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The Bottom Rope Report: RAW (01.02.17)

Written by Jeff Moss on Wednesday, January 04 2017 and posted in Features

The Bottom Rope Report: RAW (01.02.17)

The first RAW is upon us and it was a Doozy! Two men fought to stay erect, Everyone gets a talk show and 50 year olds putting my life choices to shame!

Source: WWE

Last week on WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW: A show so inconsequential that nothing that happened on it was remotely referenced on this week's show. But, in the interest of keeping you up to date, here's the skinny: Cesaro and Sheamus defeated the New Day, Nia Jax beat up an audience member named Scarlett Bordeaux, Charlotte Flair defeated Bayley via shenanigans, Neville murdered TJ Perkins, Braun Strowman ate the soul of Seth Rollins, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson reminded The Golden Truth they existed by beating them, Rich Swann won over Ariya Daivari and the main event was a WWE United States Championship Match in which Roman Reigns retains, beating Kevin Owens.

This week on WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW: "I am sick of all of you right now." - Stephanie McMahon, Commissioner of RAW.

013 RAW 01022017ls 0195--ce04102a92bbb6a091a4cc75a72469c5

Stephanie set the tone of the show right away by speaking for the audience and interrupting an admittedly very funny, but also very long discussion between WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens, his best friend Chris Jericho and Raw General Manager Mick Foley, who was sporting a fresh new haircut directly from the 8th Grade Picture Day Collection!

007 RAW 01022017jg 0050--fd4c6c16ff7f103ad1c1fa95b98a480e

Stephanie moved the proceedings along by announcing that Chris Jericho would face Roman Reigns for the US title and Kevin Owens had won this week's edition of "WWE®'s Everyone Gets A Talk Show" sweepstakes which meant two things: 1) Tonight's Main Event would feature a whole lotta talking, and 2) The Kevin Owens Show would debut tonight with special guest Angry Biker Dad GOLDBERG!

015 RAW 01022017ej 0180--ee4459156fbb854350e807c3aa050b62

Also that Kevin Owens would have a match against Seth Rollins (who is contractually obligated to appear whenever there's an overly-long talking segment) and it would start RIGHT NOW!

1. Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens

Rollins was declared the winner of this epic bout when good-guy Kevin Owens was trying to show him how the ring bell worked. Seth slipped and hit his head on the bell, so the referee awarded him the win. Owens was upset, but had a talk show to prepare for, so really he was happy to get all the sweaty wrestling out o the way early.

036 RAW 01022017ej 0322--6254ef5ab096a1ed60c2fdc2cbf23cf1

Up next, singles competition for two of WWE's biggest Tag Team Stars! Cesaro vs the guy from The Club who wears full-length pants, but not a coat.

040 RAW 01022017jg 0394--38cb7c4d8615fc1239b9c699b946e190

2. Karl Anderson vs Cesaro

After checking some ID, the referee identified Cesaro's opponent as the "Karl Anderson" half of The Club and the match was underway. Cesaro's tag-team partner, Sheamus, decided that the match might be too entertaining for the audience to handle and graciously offered to provide ringside commentary for the bout.

Sheamus' attempts to distract from a fun wrestling match were pretty good, but not good enough for the translucent perfectionist irishman. So, he made his way to the ring to invoke the deadliest weapon in the professional wrestling arsenal: The distraction.

058 RAW 01022017ej 0531--55fb6ef5868efccd401ef940ad438abc

The move worked and Cesaro was defeated to the delight of that one guy in the upper bowl of the audience who was mumbling "Cesaro Section? More like Jerk Section, amirite?" to himself, hoping others would hear, laugh and high-five him.

They did not.

061 RAW 01022017ej 0583--06679f5677efa829a8692dfd08e30ff1

Up next, Braun Strowman continued his obsession with how long men can last with him. Previously, Strowman had bragged that no man could last 2 minutes with him. At ROADBLOCK: BLOCK ROCKING BEATS, Sami Zayn defied the odds and won(?) their match by lasting(?) 10 minutes.

So this week, Strowman demanded a match to see just how long each man could remain erect.

3. Last Man Standing Match: Braun Strowman vs Sami Zayn.

The match opened with Sami going right for it and working his wood on Strowman.

