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The Mummy Review

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, June 13 2017 and posted in Features

The Mummy Review

High on adventure, a dab of horror, and a splash of fun on this refreshing remake of a classic horror film.


It took me awhile, but I finally saw the remake of the Mummy. After seeing it, I don't really understand what the fuss is all about? I mean yeah it isn't the 1932 original Universal Horror Classic starring Boris Karloff, but hey if it just went that route we'd have a boring remake on our hand (ala Psycho or countless other Hollywood remakes). No see this movie gets how to handle a remake right.

The first thing this movie gets right is the direction by Stephen Sommers. Sommers just nails giving the audience the right doses of comedy, horror, and action. Never once was I bored when watching the film and never once does it outstay it's welcome. Everything is just tone perfect. There's a lot to like here that Sommers just handles perfectly.

On the other side, the movie gives us an amazing protagonist Rick O'Connell played by to perfection by Brendan Fraser. I mean if you're going to have any actor go around with the right amounts of awareness and yet delivers that action grit. Then basically it's Brendan Fraser. Being the foil to his antics are Rachel Weisz (who is just freaking stunning and yet the brains to Fraser's brawn) and John Hannah (FINALLY that roles as a slimy Roman Aristocrat from Spartacus have paid off here. And finally in a fun role at last). But the true scene-stealer is Kevin J. O'Conner as Benny. Every single scene him as Benny is just gold. More so if he's sharing it with Fraser's O'Connell. He's just an absolute delight as the weasel who somehow keeps slipping away from his comeuppance. Likewise, engaging is Oded Feher as Ardeth Bay who delivers exposition like nobody's business. 

But of course, what of the titular character himself played by Arnold Vosloo? I have to admit. The man has a huge task ahead of him being in the shadow of Karloff and Lon Chaney Jr (who played the Mummy in the sequels), but I'll be damned if Vosloo leaves an impression just like them. His Mummy just goes into a whole different direction than those and he's just a magnificent presence throughout the movie. The other amazing thing is well, he's a well-rounded character. You can sympathize for his motives being in love was what got him to this horrible end. But he's also thinking of himself as so damn superior to us mortals. So seeing O'Connell hinder him and try to fully stop him is so damn great to watch. It's popcorn cinema at it's finest. 

 That's what just bugs me. This movie is really good. It's what all remakes should aspire to be. How this is getting eaten up by critics and audiences today alike just boggles my mind. This was a perfect set-up to a new universe of monsters. It handles everything well. I guess the only thing it doesn't is the CGI. But come on-- it's probably impossible to do sandstorms and put a transparent giant face on it. But come on, that can't be the only fault to have! Not like this is gonna be remade twenty years down the road again. Hollywood can't be that desperate for franchises. Right? 

So yeah, if you're looking for just over two hours to kill. Go see the Mummy remake. It's got everything for everyone in just the right amounts. Ignore the haters. They just gonna hate on this because remaking films can be done right if you handle it. Boy does this movie handle remaking this movie well with some fresh fun ideas. I mean it's not like there's something else you should be seeing instead right? 


5 out of 5


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