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Dallas Fan Expo: #DCMetal Event

Written by Chad Tucker on Sunday, April 02 2017 and posted in Features

Dallas Fan Expo: #DCMetal Event

DC Comics' Didio, Snyder, Capullo, and Lee come to Texas to discuss their most original idea yet, a company-wide Summer Crossover Event centered on Batman.

Source: #DCMetal

Unfortunately I was unable to attend this event in person due to medical issues, but I couldn't resist the temptation to join the Facebook live chat. I have compiled a transcript of the events I witnessed below. But Be forewarned that things that you see can not be unseen. The names were not changed to protect the innocent, because no one is innocent. None of what you will see written below is fictitious.


12:58- Dc starts showcasing random screenshots of various comic art two minutes before the show.

1:00- Dan Didio takes the stage and begins patting himself on the back about Rebirth and Justice League/Suicide Squad. Now that he brought back familiar characters he wants new ideas. Sounds ominous. 

1:02- Dan Didio introduces Jim Lee and Scott Snyder. He's talking about Dark Days: The Forge. It's a two-part story that sets up the upcoming summer event. The second part is Dark Days: The Casting. Scott Snyder is claiming this event has been teased throughout his entire run with Greg Capullo. This story spans everything from the source wall all the way to Gotham City. It's got John Romita Jr. and Andy Kubert involved. He makes it sound like a total mindfuck.

1:07- Dan Didio turns to Jim Lee. I can't hear what Dan is saying, because he doesn't have a microphone. Jim Lee is talking about how this story ties into our worst fears regarding our favorite characters. He's using a lot of words like "Groundbreaking" and "Game-changing" while offering nothing of substance about the story.

1:09- Dan introduces Greg Capullo. Scott is talking about taking a break with Greg and how they wanted to try something new like a Batman event. Greg seals their Bro-love with a kiss. He is celebrating the fans willingness to support them trying new things. He says the spirit of Greg is "Metal" and the foundation of this story is forging "metal". Batman is discovering a secret hidden in the dawn of human history involving Nth Metal. Batman will travel everywhere in the DC universe to solve this mystery. Scott and Greg Capullo seem very happy with this story. Scott has been vetting this story for a year.

1:13- Dan Didio is super excited about the art but not as excited as Greg Capullo is later. You'll see. 

1:14- Back to Scott, and he loves events. Apparently, the Dark in the title is a thank you for the fans support and is not meant to be a dark story. It is also a reference to Batman being the dark night. If you're unfamiliar with the character, he's very upbeat. Dark Days is a homage to the kind of events Scott loves, and includes dinosaurs with Lasers. I'm not making this up. Even Jim Lee seemed surprised by that one.

1:16- Scott's talking about how this is going to bring back characters that will surprise us. What he really wants Metal to be new, and bring back old characters in a new way. Jim Lee clarifies the Dinosaurs have lasers that cut people in half. Now Jim is talking about how important the trust is between Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman.

1:19- Scott thinks the DC creators are a close-knit bunch. He wants the event to be big enough that creator can tell his own stories inside the event. Apparently, there are going to be a lot of characters and settings you wouldn't expect.

1:20: Didio wants to know what characters Greg is excited to draw. Greg loves Batman and hates team books, so an event should be a good fit. Greg likes to draw laying on the floor in his underwear. You're welcome for that mental image. Greg is excited to be back with Scott Snyder, and thinks his writing is made of gold. Greg feels that with Scott he is a living Legend. Greg feels the pressure of greatness means they need to bring their A game. It's going to be the "very biggest story" they have ever worked on. He promises this event will melt your face off.

1:24: Scott addresses Greg Capullo's concerns about his insecurities. Scott thinks it's better to enjoy what you do. Greg says Scott is not a jerk and gives him the freedom to draw what he wants, and is even willing to rewrite scenes around the art. Greg enjoys the freedom as it allows him to bring stories that blow your mind. Scott is willing to continue as long as he feels he had good stories. Scott does not lie when he says this will be the best story, according to Greg. Scott stresses that this story has it's foundation in Batman, but will soon encompass the entire DCU. Apparently, this story is a fresh look at Batman and then blows it out into more opportunities.

1:28- Jim Lee wants to know why Didio is not behind the podium. Now Jim is inside Didio's head. Didio is talking about the excellent organization of DC, and the high level of effort they are putting into this. Jim call's it a joint effort, and thinks the creators are all working together to craft a great story. Jim always comes up with the most painful way to hurt Batman, and Scott chooses the most creative. Jim calls this fun., and is really looking forward to it.

1:31- Scott Snyder says this arc goes all the way back to the Court of Owls, and is steeped in Batman mythology. He says it is also a collaboration with Dan Jurgens on Superman, and Greg Rucka on wonder woman. Greg Capullo feels his style Varies depending on what he's doing, but he loves Batman. Greg likes to draw from the heart.

1:33- Dan Didio points out this is Scott's first big event. Scott feels that an event is meant to be celebratory. "Look at all these great characters" he says while big changes are happening. He calls the event a love letter to the DCU and it's fans.

1:35- Dan Dido is excited to do the first Batman centered line-wide crossover event in DC history, because we need more Batman. Jim lee finds it a challenge to work with two other artists on a huge event. Jim is willing to be paid in Carrots and Berries. He's stressing the freedom they are giving artists.

1:37- Scott is appreciating the editors for not interfering with his work. He really loves working at DC.

1:38- Jim is talking about how Scott works in three dimensions so the artists can focus on the visuals. He describes Scott's writing like Star Trek chess.

1:39- Dan Didio is talking about how Greg Capullo and Jim Lee worked on X-men. Greg says this event will be bigger than X-Cutioners Song. Greg says this event is making his nipples hard. You are also welcome for that mental image. 

1:40- Dan Didio says the foundation of the line is better than it's ever been. Scott really wants this to be a bonkers Batman event that is a lot of fun. Because that sounds like Batman

1:41- Greg Capullo thinks this event is really going to open doors for other stories. Jim Lee encourages other artists to get good and take his job.

1:42- Jim has never done a crossover event of this magnitude, but recalls turning Psylocke Asian. Always a good sign.

1:43 Dark Days: The Forge comes out in June. Dark Days: The Casting will hit stands in July. The Metal event will happen in August if it's not delayed. Dan Didio thanks the audience and turns the video feed off.




Well that was certainly an interesting show to watch. As always please feel free to comment, complain, or randomly post links of articles that are critical of DC below. See you on the other side!

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