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Area 51 isn't what you thought it was...

Written by The Indie Huntress on Monday, February 12 2018 and posted in Features

Area 51 isn't what you thought it was...

I interviewed Dan Nokes on his comic: Impossible Space Tales of the Last Pit Stop

Source: Dan Nokes

I recently found out that a friend of mine, Dan Nokes, is running a kickstarter that is collecting the first 12 issues of, "Impossible Space Tales of the Last Pit Stop" into a trade paperback. Space Tales is one of those series that really encompasses everything indie comics is about. Every page is hand drawn, inked, lettered, and written by Dan himself. There are a handful of people I know that are a one-person-band on the books they create- frankly I have no idea how they get through all of it without going mad. Then again, I think you gotta have a bit of madness to survive as being a creator- let alone one in comics. Making your voice heard in a sea of thousands is no easy task. My hat goes off to all comic creators out there, you sacrifice so much to have your work seen, and we are better off for having experiencing it.

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Impossible Space Tales of the Last Pit Stop is something I stumbled upon by accident a few years back. It was one of those, "Hey you should check this out..." deals. A recommendation from a friend of a friend who knew Dan. I fell in love with it because it is a story about a fella named Alan who is working at a gas station. Not just any gas station. One at area 51. Having been in retail for over a decade, the reality of this series really hit home. The endless jokes about ridiculous customer requests, the bitchy suck-up assistant manager, the hot chick you're trying to score a date with, the FNG, the store manager who blames everything on corporate while trying to appease everyone, and of course your burn-out best bud/co-worker making the entire experience just barely palpable.

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The whole thing is really absurd when you stop and think about it, I mean- Area 51 is actually just a pit stop for aliens to get their icy-hott, smokes, car fresheners, and nasty hot dogs. They come in droves, some are absolutely disgusting- while others make waiting on people 'not so bad'. Then of course there are those that just assume hang you by your own entrails and eat the remaining good parts. There is plenty of poking at fandoms such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and others. It's a great series that has been developed beautifully. I backed the kickstarter for a trade copy of it; however, if you're not into making that kind of commitment immediately- you can check out Impossible Space Tales of the Last Pit Stop for FREE by clicking here

I interviewed Dan briefly on his kickstarter and here is what he had to say:

Why did you create space tales?

I created Space Tales as both a love letter to the science fiction genre and critique to have fun with a lot of the commonly used tropes out there. The most common one being that whole CHOSEN ONE paradigm that tends to go with the heroes' quest deal that goes hand in hand with a lot of sci fi yarn. I wanted to do sci fi from the working class stiff that never goes on those kind of adventures. The one's with dead end jobs and whose futures seem humdrum, pedestrian and inescapable. Sort of work in a lot of my past experiences into a sci-fi story.

Will the series continue?

The series officially ends with chapter 12. Which will be featured in the trade paper back. However. We have a stretch goal on the Kickstarter. Where if reached. I will include a bonus LOST CHAPTER that takes place between issues #7 and #8 timeline wise.

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When does the Kickstarter end?
March 3rd at 9pm EST

What are some of the possible rewards?

Well! We have copies of the book with one of two different covers on the block. We also have stickers, mini-prints, prints, a GET YOURSELF DRAWN IN OUR EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH SECTION as a human or alien, pages from the book, as well as rewards for comic store fronts.

If someone wants to add on your other books, is that an option?

We do not have that feature for this kickstarter. But people can order from

What shows will you be at in the coming months?

So far my confirmed shows include: VA COMICON, AWESOMECON, TIDEWATER COMICON, and FREDERICK COMICON. More to be added soon!

What website(s)/social media can people follow you at? will take you to the main website, where my webcomics, merch and other info are located. This site will also direct you to most of my main social network sites as well!

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