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Moment of the Year - 2017 Winner

Written by Zechs on Saturday, January 06 2018 and posted in Features

Moment of the Year - 2017 Winner

Your comic book moment of the year WINNER IS...

Last year, it was a one-horse race. This year? Yeah, it was obvious a moment of Batman was going to win. But what? This basically was the year of Batman with October being littered with nothing but Batman (probably much to the dismay of a poster on the forums). Would anything else put up a fight? Surprisingly one did, but Batman prevails because HE'S BAAAAAAAATMAN. The overall poll had over 216 votes.

At #5 was a two-way tie with twelve votes each. The first is Bruce finds Tim. - Detective Comics #967 and the other is Jason steals Damien's toy from his kid's meal- Batman #16.

Not surprising me at the very least, Cassandra Cain fans showed up again given I added a few moments of the character that I thought kind of deserved to be included this year. Which leads us to #3 with a three-way tie with thirteen votes each. First off is Cassandra Cain pours her soul out with Lady Shiva hearing her. - Detective Comics #950. The second Cass moment is"Be the shadow." Cassandra Cain vs. the League of Shadows. - Detective Comics #955. Hmm... we are a loyal bunch it seems? Rounding out third place is probably my second favorite Marvel moment of the year (the Captain America one from November being my #1), "I hate everything about that sentence." - Nova #2. I still miss this damn series. 

Coming in #3 is another moment from October in "Yes." - Batman #32 with fourteen votes. 

For #2 it was going head-to-head with the winner of this year before the winner coasted away. Still, sixteen votes isn't all that bad and it perfectly captures Marvel's bad year in a nutshell with Marvel shits a brick when they discover that Ardian Syaf hid offensive religious symbols in X-Men artwork. - X-Men Gold #1.

Like, I said the winner this year was going neck and neck with our #2, but in the end, it just went ahead and never looked back. With over twenty-four votes YOUR WINNER IS... 

Hank Henshaw becomes the Cyborg Superman once again and then proceeds to make Mongul his bitch. - Action Comics #979

Yes, no moment can be greater than that this year. Wait... That didn't win? DAMMIT! The hell people?! How can you not vote for that? Totally the moment of the year! 

Fine.. wrassin frassin. HOW CAN THAT NOT BE THE MOMENT?! It was glorious! Sadly, that wasn't even in the top ten. *sniff* Alright, the REAL winner of Moment of the Year 2017 is.. GIVE ME THAT EPIC DRUM ROLL!!!




Bruce asks Selina to marry him. - Batman #24

So there you have it. Feel free to comment if you agree or what your personal favorite moment this year was. Here's to a new year of glorious comic moments! 


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