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The Bottom Rope Report: Smackdown Live (1.10.17)

Written by Jeff Moss on Thursday, January 12 2017 and posted in Features

The Bottom Rope Report: Smackdown Live (1.10.17)

Yellow Lantern Rings! WCW Stars! Talk Shows! Punching! Smackdown Live!

Source: WWE

Last week on WWE Smackdown Live: We had a rip-snortin' main event that crowned a new Intercontinental Champion, Dean Ambrose! Dolph Ziggler took a left turn at "Good Guy" and entered "Bad Guy" territory while John Cena's face continued to run the place and he has the contract to prove it!

This week on WWE Smackdown Live:

As per Union rule 2375 that says "All Wrestling Shows with 'S' in the title must begin with a fake talk show," The show began with Dean Ambrose's Ambrose Asylum. Since Dean can only talk to one other wrestler per month (In accordance with Union Rule 2376), his guest was The Miz.

006 SD 01102017jg 0023--523b39e77d45e7a06859d20d6c51156e

The two chatted about the weather, what they were doing on the weekend, mentioned that they both were entering the Royal Rumble, y'know, general small talk. Then, The Miz demanded that Ambrose return the IC Championship to him! Dean queried "So, what, like, in a match...?" to which Miz replied "No... just give it to me..." Then they awkwardly stood in the ring for seventeen minutes.

Then Dean presented Miz with an autographed picture of WCW's Johnny B. Badd (aka WWF's Marvelous Marc Mero).

012 SD 01102017jg 0092--0ed777303383e0f449bc98aee6c3323e

Miz responded to that as anyone else would have.

015 SD 01102017cm 0022--eb168f36fcb15a1443547df187d868bf

And thats how we left things as Smackdown live entered it's first commercial break. Upon returning from said break, Natalya and Nikki Bella were scheduled to have a match, but both were so impressed by the opening segment that they decided to do their best impression of it right then and there!

022 SD 01102017cm 0376--521721c8943a5e51b899a5153cef30ae

030 SD 01102017jg 0152--faea0d07f52897a8f146f1ee43746572

This continued until the referees came out and asked them take it to the back, because the first match of the night was about to begin.

040 SD 01102017cm 0583--454b5c61147061bd8cb39aea587aa9a2

1. Kalisto vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler knew that Kalisto was in over his head in taking him on, so he decided to use the time to try out some new material for his Stand-Up Comedy routine. Ziggler loves comedy and in fact used to date comedian Amy Schumer.


Dolph's act often touched on real-life issues and situations like politics and racial discrimination...

043 SD 01102017cm 0594--859edd3f1cd04f786941b68fade3de34

To more observational fare...

049 SD 01102017hm 0646--bc39aff8ee8584e417f424129e599ec1

Unfortunately, no one found Dolph's jokes as funny as he did, except Apollo Crews who came rushing to the ring to tell him so. Dolph tried to set up a chair to give Crews a front-row seat to the remainder of his set. Sadly, he ended up getting too excited and instead clobbering Apollo with said chair.

061 SD 01102017jg 0291--cf96736a967453ef2f7750880de41b1b

We'll have to tune in next week to see if Crews takes it sitting down...

...Before that though, the Tag Titles are on the line!

072 SD 01102017jg 0415--3b76790ee8a086dc8f2fe1f5e3d71152

2. Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: American Alpha (c) vs The Wyatt Family (and Randy)

Chad Gable and Jason Jordan are the current tag team champions and that don't sit right with Old Man Wyatt and his zany crew! The match went pretty well for American Alpha with Gable taking most of the punishment while Jordan took the win for the team after is was revealed he had the power of flight!

077 SD 01102017hm 1124--ae8500837fe154f1d194dc6e78281651

078 SD 01102017jg 0425--2985a7ece093186096627c9b9aa4ccad

Disappointed in his team's loss, Randy Orton took the moment to express his feelings about the situation to Luke Harper OUT OF NOWHERE.

088 SD 01102017jg 0362--de7e8d46bc48affff0893803cdcfa430

Bray was having none of it though, reminding Randy that he signed on to be part of this family for a really long list of reasons so compelling and so interesting that I won't bother listing them here.

094 SD 01102017jg 0390--24aa21416bde0bcaa2fe153fab7595ca

Moving along, next up Carmella came to the ring with her paramour, human jujube James Ellsworth to take on the dreaded LOCAL TALENT.

097 SD 01102017hm 1355--940add053b2421d8c590b45b59de60a4

3. Carmella vs Local Talent

Supposedly, LOCAL TALENT's real name is "Thunderkitty," but that seems just a little to reasonable to be true. Commentator 1 of 7, Mauro Ranallo, tried to make up a name for her quickly on the spot, but Commentator 3 of 7, JBL, just kept calling her "Millie Burke" who we assume was an aunt or cousin or something.

Anyway, James Ellsworth slithered into the ring to give Carmella the assist and LOCAL TALENT ended up losing by submission.

108 SD 01102017hm 1401--6a02a42e958ac662f707b73fd8d4638c

She was last seen at the LOCAL BUS STATION headed back to her LOCAL PLACE OF RESIDENCE to get dinner ready for her LOCAL FAMILY.

Finally, just before the Main Event, WWE Champion AJ Styles joined the commentary team, ballooning it's numbers to double digits.

111 SD 01102017jg 0544--a584dc530e4df60c815f5f27574e8cfc

4. John Cena vs Baron Corbin

Corbin tried to get the jump on Cena at the beginning of the match by using his newly-acquired Yellow Lantern Ring to wear him down.

115 SD 01102017jg 0588--ae36d2333f884318ee75472deed49cc6

Corbin then turned the power of Fear to AJ Styles, but his aim was off and he ended up hitting the WWE Championship belt, deflecting the beam an hitting an old man! The crowd was stunned, but not so stunned they couldn't take pictures.

116 SD 01102017jg 0590--4c369327029b6e17a31431cf6a1fcf52

While Corbin burst out laughing and Styles carefully checked his Belt for scratches, Cena unleashed the POWER OF JORTS and hit Corbin with a 5-Knuckle Shuffle, STFU, and Attitude Adjustment all at once for the victory!

130 SD 01102017cm 1485--0a846b0a1644c369dea30d5564b4e217

Styles then jumped up on the announce table, holding his WWE Championship high in the air for all to see, as if to say "Hey guys, it's cool. The belt's fine. It'll be in top condition when I hand it to you at the Royal Rumble, John."

131 SD 01102017jg 0599--94207ab36935ad5ba9bb68eecfc44c66

Cena responded by showing Styles the sweet autographed picture of WCW's Johnny B. Badd (aka WWF's Marvelous Marc Mero) that the Miz had spontaneously (re)gifted to him in the back before the match.

132 SD 01102017jg 0604--62aed38e833dbd63463589aa3bd8bb96

Next Week On WWE Smackdown Live: I can't say for sure, but I'm going to guess that Natalya and Nikki will fight, Ambrose and Miz will talk and Cena and Styles will engage in some kind of confrontation in which they almost kiss.



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