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C2E2 2017: A Look Back

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, April 26 2017 and posted in Features

C2E2 2017: A Look Back

C2E2 was this past weekend and Zechs does his usual look back at what went on during the event and interviews with of the creator of Silver, Stephan Franck and the creator of Liberty Deception, Travis Vengroff.

Another year, another C2E2. The biggest midwest comic con only got bigger this year. 2017 is no exception. A con where you had

The biggest midwest comic con only got bigger this year. 2017 is no exception. A con where you had Stan Lee's final and Frank Miller's first appearances at C2E2. You knew things were going to get crazy and boy howdy did they! Seriously, a friend of mine went midday to the convention on Saturday only to find out that all the McCormick Place Parking Lots were full up and had to be routed to Soldier's Field. Now, I have no idea of the official numbers, but it sure as felt that many people frequented the convention on the weekend. 

Yes, the convention tries the damnest it can to make sure there's a lot of spacing. But holy hell is the convention getting damn big. I mean seriously my survival guide in doing this con are these five rules every single year:

#1 Plan accordingly, and never look forward to everything. Random events or a massive swarm of people WILL prevent you from seeing some panels. Enjoy what you can.

#2 Bring loads of bottled cold water (even though the staff supplies you with gallons of water to drink).

#3 Get there as early as possible all three days.

#4 Wear light clothing because eventually, that convention floor will get hot as heck.

#5 Monday just sleep in because con coma will smack you across the face hard if you don't. How hard? Jude Terror betraying the Outhouse hard. 

I followed each and every one and the enjoyed the living hell out of the convention. Yes, I didn't see every panel I wanted, most notably the Lucha Underground one. As much as I wanted to see it, forces beyond my control prevented me from attending it. So oh well. 

I did attend a few panels this year. I stayed until 8 pm Friday night at the convention due to intriguing topic of More Than a Sidekicks: Expanding Visibility for Asian American Characters and Creators. The panel was quite illuminating in learning how minority creators got into the industry, their advice to the next generation, and how comics are currently dealing (a simple hour just wasn't enough on the topic. I hope next year they do this panel with a longer time because the advice the panel gave to the future hopefuls was highly recommended and one I hope garners a longer sequel next year). 

UPDATE (5/4): For non-attendee's here's the panel (big thanks to panelist Michi Trota for the link and upload):

I hope next year they do this panel with a longer time because the advice the panel gave to the future hopefuls was highly recommended and one I hope garners a longer sequel next year). 

Of course, besides Lucha, the other big panel to attend was Twisted Toonz. Where the voice actors who attended this year's convention: David Hayter, Jennifer Hale, Troy Baker, Steve BlumRichard Horvitz, Dave Fennoy, and Jim Cummings do a twisted retelling of Back to the Future. I shall never look at Elmo the same way again thanks to Steve's twisted impersonation. Nor, ever realize that Jim or Troy have uncanny impersonations of Richard Pryor and Jeff Goldblum

The one element that I noticed that was increased this year was how C2E2 catered to cosplayers. They had an entire area for them for photos, to perfect their craft, and shops all around the area. It was quaint. I have to confess a lot of cosplayers went for originality and putting something new into the standard Deadpool or Harley Quinn you see in abundance usually at cons. Though the true winner of cosplaying was this fella:


Now supposedly there was a Peggy Bundy too, but sadly she wasn't around. I think though the replacements for her made it even better no?

But as always, the real treat coming to C2E2 is dipping into Independent Comics. This year was no exception as the floor was LOADED with indy creators showing off their work. The first one hit me the moment I stepped onto the show floor, in Silver. Of the various horror genres other than slasher flicks. I love me a good Vampire flick. I was born and raised on Universal Horror "Dracula" films. SoI talked to series author Stephan Franck about the comic and various elements of the comic:


Looking for more Silver? Go here to their main website.

The other intriguing comic that garnered my attention was Liberty Deception. The way series writer Travis Vengroff pitched me on the subject sparked my curiosity. Maybe it will you as well when I interviewed him on the comic:


Those looking for the website he mentioned here's the link to it here.

An honorable mention even though I never had the chance to interview them is Kristen Gudsnuk. When going by the Dark Horse booth, I was just roaming the booth looking for a read there to buy when she lured me with the pitch, "Do you want to read the misadventures of a henchwoman to a super-villain?" And with that Henchgirl was so bought and beloved by me.

So what of the big two: Marvel and DC Comics? As always Marvel had a booth and really had some questionable. My personal favorite was them shilling a credit card, that if you signed on for one, you would get some additional goodies. Now the practice has been one that they've tried in the past. But to find out that if you did and get invited to a secret panel? Come on....

Likewise, amidst the whispers of con folk was all the black eyes Marvel had done to themselves prior and throughout the con. It just feels weird that just a few years ago they were the toast of the con. Making attendees sing the freaking 90s X-Men theme. Now? They just cringe and a great uneasy.

But even with said unease, Jason Aaron and Jason Latour have blocks of attendees hunger for their autographs shows that the popularity of their works at Marvel are still there. One curious thing to note. Jonathan Hickman was there too and somehow was signing at the Marvel booth. Does this mean something possibly to come? Speculation on my part. 

Of course, it just wouldn't be a convention with me getting into some hot water.


As always I survive because I'm sly like that and pleaded for my unholy life and when she looked one way. That's when I made my escape. 

DC, on the other hand, had a ton of important folk there. Just being them and cool. It warmed my heart to see Dan Jurgens swarmed like crazy for autographs or commissions (one day. ONE DAY YOU WILL DO A CYBORG SUPERMAN FOR ME!) ONE DAY!!! Likewise chatting normally with James Tynion IV, Marcio Takara, or Dustin Nguyen while going through candy-land that is their prints, original art to buy, or talk about the various stories they've done. 

Once again, C2E2 just brings one of the best cons around. It's got everything a geek could ever want. Not to mention blow a huge wad of cash easily (that just goes to show you how good the creators they've got down that cursive artist alley). But I don't regret a single purchase at this con. Nor the experiences I've gotten from it. Every year going to this convention is like a holiday and see friends, while making new ones. I fully endorse going to this con at least more than once. The experiences always are special. 

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