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WINNER - Most Maddening Moment of the Year - 2016

Written by Zechs on Friday, January 06 2017 and posted in Features

WINNER - Most Maddening Moment of the Year - 2016

What irked you the most this year as a fan in 2016? Come on! Was it really that surprising?


Huh... With over 796 votes total surpassing last year, I guess we truly all hated 2016. Yes, this year truly had some horrid moments both in and out of the geek culture. I guess it was all the grand sacrifice just so Young Justice could have a Season 3. Happy with all this maddening moments to reach that point?

So, here are the four runner ups before I reveal the WINNER of THE MOST MADDENING MOMENT OF 2016!!! Starting off the fury-laden is one that is so close to the staff here:


#5 Jude Terror betrays the Outhouse and sells out to Bleeding Cool. TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!! (42 votes)

EXXXCLUSIVE: Outhouse Writer Sells Out, Jumps Ship to Greatest Competitor

REPORT: All Quiet on the Comics Front


Yes, we here at the Outhouse experienced a personal betrayal near the end of the year. Jude Terror, the man who ruffled so many feathers, decided to ruffle our own. Selling his sold to Bleeding Cool to that dirty son of a bitch Vince McMahonRicch Johnston Nowadays Mr. Terror continuing to ruffle feathers there and the forums. 

If there is any plus to this year is that this will mean that Jude and Ricch will probably have to physically meet up at conventions to cover them. Which means the two of them together will be a hundred times more entertaining to watch then whatever news that will befall. Unless of course it means that the two of them will tag team whatever poor fool in their way. This also means one more thing if you haven't noticed.




It's so easy to megalomania with no checks or balances to me. 

#4 Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice/Marvel's Treatment of the X-Men and Fantastic Four Properties. (44 votes)


'Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice' Video Review

Being Arrested for Sex During Batman v. Superman Screening Second Worst Thing to Happen Couple That Day

Batman v. Superman So Bad it Drove Composer Hans Zimmer into Retirement

 Marvel to Bring Back Cyclops Just to Kill Him Again in Death of X

 Durnkin Reveewz: Death of X #4

Improbable Previews: Death of X #1


Huh... this one surprises even me that Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice being THE cinematic blight this year for folks (personally for me any of the DC Animated movie fare this year stunk). Now I REALLY HATED Man of Steel. Maybe so much bad cinema dulled me enough or I had so much low expectations that I could only look at the positives. Not to mention I was sick as fuck when I did see it. 

The same can not be said of Ali Jaffery who bravely tried to see the movie as many times he could with the BvS theater pass as many times he could. He tapped out after day 11 of seeing the movie. I really do get the faults of the movie after seeing it a second time given I had to run the hell out during the Knightmare sequence because of being sick at that time. 


Still, it was tied with another! Namely Marvel's pathetic treatment of X-Men and Fantastic Four properties. Basically, after their swan song in Secret Wars, the team disbanded and well all we have is Dr. Doom getting an ongoing, Johnny Storm being an Avenger with the Thing being a Guardian of the Galaxy for about a few minutes, and that's it.


Sadly, it equally was a bad year if you were a fan of the X-Men when it came with comics. Mostly lackluster runs and it all culminated with Death of X, which brought Cyclops back only to kill him in the event. We currently have an event where the X-Men are 100% right and we have our next entry being 100% in the wrong here. Which leaves me too...


#3 Marvel continuing to try and shove the Inhumans down our throats. (45 Votes)

 Marvel Continues To Push Inhumans To Spite Fox

Marvel Sending Inhumans Into Space In New Royals Ongoing

Beast to Identify as Uncanny Inhuman in All-New All-Different Marvel NOW!

NYCC: Mean Kevin Feige to Cancel Inhumans Movie to Spite Ike Perlmutter According to Bleeding Cool Rumor

Wannabe X-Men Get Wannabe Movie as Inhumans TV Show Comes to IMAX


Yes, we were a single vote away from a THREE-WAY TIE! Thankfully, someone voted a single time to make sure that didn't happen! Because they REALLY hated the Inhumans more! Marvel just won't learn will they? No matter how many times they're trying it. They continue to force the Inhumans down our throats and we as fans aren't taking it. It's the "Roman Reigns effect". Shoving unliked products down our throats till we accept it as a part of life.

