal for all involved. Alternative Free Comics Day is going to be available so that anyone who wants to participate, can."

Alternative Free Comics Day is a non-profit organization that solely exists to help creators get their comics into the hands of more fans and colleagues. The site will belong to everyone involved and also be featured on multiple websites. It is our mission to strengthen the community of independent creators everywhere. We encourage you to take part of this movement and connect with your fellow creators to broaden your horizons and expand your reach among new fans. To make this work we need YOUR help in sharing this project as much as possible. The more creators we have involved and sharing it on social media, the more success we will have. While the deadline is a bit short for this year, the following years will be even stronger. Our site has been open a mere week and we already have several participants. Which leads me to this article here...

As you all know, for the past year (my anniversary here is April 24th!) I've been rallying around independent creators and artists. Writing about and reviewing nothing but indie/indy because they deserve to have their voices be heard too. When Jude came to me with the idea for Alternative Free Comics Day, I was elated beyond words and immediately sprung into action creating various call-outs on social media for assistance. I discussed it with Jude and told him that I wanted to feature different creators on The Outhouse that will be involved with the event as a way to further advertise. But it goes beyond simple advertising, this is about making creators known. Comics are something I care deeply about. I see the blood, sweat and tears poured into making them by the indie community. There are men and women out there working multiple jobs just to support their dreams of making comics. Being a comic creator isn't cheap and it sure as hell isn't easy. So when I watch a group of people come together and create a book, you're damn right I want to do as much as possible to support that cause. Be it through an actual purchase or simply helping to get the word out there. This is important to me, as it should be to everyone else. Comics are hopes, dreams, love and so much more poured out onto paper that is woven in a rich tapestry of passion that most could only dream of having.

Therefore, as a part of the promotion for Alternative Free Comics Day, we will be showcasing various creators involved in the site. We are starting off with Mark Stanislawski and Good Ideas Comics.

Good Ideas Comics is the self-publishing imprint of writer Mark Stanislawski. The plan is to publish 3 digital-first titles this year with print editions available shortly after. Mark Stanislawski is a published comic book writer. Mark was first published in the early 1990's by Personality Comics, writing unauthorized biographies for Pink Floyd, Kiss, and Star Trek actor Mark Lenard. He was then published by Personality's subsidiary, Spoof Comics. He wrote spoofs of Bloodshot (Bloodskirt), Excalibur (Excalibabes) and the return of Superman (Superbabe Returns). He's had 2 issues of his creator-owned super-hero, Energyman, published by Rocketblast Comics. Mark is currently publishing his own work through his Good Ideas Comics imprint with such talents as Peter A. DeLuca, Mattia Vagnetti, Bo Christian, Levi Williams and more!

Elvis Files 1 Cover

Good Ideas Comics' offering for Alternative Free Comic Book Day is The Elvis Files #1! It's the summer of 1991 in New York City. A serial killer who takes his victims eyes and seems to show up every 30 years is back. Enter: Elven Patterson (Elvis), the King of Rock and Roll who faked his death and became an FBI agent. Elven and his partner, Dean Bonnero, are intent on capturing this obvious copycat but a wrinkle has appeared. Ruben Howell, an amateur journalist for the World News Weekly, has gotten a hold of the Elvis Files and knows who Elven really is! The government, though, protects it's secrets! The Elvis Files #1 is the first of a 3-issue limited series! The Elvis Files: Prologue is available now at DriveThru Comics! For free!

The Elvis Files #1 is created, written and lettered by Mark Stanislawski    ( )visually created by Peter A. DeLuca (, colored by Levi Williams with a cover by Gill Sanchez!

You can learn more about Mark and Good Ideas Comics at the following links:

If you want to participate in Alternative Free Comics Day, you can sign up here:

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