062 RAW 01022017ls 0618--e7852cc117c5176815e35bcf73f4a4d7

After a few blows, Strowman turned the tables on Sami, by grabbing his wood and jerking it, right out of his hands!

063 RAW 01022017ej 0604--afd422cd036b69a454745758634e9bf6

Sami quickly responded though by slamming Strowman against a huge, thick pole!

066 RAW 01022017jg 0856--a2552edbc3eeb7b65bc4cf77210b9125

The two battled all over the area, hitting each other with numerous hard objects until Braun got bored and decided to end things, breaking Sami over his knee a la Batman Vs Bane and leaving him for dead.

091 RAW 01022017ej 0905--7e8a760d6d1f9a3286f350dadced7d58

Sami was quickly collected by the EMT's so that the show could continue. We assume that Braun was the winner of the match, since he lasted longest and turned Sami into a pile of warm, sticky, goo.

094 RAW 01022017ej 1155--a92807fa1a400c21f2b56c324542b5e3

Up next, perpetual smile factory Titus O'Neil came down to the ring to talk to the New Day, who were already there talking about booty, or not being booty, or the benefits of booty, or something.

095 RAW 01022017ls 1320--75a0bca530ab7b1f9ee08180636d0508

Titus, a big fan of the New Day wanted to know if they would be nice enough to let him join their organization. The New Day found this exceptionally hilarious, reminding him that their group had a "No Titus'" policy.

Confused, O'Neil then asked how that could be when they let comedian Christopher Titus in just las month.

landscape showbiz-christopher-titus

In response, Xavier Woods played "WAHMP-WHOMP" sadly on his trombone and the two decided to have a match.

096 RAW 01022017ej 1051--2f3357bcf0cfd8b9fe45df066ac0f2d5

4. Xavier Woods vs Titus O'Neil

The match itself did not last long with Woods employing his special move, Extreme Charm, within the first few minutes. Melted by Wood's killer smile, Titus had no choice but to forfeit, and slowly moved to the back, wondering aloud if anyone knew where he parked his car.

118 RAW 01022017jg 1454--139f817b8b5d235470b14b11a3bf2a2b

5. Drew Gulak vs Cedric Alexander

Continuing RAW's creepiest storyline (non-Enzo division), Drew Gulak and Cedric Alexander had a match, which was all fine and dandy until Gulak used the term "Sweetcheeks" to describe Alexander's girlfriend, Alicia Fox. This brought friend and classmate of Gulak in his "How To Talk To Chicks In A Bar" Class, Tony Nese to the ring, who tried to talk to Alicia, causing not all, but a reasonable amount of hell to break loose.

129 RAW 01022017ej 1284--09f92dbeb87d58168be848e4072a15e1

The match ended with Nese and Gulak celebrating, and heading to the back to decide which fedoras to wear on the plane home.

133 RAW 01022017ej 1360--2832419e8d5abde9460a2e94b4a8aa4a

6. United States Championship Match: Roman Reigns (c) vs Chris Jericho.

Up next, Roman Reigns trudged down to the ring, looking super disaffected and cool with his belt over his shoulder. Jericho soon joined him after sharing a moment with the WWE® Crash Cage Playset that he'll be locked in during the Universal Title match at the Royal Rumble.

135 RAW 01022017ej 1543--b8fac801ea98b7e18a493551b212846e

The match began and both men brought their A-Game. Jericho has never held the US title and Roman Reigns is the coolest man on the planet, so neither man could afford to lose this match. It was a back and forth affair filled with twists, turns, chants, high and low impact moves that saw no quarter given and none asked.

Then Jericho remembered he is very, very old and needed a quick nap.

151 RAW 01022017jg 1553--187ed582bc154d02475616041039257a

Reigns took advantage and quickly pinned him to retain the title.

157 RAW 01022017ls 2024--47cee0496777a231218480ccb0ee89b5

7. TJ Perkins vs The Brian Kendrick.

Up next, in a match that the WWE has had on repeat since the summer, TJ Perkins took on Brian Kendrick. I'll just bullet point this for you since even if you've never watched wrestling in your life, there's a good chance you've seen this match.

  • Kendrick is the man, who has possession of a plan.
  • Perkins likes video games.
  • Suplex, Kick, Punch, video game reference.
  • Perkins was friends with Kendrick and once homeless.
  • Elbow, Captain Hook, Reversal, Kendrick's last chance, yadda yadda.
  • Perkins won the match by submission with the kneebar.

