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Three Swords: a perfect homage to The Three Musketeers

Written by The Indie Huntress on Friday, August 26 2016 and posted in Features

Three Swords: a perfect homage to The Three Musketeers

A review on the new series Three Swords, from TAP's own Ruben Romero and Bob Salley.

Source: Ruben Romero and Bob Salley

One of my favorite writers came to me and asked about potentially reading this book for some feedback. Bob Salley. Bob and I go back for a bit now. I remember when I met Bob, he sent me a few books for promoting his stuff on my page. Then had him on the Mistresses of Mayhem and Chaos podcast, did several other reviews for his other books Salvagers and Jasper's Starlight Tavern, and finally had the rare opportunity to meet him in person at C2E2 earlier this year. I know a lot of writers, and Bob is one of the best because of the effort he puts into his writing. He has a real gift with making a story flow the way it should. He co-wrote Three Swords with another favorite of mine: Ruben Romero. Who I also had the pleasure of meeting at C2E2. These two guys, man.. I hope I am reading what they write for years to come. I mean that, not as my friends- but as amazing writers.

Three Swords is a Three Musketeers story. They took the basic concept of the Three Musketeers and turned into something all of their own. I had no idea what to expect. I remember when Ruben was pitching it to me at the convention he told me it had magic and demons in it, and I will level 100% here: I thought, man I don't know. Three Musketeers and magic? Nah. This isn't gonna work. Ruben when you read this: my apologies for thinking that.

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Three Swords was everything a Three Musketeers story should and could be. This is a story that has been told, and retold in so many different ways. These three men have been through the wringer while staying true to each other, their cause, and the kingdom. Three Swords took the classic story and expanded it in a brilliant fashion. By introducing a witch and leaving room for potential conspiracy, the first issue was packed with action and a big story. A young boy being recruited... an ex-soldier turned evil, and demons... every page was intense. Not just with the writing either. The illustrations for this issue take the story and bring real power to it, just as any good comic should. It is imperative that the art match the tone and vision for the story. You would be hard pressed to find a creative team that works in better harmony. Alessandro Miracolo on pencils, Raffaele Semeraro on Inks, Dennis Lehman and Rian Tags on Colors, and of course HdE on letters.

This is a story that I look forward to continuing on for an extended run. I wish the team luck and hope that this momentum keeps going in the series. They brought a lot to the table on issue #1, sky's the limit, I'd like to see them go even beyond that. Thanks for the advance copy for review, guys. I absolutely loved every panel of it.

Here is a brief interview with Ruben and Bob, the gentlemen who wrote Three swords:

How long is this series going to be?

Ruben: I think we would both love to see it go for as long as the fans will have it. Bob and I though have an introduction arc with a beginning, middle and end planned. That end though will leave room for us to come back.

Bob: Yeah... I think this series would make a strong 3 Volume trilogy, but there is also a lot of potential for an on-going series.

On writing the three musketeers, will you be leaving them more as their traditional selves or will you be incorporating more of an original spin?

Ruben: I'm a fan of the Dumas characters and what he created; each unique and flawed in their own ways and I would love to stay as true to that as possible but we feel there is room for growth and different layers to be explored.

Bob: I had to do more research on the characters, but Ruben was a great resource for that. I just followed his lead on that part.

What about the younger boy? How is he going to fit in?

Ruben: D'artagnan is as important as the rest of our heroes. His arc though will take a little longer because he is so young but as you saw in issue one his heart is that of a musketeer and as we get deeper into this arc he will play a role that will only get bigger as time goes on.

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Where did you guys find this art team? I am blown away by the illustrations here.

Ruben: Bob has magical powers.

Bob: Facebook is a marvelous network for writers and artists. Fortunately, the more you grow in this industry, the more opportunity you find presents itself to you AND the more talented artists you become familiar with (and vice versa). Alessandro was an artist I had been looking forward to working with for some time. He did an amazing job on a test page and that was that. As for Dennis Lehmann (colorist) and HdE... It's like having an all-star set-up man followed by a shutdown closer.

How was the experience for you guys co-writing this?

Ruben: In one word. Easy. I mean this is a passion project for me I have always wanted to tell this kind of Musketeer story and working with Bob was a new experience that has proved fruitful. We both had our ideas of how and why and where but in the end like any writing duo you find common ground and always put story first.

Bob: This was my first time co-writing and it was very educational. As a writer with multiple projects, sharing this labor of love with Ruben made it easy, but also made the story richer.


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