We aren't accepting it Marvel. Though with an Inhumans show on the horizon looks like they just don't realize this fact yet either. 




#2 Eddie Berganza still has a job at DC Comics. (63 Votes)


DC Restructures Vertigo, Fires Shelly Bond, Provokes Naming of "Open Secret" Sexual Harasser in Upper Management [UPDATED]

BREAKING: CBR Forum Threads About Eddie Berganza Mysteriously Gone Missing [UPDATED]

Geoff Johns Finally Addresses Elephant in Room at DC

Didio Flees Twitter in Wake of Eddie Berganza Scandal

Oopsy! Newsarama Accidentally Leaves Question About Sexual Harassment Out of In Depth Interview With DC Execs

Tweets Spur Action as DC Comics Investigates New Sexual Harassment Claims [UPDATED]

DC Comics Holds All Staff Meeting, Issues Statement About Sexual Harassment


DC Comics in comics didn't really have a stupid year for the most part (unless you count their movies, but that's probably more on Warner Bros. than themselves). They kept it mostly clean. Save for ONE tiny and still current fact. That as of today Eddie Berganza, is still currently employed at DC as editor of Superman books.  

After so many complaints, various fiascos with other sites removing stuff or not asking the burning questions. All we get in the end is DC restructuring their sexual harassment policy and Eddie Berganza still an employee at the company. That's all.

Ah boy...

With that in mind, really what could top that? Well, what else could it have been? Come on! What else could it be? 


#1 Civil War II: Electric Boogaloo (77 votes)


Marvel Shocker: Bendis Blames Newborn Baby for Civil War 2 Delays, Adds Extra Issue

Marvel Adds Another Civil War 2 Tie-In Because Why the Hell Not?

Marvel Shocker: Civil War 2 Delayed Again in Development No One Saw Coming

And After All of That, Marvel Spoiled Their Own Big Civil War Death in the Daily News Hours Before the Book Came Out

Riri Williams is Marvel's New Iron Man (Oh Yeah Civil War 2 Spoilers)

EXXXCLUSIVE: Marvel Executive Speaks on Civil War #2 Return, Prophecy (SPOILERS)

 Civil War 2 #3 Promises More Meaningless Character Death(s)

So, Um, Here's a Trailer for Marvel's Next Dumb Super-Mega-Crossover Event

In Incredible Investigative Report, Website Predicts Civil War 2 Character Deaths

Son of a-- Civil War 2 FCBD Leaks Online

Civil War 2 Tie-ins to be "Opt In"

We Told You This Would Happen: Civil War 2 #1 is $5.99

C2E2: Marvel Reveals "Choosing Sides," Buttload of Tie-Ins You'll Need to Read to Understand Civil War 2


Last year, the VERY announcement of this event put it at #3.  So already I had a feeling this would be up there. Lo and behold, Civil War II won. Is it surprising? No, given event fatigue at Marvel was came in at #6 (41 votes). Yet, people bought it, and fell for it. 

Currently, the most cash-in of all events Marvel has put out, and boy was it one from the top down. If there is something truly ill plaguing Marvel THIS event can be pointed as the great example. Meaningless character death, horrible writing, continuity errors galore, delays, an extra issue added, lead-in to another goddamn event (really events), the central character, Ulysses, leaving after the event (probably dying en route never to be used again), spoilers leaking of the comic early, and the ending spoiled months before it ever event finished. 

I could talk more about it. But I did my ranting and raving about it with the final issue. Civil War II truly earned the ire it was built. Now with it finished, it can be added in the pantheon of bad stories that you only recommend or give if you want to hurt someone. 

 So there you have it. What will 2017 hold for us? We shall see. As always, I will be hiding in the shadows taking notes and putting as much maddening moments for next year's tally. 

Until then... 

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