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Atomic Blonde Review

Written by Zechs on Friday, July 28 2017 and posted in Features

Atomic Blonde Review

An action thriller that'll have you guessing all centered around a tour de force performance from Charlize Theron.

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Atomic Blonde is basically the Wonder Woman of action films this year but in the vein of being the child born from John Wick and Jason Bourne (not surprising at all considering director David Leitch, worked on both franchises) where it covers similar ground, but in a VERY 80s style all wrapped around a tour de force performance from Charlize Theron as Lorraine Broughton. This is the sort of movie I was aching to see from Theron due after Mad Max: Fury Road and her turn as Imperator Furiosa. Cause goddamn, she's perfect as an action lead (after such a meh start with Æon Flux).

And damn is it a sight to see her unleashed here again. The easy scene to just pick out which is just worth the purchase of the film is the four story hallway brawl she has with five assailants. It packs that same punch, but even more brutal than John Wick. But there's a scene even earlier that packs that same punch in an apartment floor earlier. This is a BRUTAL movie like literally, they saw the Raid: Redemption and thought: "Why can't we do that too?" It pulls absolutely zero punches and Theron's Broughton will brutally take down anything that gets in the way of completing her mission.   

The mission itself will keep you guessing until the very end as well. I thought it be a simple cut and chase type of movie but the paths it goes in. Damn. I love it when a movie goes down unexpected paths. This movie goes down some paths you didn't expect. 

I never read the graphic novel that this is adapted from, but after this movie, I'm curious to look it up now. To see how well it adapted the material and what it strayed from. The movie obviously feels comic-book feel with the spray paint style way it sets up time and place. 

If there's any negative I could say, it's basically how easy to point out the twist of who the antagonist is. It's just the fact that well. You figure Broughton's figured it out by now yet still allows this person existence even though it almost bites her hard in the ass at a certain point in the movie. That and you're really not given time to breathe after some of these action set pieces. Just another romp of the next thing Broughton has to deal with or a mess she has to fix. 

That all helps when you have such a layered supporting cast here. You have John Goodman and Toby Jones playing government spooks who are trying to piece together what the hell happened on Broughton's mission from hell. You have James McAvoy doing what he does best playing a batshit kooky MI-6 agent stationed in Berlin. Then you have a bunch of East Germans and Soviets looking for her (one of who is Daniel Berkhart from the original John Wick. So you already know the moment you see his face. His character and Broughton are gonna have one brutal ass fight and damn do they).

Sofia Boutella is good as well, but it just feels like there should have been a tiny bit more scenes of breath between her character and Broughton that could have given this film that nice times of cooldown before the next batshit crazy action sequence happens. It sort of does, but there should have been a bit more. Which would make the climax all the more impactful instead it just feels modern James Bondish. Still, it's good to see Boutella in a much better film again after last month's woeful The Mummy

Atomic Blonde is a movie that just doesn't let you go after it grabs you from its opening minute. It's an injection of 80s music mixed with some adrenaline pumping action set pieces. The plot might drag you away as you're trying to piece it all together. But for me? I enjoyed the living hell out of it. From the very set-up, I knew not to fully trust what I was given, just go with what my mind thought was going to happen, and then see if the answer the movie gives was satisfying. 

That's probably why this movie has one edge up on the original John Wick is given how layered the plot is. You really don't know who to trust and though you have a protagonist given that this is spies and all. Are we getting a reliable narrator? Add that with the action we get with it. We get one helluva of a movie. 


5 out of 5


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