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The Bottom Rope Report: RAW (1.9.17)

Written by Jeff Moss on Wednesday, January 11 2017 and posted in Features

The Bottom Rope Report: RAW (1.9.17)

This week on RAW, we get 1.5 title matches, performance reviews and the returns of HB and The Undertaker! (no, this is not an episode from 1996).

Source: WWE

Last week on WWE Monday Night RAW: The Debut Episode of The Kevin Owens show, featuring Chris Jericho, Goldberg, Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman who ate a double spear after murdering Sami Zayn for relatively no reason. Titus O'Neil tried to join the New Day (who were dicks about it) and MICK FOLEY GOT A HAIRCUT!


118 RAW 01092017jg 1108--00f37406747cfe40e30f52f2ab0a8fc3

Anyway, the show began with something the audience was really looking forward to: PERFORMANCE REVIEWS!


Stephanie McMahon wanted to give Mick Foley his 2016 job review, but before she could get into it, she was interrupted by Seth Rollins. Seth, having heard an unnecessary conversation, felt the need to pick that moment to let everyone know that he plans to be in the Royal Rumble. Before the cheers could die down from that though, Braun Strowman entered the room, looking for Goldberg or Roman Reigns or JBL or something. So, Seth did everything he could to make the segment even worse, by attacking Strowman for absolutely no reason.


While the dust settled from that, Roman Reign's music hit in the area and he cooly made his way to the ring, all like "yeah, it's cool. I'm cool."

001 RAW 01092017cm 0329--7a4f2c0290ebe57bf71e36ab0fac6d06

Reigns was scheduled to defend his coveted US Title in a handicap match against Universal Champion Kevin Owens and His Best Friend, Chris Jericho. As the match began though, they were joined by Braun Strowman who had gotten lost on his way to the concession stand for an iced tea.

006 RAW 01092017hm 0296--43dd681d590f858cd239671d96d8463a

Seth Rollins, not wanting to miss out on this amazing match, ran to the ring hoping there was still a good place to put his chair.

009 RAW 01092017cm 0366--b779144282639b12318651b4cfe39b15

There was, much to Braun's dismay:

012 RAW 01092017jg 0031--b6442fee29eb45cb8d0feeb6686657ed

This heinous groinal assault brought Stephanie McMahon out form the back, music and all!

016 RAW 01092017cm 0379--ddf9ac9d0a34b28f69b46940511abb93

Stephanie threw out the Reigns/Jericho/Owens US title match, preferring to have it close the show instead as the main event. In it's place, she insisted that Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman duke it out for her amusement.

So, about forty-seven minutes into she show, we got our first official match of the night:

1. Braun Strowman vs. Seth Rollins

Strowman gained the upper hand early in the match when he attempted to split Seth in half, wishbone style.

018 RAW 01092017hm 0448--c189bb6e7cbe918b110fd59f3df8190b

When later asked what he would wish for, Strowman, horrified, said "You can't say! Then it won't come true!"

Back in the match, Seth decided to take his nickname, "Crossfit Jesus" just a little to seriously and climbed the ring post in an attempt to die for all mankind's sins.

035 RAW 01092017cm 0690--b38278f820a39a2cee26d04464304162

He did and we were redeemed! Braun then claimed the body as his prize.

037 RAW 01092017cm 0693--f17922474fbb6acbc6c85a9fb1aa41f4

The match was awarded to Strowman via countout as he dragged Seth to the back to skin him, stuff him and mount him on the locker room wall.

042 RAW 01092017hm 0731--42f862d4065371cfeec40b236c8069f8

2. Jack Galla-her vs. Drew Gulak

Next, a Cruiserweight division match, featuring Actual Ghost Jack Galla-her taking on Drew Gulak!

044 RAW 01092017cm 0795--5be57715c8a856a605042bbb17620a84

Whoops, wrong Drew. That's Drew Brees, Quarterback of the tremendously mediocre New Orleans Saints. He attended RAW with with his Offensive Line (pictured in front of him).

043 RAW 01092017jg 0191--0db4843397b6e4fd3d0e5e9f63a3f706

Ah, here we go. THAT's Drew Gulak.

