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Durnkin Reveewz: Detective Comics #955 & Action Comics #978

Written by Zechs on Friday, April 28 2017 and posted in Features

Durnkin Reveewz: Detective Comics #955 & Action Comics #978

Only fair that I'm given some peace and joy before I'm forced to read things that shouldn't be read by normal people.

* To those who do not know what they're about to read. Well, here's your warning. The following is just Zechs being Zechs. Grammatical errors are bound to happen you down three bottles of This Ain't Your Dad's Root Beer trying to comprehend the garbage you read. 

Further, these reviews began on the forums. Those looking for a numerical system as per my other reviews best look else. Some folk above me love me blurting out raw brutally honest shit, and rather have that be on the front page.So there. You've been warned. Anything now is on your head for not following the warning.

The wild ride is never over for me. This past weekend was C2E2, and last week I ran through a gauntlet of some very bad comics. This week? Well, to put it ironically

Yes, everything does come for those who wait. And I have waited six years for what came in Detective Comics #955 to come to pass and the same amount for Action Comics #978. Just that for the later, you have two years of writer Dan Jurgens introducing this subplot then going and going with it. Then just when you think he's finally gonna pull that plot out. He stops and you have to keep waiting for it. It is this wait that's so much taxing on you. That when these moments happen, your friends will post threads or on Facebook noting what your probable reaction will be after reading it.  So with that said and laying all that prep-work, let's dig in.

Action Comics #978 is a HUGE issue in that builds off the previous mega-arc "Superman Reborn" and about almost finishes the groundwork for the series' next big arc, and then some. Does it succeed? Yes. Oh, gods yes. 

The issue gives us the new basic outline for how Superman works in this universe. Basically, I'm all for it given it looks like about all the good stuff is canon save one. Honestly, I think that tiny omission is setup for something down the line. It's also a very pleasing for everyone basically.

Grant Morrison's New 52 run on the comic is cannon. The rest of the New 52 Superman stuff is too more or less. Convergence is gone now, but the Lois & Clark mini-series from two years ago is still in continuity. Though that does leave me scratching my head given there's still one lingering loose plot of that around in the DCU and that's Parallax aka Hal Jordan. That version of Hal met New 52 Hal prior to "Rebirth" and I just have to wonder will that subplot ever be touched on again? It won't, and maybe that's for the better.

Which I'm down for. Why? Cause you can keep what works and disregard what doesn't. Which leads me to why I loved the issue. It ties us everything we love about Superman and the characters around him with a nice tidy bow (save for that one tiny angle).

Same goes for his villains as Jurgens throws us more Rogues of his coming together under.. well. Let's face it. The spoiler on who is recruiting them is basically the secondary reason why I really loved this issue. Because it means said villain is back amongst the gallery and the top tier of Superman villains. Oh sure, he's so damn villainous he can hop over in Green Lantern at any time too. But here's where he's gold. 

Likewise, this villain's antics are sorely missed because well. Let's face it.  By having them around it gives Lex more time away from being bad and Brainiac a good long rest. Plus it make's absolute sense. We've never seen a Superman Revenge Squad like this. It's a who's who of those who aren't named Lex, Brainiac, Doomsday, and Darkseid. Basically run by the #4 (though he'll always be my #1) Superman rogue.  It's just a joy to see these Superman comics back at the top of the line, and justly so. 

Now, from one superhero moment to another's with Detective Comics #955. This issue was hyped as the "biggest" action sequence in 2017. I'm not kidding. Does it deliver on the hype? 

Yes, but it's a little too on-the-nose in some ways and a bit simplistic. But that's mostly been the calling card with James Tynion IV in this series. He tells us, then rather show us. And really, given Rebirth is all about the "meat and potatoes", I understand that.

But, for the character that this arc spotlights, Cassandra Cain, a few more showing us taking on hordes of ninjas would have been nice. A character such as her benefits greatly from that. Instead, we get small panels of her laying the smackdown here and there. They are brutal panels yes. Not to mention maybe this is being saved for the finale, but just a tiny teaser would have been nice before the main course. 

Still, the sequences what we get and the large splash page of Orphan fighting the League of Shadows is simply awing. Likewise, the Oldboy (2003) homage with her in the elevator also got me to crack a huge grin. For if there's one positive this issue did well, is that it makes you fully back and root for the protagonist this arc. 

I fully confess, that since the opening arc the comic has lost a step or two. It was a worry I had early on in this arc. That it would falter like "the Villains Syndicate" and lose focus as that arc did.  My fears for that were heightened in the previous issue when all the drama got lost when a confrontation between Ra's Al Ghul and Batman ruined the pace slightly. But that issue's end and this one have put the arc back on track. Damn is it on track.

If isn't the character moments which Tynion excels at, it's the dynamic art of Marcio Takara who pulls probably his best work to date on this arc.  The layouts and panel space are amazing in this. It's just I wanted to see more. I've read Batman & Robin Eternal #13 which this same exact creative team did. So I know Takara can draw motion. Again, I just digress that's probably being saved for the finale (as we did get a teaser in #953).

Still, I'm just in utter disbelief that it's 2017, and I'm reading an arc that features heavily on Cassandra Cain. After all the bad hands that been dealt with the character by the powers that be. It amazes me that DC's song has been changed and that they are promoting this character. 

Course, I feel almost greedy here and want more solo Cassandra stuff. She's an amazing character, and this arc has highlighted that fact nicely. *cough cough wink wink nudge nudge you have a perfectly capable writer in Genevieve Valentine (who's returning next month to pen the fill-in) and get Takara. DO IT!! You gave Batwoman a spinoff. Tynion laid the freaking groundwork here for Cassandra having one too* It also shows how well Tynion just understands these characters and why this comic is so beloved by many. He just gets them. He's like a modern Chuck Dixon. He can probably write these character's blindfolded because you can see by reading these pages he just loves this world so much. (Also, Tynion. I read your tweet. I know the goddamn Easter Egg you laid out this issue. You and Steve Orlando are magnificent bastards for laying the groundwork for the probable twist next issue. I also saw what Orlando did on Twitter! *shakes fist*). 

Reading these two issues and a few more from DC Comics. Just left me with the biggest grin and I didn't even take a sip of alcohol yet. But this issue, in particular, left me the most excited and happiest of all. It just hit every note I wanted and then some. This arc totally eclipses the misstep I felt happened in the overall story of Batman & Robin Eternal

I just can't believe they've steered the ship into so right a direction when it come's to comics now (unlike some other folk). It almost make's me terrified given the same people who put this course in the New 52 are basically still in charge, but.. the future looks so damn bright. I love it and it's leaving me for wanting more. It truly has been a long time since I've felt utterly and completely in love with DC is churning out. Just makes me hunger for more glorious stuff from them. Can I have more DC? CAN I?! Even more Cassandra please? 

Wait... That was his plan all along.




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