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The EXTREME Adventures of Rob Liefeld: Liefeldyverse Rebirthed

Written by Grayson on Wednesday, June 29 2016 and posted in Features

The EXTREME Adventures of Rob Liefeld: Liefeldyverse Rebirthed

Whole Foods, Gelato, and the announcement of Rob's newest and perhaps most extreme project to date!

A month after the launch of their successful Rebirth initiative DC Comics is poised to take a week off from their weekly release of new Rebirth titles, presumably to take a break and catch their breath while they allow their competition the chance to catch up with their momentum. Though industry leaders like Marvel and Image may look at this magnanimous opportunity with hesitation, one brave champion has decided to step forward and announce a bold new imprint that will take the comic world by storm. Insisting that his favorite Outhouse correspondent meet him at a newly opened Whole Foods Market near his home, Rob Liefeld intends to shock the world with his newest, boldest announcement to date.

Grayson: Ok Rob, I'm not exactly sure why you asked me to meet you here today. In fact, I'm not even sure why you asked for me at all. What is this big announcement that you insisted on making exclusively on the Outhouse?

Rob Liefeld: First of all, I just wanted to ask you if you have ever tried some of Whole Foods Market's most non-heinous gelato before?

Grayson: Rob, please tell me that you didn't ask me to fly halfway across the country, on my own dime, so that you could ask me if I have tried gelato before.

Rob Liefeld: I didn't.

Grayson: Thank God.

Rob Liefeld: I asked you if you have ever tried Whole Foods Market's gelato before.

Grayson: I should have known...

Rob Liefeld: HA! I totally got you dude!

Grayson: Seriously? Rob, can you please just tell me what is so important that you had to have this interview?

Rob Liefeld: Alright, I fully called you here today in order to announce my most excellent new project that will totally rock the comic world.

Grayson: I assume that you are talking about the release of Deadpool: Bad Blood?

Rob Liefeld: What's that?

Grayson: Deadpool: Bad know, the graphic novel project that you are working on with Chad Bowers and Chris Sims for Marvel?

Rob Liefeld: Nope, never heard of it.

Grayson: Ok, so this is about your unreleased Brigade Kickstarter project then?

Rob Liefeld: Ha ha! Nice try dude, I'm not falling for that one either.

Grayson: Well, if it's not Deadpool: Bad Blood or Brigade Returns...what is it?!

Rob Liefeld: I am totally proud to announce that coming soon to a comic store near you, will be the launch of a brand new comic book imprint known as "The Liefeldyverse: Rebirthed."

Grayson: The...Liefeldyverse...Rebirthed? As in DC Universe: Rebirth?

Rob Liefeld: Not at all dude. The Liefeldyverse: Rebirthed is a melting pot of all of my most resplendent creations coming together or in some cases back together to reignite the spark that was the Liefeldyverse.  

Grayson: Uh...huh.  And this is nothing like DC Universe: Rebirth?  

Rob Liefeld:  That's what I'm trying to say!  Basically, the whole story begins when Deadpool wakes up in the most extreme Liefeldyverse and discovers that his entire life has been a lie orchestrated by a bogus group of individuals from outside of the Liefeldyverse.  Not only that but those individuals have totally  manipulated the lives of everyone in the Liefeldyverse!  So Deadpool must set out on a most atypical quest to unravel the mystery but nobody in the Liefeldyverse seems to remember him until he meets up with his old buddy Cable!

Grayson:  Well, you don't own the rights to Deadpool or Cable so I don't see how this is even remotely possible but...go on.  

Rob Liefeld:  After a little misunderstanding, Cable totally remembers Deadpool!  This of course leads to them reuniting with the Teen Tita...errr...I mean Youngblood before they discover the culprits.

Grayson:  I can't believe that I am going to ask this but, who are the culprits Rob?

Rob Liefeld:  The cast of Frank Miller's Sin City!  

Grayson:  What?!

Rob Liefeld: Bum bum buuuuuuummmmmm!

Grayson:  Rob, you can't even finish A project right now, the legal issues involving intellectual properties aside, how do you expect to pull this off?

Rob Liefeld:  With my most prestigious friend "Todd" or course!

Grayson:  Todd?

Rob Liefeld:  No, "Todd."

Grayson:  That's what I know what?  Nevermind.  Who is "Todd?"

"Todd":  I'm "Todd."

Grayson:  AH!  Where did you come from?!

"Todd":  I've always been here.  

Grayson:  Ok, this is too much.  I'm done.  Rob, next time PLEASE call someone else.

"Todd":  What's his problem?

Rob Liefeld:  I don't know duder, I don't think he tried the gelato.


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