Good? Ok, Moving on... Oh jeez...

175 RAW 01022017ej 1729--10005c1c68ff1ece217ab893995d6448

8. Rusev and Jinder Mahal vs Big Cass

Enzo Amore and Big Cass arrived for their match with Jinder Mahal and Rusev. Since Enzo was clearly (sigh) unable, to compete, Big Cass decided that he would take on their two opponents on his own in a... (oh come on) a Handicap match.

177 RAW 01022017ej 1741--fe2f825e2535c8b22de8f4f428c55027

Mercifully, this match was short as Rusev and Mahal beat up Cass for the win, thus bringing a happy ending to this match since before that very moment, no one in attendance could ever remember Jinder Mahal being on the winning side of a match.

192 RAW 01022017jg 2376--e47bc47e7fe96d12cb51dabe0758c7e5

9. No. 1 Contender Match: Bayley vs Nia Jax.

Next, Nia Jax and everyone's favourite person on the planet, Bayley, had a match to determine which one of them would face RAW Women's Champion Charlotte Flair at the Royal Rumble. The crowd was somewhat apprehensive as the match began. This was a match that had actual consequences after all. It furthered a story and developed characters and most people didn't know what to make of it as both women wrestled their butts off in the ring.

197 RAW 01022017ej 1764--c5074a50505b2baf22c4493f6ad88b7d

Finally, some sense of normalcy was returned to the arena, as Sasha Banks' appeared at the top of ramp, distracting Nia Jax so much that she exploded and Bayley was declared the winner.

207 RAW 01022017ej 1827--07a3ce57aa17a518a05f948656ce8194

As mentioned earlier in this report, the distraction is the deadliest move in wrestling and the crowd breathed a sign of relief to feel it's warming embrace once again.

In the happy afterglow of the match, the audience settled in. After all, it was time for the Main Event: The Kevin Owens show!

209 RAW 01022017ej 1834--5cb0456ba599471b9d91dc0779ad3c62

Co-Hosted by Best Friends Chris Jericho and the WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens, the show opened with a brief news, traffic and weather package before the hosts got down to business.

212 RAW 01022017jg 2801--9c0d6951dd8b33da973760cf7de5ec4a

Jericho announced that he would be in the Royal Rumble, with the intention of winning so that he could face his best friend, Kevin Owens, at Wrestlemania for the Universal Title. Then they could be Co-Champions together! His math seemed to line up, but unfortunately this enraged Goldberg and made him do this:

216 RAW 01022017ej 2150--6b4ccfa7cced71a5ad2946afb351fcba

Goldberg, still yelling at nothing, then began to declare that everything was "next". Owens. Jericho. The Chairs. The belt. It was all next.

221 RAW 01022017ls 2451--ba3d8c8b889d70038a043f9a43d070d9

Suddenly, Paul Heyman appeared!

223 RAW 01022017ej 1985--6bb9966318ede51f0906be4ea30f7932

Heyman reminded us that his client, BROCK LESNAR, was pretty cool, and that Goldberg shouldn't be all the way he is because, Brock. Then, without warning and presumably lost while looking for the bathroom, Roman Reigns wandered onto the stage and interrupted Heyman.

226 RAW 01022017ej 2190--b3c5cafa1a04dc225a6bac7929988e17

Damn, he looks so cool...

Anyways, the excitement wasn't anywhere close to over as the appearance of all these men in the ring summoned the human sex machine BRAUN STROWMAN.

230 RAW 01022017ls 2705--9f62dd6d8768f3ea70478e891c2423a3

Before Braun could get into how long he could make each man last, Goldberg and Reigns did that one thing that they both do and spared us all the awkwardness of me having to come up with even more sexual metaphors for Braun Strowman moves.

231 RAW 01022017jg 2786--35f6bbc8707f75fbb54c6f3e4ccaed5d

To end the show, Goldberg, age 50, decided to flex to make all of us who are younger and flabbier than him question what we've done with our lives.

232 RAW 01022017ls 2722--3a483d436abcd601e4089ece3475a655

See you next time when the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels take centre stage, and no, that's not a joke about 50+ year old wrestlers. They will actually be there. Welcome to 2017!


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