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More Joker Origin Projects Revealed

Written by Logan on Thursday, August 31 2017 and posted in Features

More Joker Origin Projects Revealed

You thought you knew The Joker? You don’t know Jack (Napier)!

DC Comics has two major Joker origin projects outside the DCEU currently in production. One "super dark and real" movie is being directed by Todd Philips with Martin Fucking Scorsese producing while Glenn Ficarra and John Requa are working on a heartwarming love story featuring Joker and Harley.

But DC is just getting started!


Josh Trank promises a new, grounded vision of the Joker. When he falls through an interdimensional wormhole, Dane DeHaan's skin turns a translucent white. Anger boils as he discovers he can make people grow green hair. He promises revenge upon the world that robbed him of his smile as he goes on a killing rampage in "J0k3r" So grounded!

Wes Anderson brings new meaning to deadpan in the cinematically stirring tale of a young man who falls face first into a vat of chemicals only to become an ultra-violent—yet restrained—madman in "Mister Bleach." Luke Wilson stars as the alabaster sociopath opposite Bill Murray's wry, aging Bruce Wayne.

Quentin Tarantino takes on everybody's favorite psychopath in "Ha Ha, Motherf@#$@er!" Starring Michael Madsen as the Joker and Samuel L. Jackson as Slappy, it promises to (grease)paint the silver screen with violence like you've never seen. "We used more blood in the final scene than... let's just say it's a new record."

Michael Bay's project bursts onto the big screen bringing us what the Joker's origin has always been missing, CGI and explosions! You won't even be able to tell which vat he's falling into, but you won't care when you see the spectacular 3D firefight in the chemical factory. Don't miss Bay's masterpiece summer release, "Fuck You, Zechs!"


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