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Marvel PR Discusses Bizarre Legacy Cover Promotion

Written by Chad Tucker on Thursday, July 06 2017 and posted in Features

Marvel PR Discusses Bizarre Legacy Cover Promotion

Unfortunately, she does not address Secret Empire at all

Source: Jude Terror, and Bleeding Cool, I guess.

Recently, the new Public Relations expert at Marvel Comics, Andrea Towers, took to the Women of Marvel podcast to discuss Marvel Legacy and Generations. This 20-minute podcast was EXXXCLUSIVELY transcribed by a Bleeding Cool reporter and former Outhouse traitor whose name escapes me right now. I for one couldn't wait to exercise the three tools of Comic Book Journalism (Copying, Pasting and Linking). Over the course of the podcast, she addressed the worsening situation with grace and poise, carrying herself with the demeanor of a true professional. Things got rough as no one could tell what the Legacy promotion was about, and included below are some of the more interesting comments.


"I was working at Entertainment Weekly before I came here, and I was doing basically all the comics coverage there. Interviews, Exclusives, stuff like that. And I worked with Marvel and covered their panels, did their announcements and stuff. I tried to spread the love, but it was kind of very clear that I had a very big bias for Marvel in general. So it's kind of not a surprise I ended up here, but it's fun that now I don't have to be shy about my bias.

With Legacy, our biggest thing was figuring out a way to debut these titles that's interesting, that will get people talking, and also we have like 53 of them. Normally we would just blast out an email, and we're like, we can't blast out 53 covers. We would pretty much just break the internet. So we were like let's break the internet in another way.

And we came up with this really cool idea that the Legacy covers that are gonna accompany all our new titles were gonna be homages to older, well known, famous comic covers. I don't think I even realized how cool it was gonna be until we saw them for the first time. I would see the covers as just prints, and be like, this is the new cover by the artist that our Legacy title is gonna be. And then when I first saw it, when I opened all the gifs, I'm like, oh my god, this is so cool, because a lot of them are just so well done that when they transition back and forth you can easily tell, even if you're not familiar with the book, but you know the title, you know the cover. If you know comics, it's really cool.

And then we decided we're gonna break the internet by giving seven or eight comic sites exclusive little bursts, like five or six gifs, and we're gonna kinda roll them out throughout the day. Eventually we'll post all of them all together. It's kind of a cool way to tease it because obviously we have a lot more to reveal about Legacy. It's one of our biggest Fall events, and we're gonna be doing a lot more leading up to comic con, as far as information about the books and the creative teams. All that stuff is coming. We're just trying to tease it out really slowly. But I think this is a really cool way to get people excited."


Well they definitely seem to be excited but the real question is about what? What exactly is going on here? Are all the heroes Marvel killed or ruined suddenly going to be made right? Hard to say, but you really should commend her for not saying "New 53" or "Rebirth" over the course of this podcast.


"I was scrolling Twitter when this started, because this all started this morning, and people were like 'oh I'm so glad to see that this title is continuing, or this title.' I forget people don't really know.It's like, 'oh I'm so glad to see that Moon Girl still has a title.' So that's fun to see, everyone reacting to these covers and the rollout and the way they've been received by basically like the whole internet.

We have so much cool stuff. We'll have a lot more Legacy announcements. We're gonna announce stuff about Generations, as well as a bunch of stuff with Disney Publishing and Women of Marvel. There's so much stuff that we're looking to announce, and it's gonna be really fun. Part of my job now is figuring out who's gonna be on the panels, who we're gonna invite, what talent we're gonna invite, and that's really fun because I get to look at everyone like, I know who's coming to this panel and I know what you're gonna talk about but I can't say.

What's exciting about San Diego is that Women of Marvel will be coming back, as per usual. Hopefully we'll be able to announce the date and time soon. We're looking to build some great ladies for the panel, so everyone who's going to San Diego, you'll have to stay tuned. We've got some great stuff in the booth – also mum, so we can't talk about any of that – but it should be fun and exciting for those who are attending the convention to come by the booth and check it out."


So, what is it? Seriously, what is it about. Gifs? Covers? Is the internet broke? It definitely broke my spellcheck. It's probably pretty good that Marvel hired PR though, I mean it seems the logical thing to do after Secret Empire.

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