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All-New All-Different Say No to 5 Dollar Comics NOW! - Week of 12/07/2016

Written by Chad Tucker on Monday, December 05 2016 and posted in Features

All-New All-Different Say No to 5 Dollar Comics NOW! - Week of 12/07/2016

Limited edition "Trip to the Dentist" foil hologram cover available at select retailers, while supplies last!


When I was a younger man things were a lot different than they are now. Not all of it was for the better. As depressing as the internet can be it does make it easier for everyone's dirty little secrets to come to light. I don't miss that part, so much. But what I do miss is the way comics used to be priced. Back in the day, I could scrounge some change out of my Gran's couch cushions and take it to a local recycled bookstore that was renovated out of an opera house my family used to own. I would swagger through the front entrance tipping a derby at the doorman, and flashing a glint of silver between my fingers. The cashier nodded, and pressed a button under the register. A bookcase slid across the floor revealing an iron wrought staircase, and I descended it into what I always imagined was what used to be the orchestra pit under the theater. That is where I found what I desired: Rows and rows of white boxes filled with every comic book imaginable, illuminated by soft white light that somehow filled the entire room. A subtle series of bells sounded from an unseen source, and a single poster board said the words I would never forget "All comics $.25." It was a magical time, but unfortunately one that would not last.


Then quickly things changed, and comics were no longer $1.25. Suddenly they were $2.50 and came with a bullshit trading card I already had. Put a crappy Wolverine Hologram on the cover, and now they are $3.00. Make that cover two pages and it's $3.25. Make the Hologram 3D, and now the book is $3.50. The whole pricing point just kept getting worse and worse. At one point a comic book fan and affluent banker looked at me condescendingly through a monocle and said "Outrageous prices, you say? Perhaps if you would stop being so lazy and get a second job you could afford comics". Then he cackled like the Penguin and drove off in a Ford Escort trailing exhaust and laughter in his wake. Comic book fans all over cried out for a Champion. We needed a man so large in stature and girth that the truth could not escape the pull of the gravity of his conclusions.


We needed Jude Terror. For a time, things were good. Jude's Legendary "5 Comics for Under $5 Dollars" articles were a big hit. At the height of their power, they did something that no one thought was possible. Jude's article caused DC Comics to reduce their entire line below the $5 dollar pricing point. Maybe it had to do with something else, maybe not. But something inescapable changed in Jude. Someone offered him money, and suddenly he could afford $5 comics. The internet cried out for help again.


I answered that desperate call. Rising from the Ashes of the success of Judas Terror, I give you the phoenix reborn! Welcome to ALL-NEW ALL-DIFFERENT SAY NO TO $5 COMICS NOW!



Action Lab Danger Zone - Circle #1 - $3.99


By Damon Clark and Alyzia Zherno


I'm always on the lookout for a new horror-themed book, so it should come as no surprise this book caught my eye. The story seems interesting and I think the focus on friends being put up against each other adds a level of danger to the horror element. In particular I think what I like the most is Alyzia's exquisite art style which makes the entire book seem otherworldly. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to read this yet, but I am certainly looking forward to it. 


Here's the solicit:

After his mother dies, Christian, a teenage boy, moves to Shell bay with his single father only to be bullied as the new kid at school. He finds friendship with the 'Weird' kids and unknowingly joins them in an occult ritual that allows a darkness to possess each of them. Through the help of his gypsy neighbor, Christian will learn that the only way he can reverse the ritual is by killing off his circle of friends before they kill him or before the darkness takes over his soul. One by one he will face them all, and in the end he will have to make the hardest decision of his young life.



Dynamite Entertainment - Wonder Woman Bionic Woman 77 #1 - $3.99


By Andy Mangels and Judit Tondora


Likewise, I always try to find at least one superhero comic that's not published by the Big Two, and this week I am going with Wonder Woman '77 Meets the Bionic Woman #1. The very idea of two of my favorite classic TV shows having a crossover is definitely worth my time, and the cover makes me feel nostalgic. This looks to be a very fun read, and I look forward to seeing Diana Prince and Jamie Sommers team up for the first time. 


Here's the solicit:

Party like it's 1977 in this cross-over event fans have wanted for decades - but never thought possible! Now, Diana Prince meets Jaime Sommers... or should we say, Wonder Woman meets The Bionic Woman? In this action-packed mini-series, the two television titans team up to fight a rogue cabal bent on wreaking havoc and stealing deadly weapons. Can CASTRA be stopped before their real targets are revealed and lives are lost? With super powers, bionic enhancements, surprise villains, and an invisible plane, just about anything is possible!



Image - Motor Crush #1 - $3.99


By Brendan Fletcher and Babs Tarr


It wouldn't be much of an article if I didn't find at least one brand new creator-owned comic to celebrate. From the critically-acclaimed team behind the Batgirl relaunch, this book looks like a fun read, focusing on street racing and motorcycle gangs. If you really liked Batgirl of Burnside you may want to give this a shot. 



Here's the solicit:

The team behind the critically acclaimed revamp of Batgirl returns with an exciting sci-fi action-adventure series! By day, Domino Swift competes for fame and fortune in a worldwide motorcycle racing league. By night, she cracks heads of rival gangs in brutal bike wars to gain possession of a rare, valuable contraband: an engine-boosting 'machine narcotic' known as Crush. Featuring Part One of ISOLA: PROLOGUE by BRENDEN FLETCHER and KARL KERSCHL!



IDW - Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Revolution #1 - $3.99


By James Roberts and Alex Milne


Ahh, IDW. I love the things you do with cartoons from my childhood, and the next Transformers, and your latest creation, looks to continue that trend of excellent transformers comics. The creators behind More than Meets the Eye return to work on this book. Although I'm a little fatigued with crossovers, I am looking forward to this one as well. 



Here's the solicit:

A DATE WTH DESTINY! After years of doing very little, Krok, Crankcase, Fulcrum, Spinister, and Misfire think they can wriggle out of anything-but not even they can avoid a heavily-promoted multi-franchise crossover. It's the Scavengers Versus Your Childhood in a story that exposes all other art for the sham it is. What will the universe's worst DECEPTICONS make of the world's greatest crossover? One last dance with the your favorite DECEPTICONS before LOST LIGHT begins next month! The entire creative team that launched MTMTE returns!



Pick of the Week: Boom! Studios - Jim Henson Storyteller Giants #1 - #3.99


By Brandon Easton and Tony Vargas


For my Pick of the Week, I have selected Jim Henson's The Storyteller Giants #1. This comic is based on a British live action/puppet television series that focused on retelling myths and legends from European folklore. While, regrettably, this comic won't be narrated out loud by John Hurt, I am sure I will be hearing his voice in my head. As a lifelong fan of folklore and mythology, I am sure I will enjoy a series about Giants. If you enjoy it as as much as I do, I'm sure you will too. 


Here's the Solicit:

A collection of mythic tales of when giants roamed the Earth, inspired by folklore from around the world and told in the spirit of Jim Henson's beloved television series. * In this first issue, rising newcomer Conor Nolan re-imagines the'The Peach's Son,' a Japanese tale of a giant who was raised by humans but never accepted by them. * When a nearby village is overrun with evil beings, the giant will take a chance to be a hero and prove himself to be part of the community he calls home. * Upcoming issues will include stories by Brandon Dayton, Feifei Ruan, and more!


Well, it looks like this week is certainly shaping up to be an exciting week for inexpensive comics. Don't forget to join me below in the comments! Suggestions for future picks are always welcome.


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