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Durnkin Reveewz: Venom Inc. #1 Omega

Written by Zechs on Monday, January 22 2018 and posted in Features

Durnkin Reveewz: Venom Inc. #1 Omega

A lackluster ending that we've seen done better in "Planet of the Symbiotes". That's right a 90s event ended on a better note than this one. RUN! RUN FOR THE HILLS!

p>*To those who do not know what they're about to read. Well, here's your warning. The following is just Zechs being Zechs. Grammatical errors are bound to happen you down three bottles of This Ain't Your Dad's Root Beer or several soft drinks mixed with Captain Morgan trying to comprehend the garbage you read.

Further, these reviews began on the forums. Those looking for a numerical system as per my other reviews best look else. Some folk above me love me blurting out raw brutally honest shit, and rather have that be on the front page.So there. You've been warned. Anything now is on your head for not following the warning. 

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Working fifty-two hours (irony am I right?) in my other job has prevented your ever-loving Zechs to post some content on this site. But working hours be damned! I will write some reviews today! The first off is Venom Inc. Omega #1. Already, a 90s Marvel chill went down my spine and it's only ironic that Spider-Man is in the same sorry state that he was back then. I have 0 love for Mike Costa's Venom run. I  abhorrent it. But, since this basically has Flash Thompson and a supporting cast member of his run in Mania aka Andi Benton play a key role. Add the trainwreck that is the Black Cat heel turn and how this will go next. Well, I decided to give it a glance.

Not expected this entire event is an entirely forgettable affair save for two things. #1 being Flash is now Anti-Venom and I'd rather read more about his adventures then Brock's (who kind of disappeared in the arc save one good moment which just goes to show how his character is nowadays). #2 Black Cat's crime lord "career" and heel turn seems to have hit a crossroads. 

Both of which are good things if we're going to keep having Brock as Venom. Having Flash now in the Anti-Venom role is curious. Still, I'd rather have him in the Venom role and Brock in the Anti-Venom role. Plus dear God can he just adopt Andi already? It just seems creative other than Cullen Bunn just like to leave her away from Flash after using her.

Felicia's villainous turn since Dan Slott relaunched Amazing Spider-Man since Superior has been atrocious. Really, the only writer who seemed to have a good handle was Robbie Thompson on Silk. That was it. Everything else was just Marvel ripping off Catwoman's underworld boss role, and way outstaying its welcome. 

And speaking of something outstaying their welcome it's Lee Price. How this character is still being mentioned is shocking. How Costa thinks him relevant when all he was in this X-over was a low-rent Black Tarantula. How his final form during this issue was laughable, and honestly when Carnage did it better(Planet of the Symbiotes). Well, you know you're a shit mort of a villain then. 

Which is why it's so laughable that after all the symbiote removal from the start of Venom and this crossover, it seems Costa Ex Machina refuses to let his pet character have the symbiote be removed because of course that just means another match down the road between Maniac and Venom (oh joy!). When it seems we simply can't have any female symbiotes to stick around. Like literally, Mania was the closest we had to that and bam she's gone to prop up Price (and now probably for good unless Cullen Bunn can weasel and do something to have Andi get a symbiote again in one of his Venom tales). 

But the worst part is, just when you think you're done with a Venom event. HERE COME'S ANOTHER (now with X-Men Blue team). 

Yet, somehow on the Flash and Peter side, this comic was readable (more readable than my writing at times) and actually kept me interested. This dynamic just works so well and if anything I'll give Slott his due in this being probably one of the good ideas he had in doing this with Flash then anything done to the character in the past (aka character regression). 

But I digress, by next week I'll probably forget all of this story. Because that's how forgettable this story is. It's meh. There's nothing fully memorable about it. There's nothing striking to remember. There's nothing purely to truly hate. It's just forgetable. Like Lee Price. 


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