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Blade Runner 2049 Review

Written by Zechs on Saturday, October 07 2017 and posted in Features

Blade Runner 2049 Review

What were you expecting I'd review SOMETHING ELSE? Tough luck!

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What? Expecting me to review that OTHER movie that came out this weekend? Well, apparently no one wants me to review it. Or else they would have voted on the Patreon. I gave you an entire week. But NOPE. Not even for a single dollar to vote. So I guess you DO care about my mental stability. I almost feel touched-- thankfully such moments pass quickly. Because instead of seeing THAT movie and a video review you get my review of Blade Runner 2049

Now, THIS was a film I was waiting for anticipated breath, but also fear. Would Hollywood fuck this up like normal sci-fi franchises (aka the Alien by Fox) and the fact this was from Sony (whose track record with movies lately is suspect) didn't calm my nerves. The only thing that had me going was that the trailers revealed nothing about this movie (save one key fact that happens at the beginning) other than that. I had no idea what to expect. 

So what I got was something extraordinary. The moment the film starts the cinematography in this like is just like the original. It's just so freaking breathtaking at times to take in. That probably is the only problem I can say about this movie. The director, Denis Villeneuve, knows what you're getting is gorgeous shots and make's sure they linger in your mind past when the film ends. Oh, sure it runs up that runtime to make the movie almost three hours. But therein lied the problem with me. The theater I saw this in sucked. Like literally, the seats weren't the usual comfy ones I'm used too (either at another AMC or Cinemark, or even other theaters). These seats were crafted from hell to make you uncomfortable and hurt your back. That said, that probably might drag some out of the movie. That this movie is literal eye-candy and takes a long time. 

That said, this movie just continues with the finely crafted adult science fiction the original 1982 started. This movie so doesn't feel like a retread at all. Nor does it answer all the questions various versions the previous film gave us (was Deckard Replicant?). No, we get those ideas teased, but what we get here is a brand new story told with new fresh eyes with a new Blade Runner (played by Ryan Gosling). Some might be taken back at his performance early on, but once you get the just of his character arc, you get to watch Gosling work his magic here. The same goes for Ana de Armas as Joi. Both character arcs are quite exceptional ones. If anything, I kind of wanted to see more of Joi just because her arc is true to the mythos that this franchise built (actually both). Harrison Ford's Deckard gives us the next step for his character arc and honestly, this is the best franchise Ford has come back too. Outperforming both his reprisals of Indy and Han Solo of the other big franchises he's apart of.

If there is anything truly weak acting wise about the film, it's the film's antagonists. The thing about them is. They just aren't Roy Batty, Pris, or the others from the previous film. One is good, in both scenes that they are in. But, the other well you get that there is something going on in their head. But,  Luv played by Sylvia Hoeks just didn't leave me with anything compared to prior antagonists or the other one in this film. You get hints, but nothing deep. Just a villain who's kind of one dimensional and you just want to see get their comeuppance instead of being conflicted about them. 

As a whole though, this movie just expands on the ideas set up in various versions of the original. If anything, the movie doesn't simply tie them up at the end. Either setting up another movie or like the original. Leaving it all up for your mind to figure out. I'm cool with the fact we got at least several character arcs, and it didn't freaking sequel bait us at the end. 

Ironically, the movie achieves what films earlier this year infamously failed at and near the tail end of summer couldn't achieve. Tell a very adult story, with enthralling visuals, a compelling story, and characters that would mark with you even after the movie ended (also in some cases better acting). If anything, therein lies the problem. The movie has too much of its cake. But if you're willing to forgive the overabundance of visual treats that the film gives you. It's rewarding. Likewise, the fact that this film isn't a cheap, redone sequel. This is a movie where the stakes are risen up even more now. Save for its antagonists. Not one character remains the same by the film's end. It also defies your expectations. You think the film is going one way. It goes in another direction.

Is this the best film I've seen this year? I still think Baby Driver outperforms against it. Along with Dunkirk telling its tale in a rather shorter time span. But Blade Runner 2049 is a visual feast for the eyes as in just the same ways as its predecessor. See it in IMAX or regular. I doubt 3D or Dolby is worth it. Just see it in a theater that has comfy seats at least. Or else your back is gonna regret it later on like mine did. No matter what you'll be getting a film that just expands the universe it's in, and just fills the void of adult sci-fi storytelling.


4 out of 5


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