Gulak and Galla-her went back and forth until Galla-her, utilizing his paranormal talents, decided to enter the Upside Down and leave Gulak in the dust. Not quite sure how to take that, the Ref awarded the match to Galla-her and then quickly laid down protection runes to keep him at bay.

After a brief commercial break and multiple show recaps, WWE Legend HBK, Shawn Michaels, The Heartbreak Kid, The Show-stopper, Mr. Wrestlemania, came to the ring!

058 RAW 01092017hm 0915--03c7d4d349bca4c138533294674cba9b

Shawn was here for one very special reason. As the crowd chanted "one more match" and drank up every movement of this sight-for-sore-eyes veteran performer, Shawn went on to talk, at length, about the new movie he's in, a documentary about the band Bush called The Resurrection of Gavin Rossdale.

14708161 1220007468060328 2707850087090086498 n1

Oh, no, wait... that's much, much worse...

Anyway, just as he was getting to the (allegedly) good part, HBK was interrupted by Rusev, Jinder Mahal and Lana. In what was the only genuinely funny moment of the night, Rusev asked HBK to use CGI and put Lana in his movie, just like they did in that "really bad Star Wars movie."

062 RAW 01092017jg 0472--601b253258ff6b2b21075ae97f392a16

Hearing something funny happening and wanting to make damn sure it didn't happen again, Enzo Amore and Big Cass appeared and, y'know said some stuff. I wasn't paying attention. I kinda glazed over to be honest.

065 RAW 01092017hm 0877--bbcd8a62899b2a23d30613a2c6b09852

Anyway, Cass challenged Rusev to a match and Rusev said "Naaaaaah." But, Jinder Mahal was there, so they figured he'd do.

3. Big Cass vs. Jinder Mahal

The match went as expected, with Big Cass Big Cassing all over Jinder while Enzo bounced, Lana remained pretty and everyone wondered why Rusev wasn't doing something else. Shawn took the opportunity to try and sell some movie tickets to ringside fans.

076 RAW 01092017hm 1250--b7ca542911826cb5328dfd56ab14119f

A return to the Crusierwieghts was next as human Dorothy The Dinosaur Lince Dorado took on angry Hobbit Neville.

077 RAW 01092017cm 1432--ecef7cb61be470c86a3b571902a7e312

4. Neville vs. Lince Dorado

Neville easily defeated Dorado by shifting Lince's mask slightly so he couldn't see. This enraged casual observer and Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann who promised to get really mad and dance a lot in protest.

096 RAW 01092017cm 1419--66df32ed46e4de1566b4323cf972b46c

Since we're counting, the fifth match of the night featured the inverse of last week's match of the same players. This time though, it was Sheamus looking to avenge his tag team partner Cesaro's loss last week against Karl Anderson, by beating Anderson's partner, Luke Gallows. Sound complicated? It wasn't

099 RAW 01092017cm 1606--f6a0117882879987d459b8690f50adad

5. Sheamus vs. Luke Gallows

The two big men hit each other a bunch of times as big men do. Up at the commentary table though, Sheamus' partner Cesaro, fresh from prom, had decided to sit in on commentary. Suddenly, he felt something scurrying around his feet. Reaching down he discovered Karl Anderson hiding under the table! Cesaro happily caught him like a Pokemon, and since he was able to wrangle him into a Karl Anderson Ball, he was able to keep him!

115 RAW 01092017cm 1729--e0b246d399fd8ddbf4c278164f577ae8

This distracted Gallows long enough for Sheamus to score the pin, setting up an inevitable Tag Team Championship match that The Club will lose.

110 RAW 01092017cm 1643--817a86a9a6676fd1447ec560601f88e6

Sheamus and Cesaro then high-elbowed, because they are cool, awesome bros like that.

117 RAW 01092017cm 1657--cf64ff5c756a1967e8827274c95c020f

Moving on, the second massive veteran return of the night: The Undertaker! But first, Mick Foley and Stephanie had to come to the ring and be dazzled by the bright lights.

