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Outhouse Roundtable: It's Hammer Time!

Written by Royal Nonesuch on Monday, May 09 2011 and posted in Features

Now that The Odinson is a bonafide movie star, the Nerds of the Roundtable reflect on their favorite Thor moments!

In Outhouse Roundtable, Royal Nonesuch gathers the writing staff of The Outhouse to get to know where they stand in the landscape of comic book fandom. The formula is simple: one question, a joyous multitude of answers.

Week 7: What are some of your favorite Thor moments?

Royal Nonesuch:

Thor was always one of my favorite Marvel characters, so this is a list that could envelope Asgard itself. I'll stick to just a couple. The first one that comes to mind is when he finally shows up in Roger Stern and John Buscema's "Under Siege" story in Avengers. As I read each issue, I kept wondering "but when is Thor going to get here? Thor can save them all!" I kept waiting for him, hoping that he'd show up. Sure, the Masters of Evil, which now included The Wrecking Crew, had gotten the drop on Hercules, but he was just too boozy to even know where he was. Thor would show up and kick ass, right? He's Thor! When he finally did show up, I was at the peak of my anticipation. It was just perfectly times for me. I couldn't wait for him any longer. Sure, Dr. Druid turned out to basically be the hero of that story, but somehow, when Thor got there, my young self knew the Avengers would be ok.

On a lighter note, I recently enjoyed Thor's reaction when he first sees MODOC in the great Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes TV show. It cracked me up how shocked he was at the very appearance of that monstrous weirdo. "It's like a frost giant's head on the body of an infant!" Just hilarious.


My favorite Thor moment is from JLA/Avengers. I loved seeing Thor take on Superman. Granted he lost, but it was still a monumental moment. I don't have many favorite moments as I don't follow Thor very much. Most of my favorite moments are times he's done cool things in The Avengers, or in crossover events. I liked after he was "reborn" when he pretty much called Tony Stark out on everything he had done since Thor died.

I also really love Thor in Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes, its probably the first time I can say that Thor is one of my favorite characters.

Eli Katz:10-1

My favorite Thor moment is from The Defenders #10 (1973). Hulk and Thor are locked -- and I mean locked -- in battle in this ish. Hulk grabs Thor's hand, Thor grabs Hulk's wrist, and the two stand in this deadlocked hold for an hour. This is godly power. This is kick-ass grit. This is unflinching courage. This is why Thor is awesome. And the standoff doesn't end until Dr. Strange intervenes and calms the situation. Oh, and the cover for this issue is one of John Romita's best.

J.M. Hunter:

My favorite Thor moment was when he felt he had to slap a bitch in Sif, then got owned by Odin, and from there on, henceforth he'd be known and shown as pudgy drunken Thor. Hank Pym fans can rejoice as there's a new wife-beater in town! The scene I'm talking about takes place in Guardians of the Galaxy #42. It stars Woden Thorson.


"Ultron, we would have words with thee"

Nuff' said.


Some of my favorite Thor moments happen kind of recently. I think the Avengers: Disassembled "Ragnarok" storyline was pretty much perfect and was a fitting end to the God of Thunder. Obviously, Thor wasn't retired forever and we get some more great scenes with him. Chief of these was pretty much the entirety of Siege. Even watching him fall to Osborn's Initiative forces was impressive because it showed you what kind of force Asgard was facing when the strongest of them is taken down so brutally. When Thor kills the Sentry/Void, you get a nice sense of his power. That Thor gets to destroy his own clone, Ragnarok, in the aftermath is icing on the cake.

But I don't want to just keep this in the last five years. I have some fond memories of Dan Jurgens and John Romita Jr. on the late nineties book. His journey to find the residents of fallen Asgard is a fun, old school tale that I enjoyed the hell out of. I also loved when Walt Simonson took over the Heroes Reborn Avengers book and brought in his own Thor even though Rob Liefeld had already introduced the God of Thunder. It was awesome seeing them interact.

Written or Contributed by: Royal Nonesuch

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