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Thor: Ragnarok Review

Written by Zechs on Saturday, November 04 2017 and posted in Features

 Thor: Ragnarok Review

The best Thor movie, but not the best Marvel movie this year or period as some claim it to be.

*Slight Spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok is in the review. 

Thor just can't catch a break when it come's to a movie, and Thor: Ragnarok is the finishes the series as best it could: average. Oh, sure Chris Hemsworth as Thor is never better now free from the shackles of Earth (for the most part), but his great enemy of this movie isn't Hela (Cate Blanchett), but: humor. It never stops. From the moment it begins to the moment the movie ends.

There's always a quip or joke. Some work. Some not so much.  Given the source material basically, says it all in the title. I can understand why this approach goes, but making everyone have a quip or humorous moment (save thankfully, Idris Elba's Heimdall or Anthony Hopkins' Odin) it just ruins the character or mood.  Even a powerful moment which should be the benchmark for the series is ruined by a joke. 

There are so many jokes early on with Karl Urban's Skurge, that I lost any feeling to care for the character even though this is freaking Skurge and Karl Urban is playing him. HOW THE HELL IS THAT POSSIBLE?!The movie just shows no temperament and throws so many gags that it just ruins the character.  Not only that but he just feels superfluous there. You get what you want, but even then it feels only tacked on.

Sadly, so does Blanchett's Hela. Oh yes, she has a good motivation, but she just suddenly decides to show (and an un-imaginative first appearance, when she should be oozing a huge entrance). And convenience after convenience just happens upon or distracts her. No real ultimate plan. Just destroy Asgard than rule it. That and the whole cover-up that Odin had is just brushed off so she and Thor can just duke it out. 

The worse crime though is how the the Warrior Three (Ray Stevenson, Zachary Levi, and Tadanobu Asano) are just thrown at her, and that's it. Which basically, ends the utter waste the three characters have been in the last two entire movies and sadly even Lady Sif (Who's fully absent here, and maybe for the best. Probably cause her fate would have been this abysmal end). When that shouldn't even be the case. We should care, yet only one even gets a decent fight scene and barely any lingering over what the hell just happened. That's it. Da fuck?! You'd think Thor would show some honoring his comrades, but nope. Gotta make them jokes. On the plus, this is the biggest role Heimdall gets then out of all three films. So I guess that's the only plus out of this.

I feel like I'm showing more hate than love for this movie, but there is good that I enjoyed it. I love Tessa Thompson as Valkryie. Her entrance and overall arc is perfection. I hope she has a role beyond this film, but given how horribly treated some got in this movie *cough* Warrior Three *cough* and this is it when it comes to Thor movies. I guess this is it for her sadly. Why didn't they give something like this to Sif too? But, I guess human/Asgardian romance plots had to take precedence over any Asgardian friendship, which in turns makes those Earth subplots now seem even more redundant save  Stellan Skarsgård Erik Salvig because he had two movies outside these ones to establish a presence, unlike two others.

Likewise, the Hulk is just utterly amazing in this and is the Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner subplot and the arc with that brings up an interesting idea (That I guess will go off into Avengers Infinity War next year and ???). Also the designs, action, and just love letter to Jack Kirby is all over this movie. I love that aspect (I just wish Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) had as much love for Kirby as this movie does). There are some pretty damn good action sequences here. 

But, then that leads toward the bad again as Tom Hiddleston's Loki just feels downplayed though this turnaround. It feels like a lot of his villainous bite was pulled to play him more grayish. Also, he turns out to have gotten pretty lazy in rule after showing a better understanding of it in the original 2011 movie. I get there are little flashes of that Loki. But it just feels like something is missing here. 

And that basically sums up the movie perfectly. Its good, but there is some feeling lost in it. Perhaps the fact that the Thor films haven't gotten that punch that Iron Man or Captain America got. But, like Iron Man I will give it for telling a complete tale in all three movies basically. If anything, all you have to do is see the Avengers (2012), and that's it. Four films and it works in that regard. Plus for a third film, this is actually the best one of the entire three films of Thor (but the Avengers is still better than it). 

Oh sure, this movie is fun and is entertaining. But, it has holes. It has major holes that expose it for flimsy it is. This is as best a Thor movie that we got and it showcases how flawed the prior to films are in ways, which makes you ask: WHY THE HELL DIDN'T WE GET THIS KIND OF THOR FILM FIRST?!


3 out of 5




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