123 RAW 01092017hm 1818--e221d048eee3befb49a2b44e4db59e10

The arena then went dark and the tolling of a familiar bell was heard as the Deadman appeared at the top of the ramp!

124 RAW 01092017cm 2060--bd827119bc1d0c4004a97306739eb257

Thirty-six minutes later, The Undertaker made it to the ring.

Stephanie hastily woke up Mick, who had curled up like a cat in the centre of ring. Foley handed his old Foe a microphone. Undertaker raised it to his lips and spoke:

129 RAW 01092017jg 1277--0275ff173954f709176e879266377db7

"I... answer to... no man. I go... where I... want, when... I want. I will.. win... the Royal... Rumble... and... return to... the... main... event... of Wres...tle...Man...ia."

Then he left, saluting the audience on his way out.

133 RAW 01092017cm 2299--4535f396e542bc0ac52ae7a1c2021aef

Up next was a tag match featuring the talented members of the Women's Division! In the last year, Women's Wrestling has really taken a step up, coming out of the limitations of the "Diva" era and showcasing a new, bold style of women's wrestling tha—


um... right. But the match! Yes, the match is where you really see these ladies show of their skills!

135 RAW 01092017hm 2334--9b365ddd9692a74c5f529cc6cf1e1ba5

6. Nia Jax and Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley and Sasha Banks

OK, but—

138 RAW 01092017cm 2431--88bf0de2a9125020a73f17b8b068c734

(Sigh) Anyway, Charlotte and Nia won.

149 RAW 01092017cm 2497--51faffa88c68dfad451fcf0ff4ef32ac

After that was over, In an attempt to make things right between them, The New Day came to the ring and invited Titus O'Neil out to talk about last week.

154 RAW 01092017jg 1595--3a519d6a61f9ef7ecd8f63a94e0916bf

Titus asked for another chance to join the group and like the elitist, Mean Girls that they are, The New Day took the chance to point out Titus' failings and mock him for them. Titus, showing some sense of pride for the first time in years, took offence, leading to:

7. Kofi Kingston vs. Titus O'Neil

The match was fast paced and saw both men resulting to high-risk maneuvers to try and gain the upper hand. Back and fort it went until, as with all good wrestling matches, the bout was ultimately decided by skilled use of a trombone. New Day's Xavier woods looked up from his Nintendo DS long enough to hit Titus with the instrument. This allowed Kofi to score the pinfall and the New Day stood over the fallen Titus, being sure to rub salt in his wounds like the good guys they are.

169 RAW 01092017jg 1749--22737c56be9cbc3260e7866f9e73a28e

Finally, with Braun Strowman properly distracted, skinning and preserving Seth Rollins in a horse trailer back stage, it was time for the main event.

8. WWE United States Championship Match: Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns (Take II)

Reigns, strode to the ring, even cooler than before.

170 RAW 01092017hm 2922--bda339364241e91b703b4d1d81a1d532

The few hours in between matches had really done him some good and he was fresh, soaking wet and ready for the match. Owens and Jericho followed next, entering past the WWE® Crash Cage Playset that he'll be locked in during the Universal Title match at the Royal Rumble.

171 RAW 01092017cm 3085--4a1b4061d69dfba54d49cfcea0b878bf

The match began very unexpectedly when Reigns revealed that he had developed the power of Levitation! He used his newfound Force magic to send Jericho spinning high into the air!

178 RAW 01092017hm 2950--1d90f3b8e6e5febea5aeeb7d7407021b

However, Reigns forgot that when using cartoon magic, what goes up, must come down and Jericho managed to land right on top him, successfully getting the pin!

183 RAW 01092017hm 2972--55e2771dd8de9d46e8f70cda4b87fb2a

Kevin Owens, who really didn't have to do anything after all, Celebrated with his Best Friend and new US Champion, Chris Jericho! The show ended on a classy, black and white freeze frame like a good 80's sitcom.

192 RAW 01092017hm 3017--2196f4b66c66c256f8c0f67b643283bd

Next Week on WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW: Maybe something big will happen! It's possible... I mean Triple H will be home from the UK... and maybe D'lo Brown will come back?* Be here next week to find out!!

*He won't.


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