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"When you wanted the enemy to taste hell, you called us." -Norah

Written by The Indie Huntress on Thursday, February 22 2018 and posted in Features

I review Norah- a sci-fi indie comic from the incredible Kasey Pierce

Source: Kasey Pierce

Last year I reviewed Norah #1 and also covered the Kickstarter. I decided to revisit Norah now that Kasey is up to issue #3, with #4 releasing next month, and let me tell you- this woman delivers.

The comic is about a husband (James Seizhelm) and wife (Norah) who work for a top secret branch of the government, developing biological warfare weapons. Weapons that spread disease to consume flesh and organs. Thousands wiped out, decimating the enemy population. They're super scientists- though some may consider them super villains. The interesting thing to me is the fact that they're not into the killing. At different points through the story, you can see the visible disgust in Norah. The story switches between past and present, slowly unfolding what exactly happened at the military base they were stationed at...

"Project Warlock", an experiment Norah and James were working on together, this experiment was tucked away as it had not yet been perfected. When an alien invasion took over, the military demanded they bring back this project and finish it quickly. When playing with genetic modification and brewing up a volatile concoction- things are bound to go wrong when it's rushed. Norah is left picking up the pieces from her livelihood, while inheriting some interesting abilities.

NorahCrystal1 1

Norah has gained the power to enter minds. She uses this to save people in comas... those lingering between death and life. While she carries a certain amount of guilt from the many deaths she and her husband brought about- she is adamant that she doesn't do this as a means of seeking redemption. She is here on her own terms. She carries a chip on her shoulder and doesn't have much in the way of bedside manner. I get the sense that while she is out to help people, she feels as if they can't relate to her. She goes in, does the job, and walks away. Having suffered massive losses- it is easy to see why she keeps people from getting attached. I think a lot of us can relate to that at some point or another- I know I do, and that's a lot of why I love her.

For me, what is so great about Norah is that there isn't anything else like it out there. I've read a lot of comics, and sometimes they feel the same after awhile. The same tropes, taglines, costumes, etc... I love comics, in all shapes and forms. What I don't love is being bored with the same stories regurgitated a thousand times. Norah doesn't make me feel that way. It's the breath of fresh air that comics needed so desperately. It is a story that I was tripping over myself to quickly turn the pages and get to the next set of panels, and left me in a haze- wishing I had more. Not only is the story incredible, the art is something else entirely on its own.


Sean Seal is the illustrator for the series issues 1-4. He digitally paints the issues- which is just mind blowing to me. Painting is a completely different animal, especially when talking sequential art. Sean really killed it. I think he set the mood well in every panel. Something I really admired about the work he did was the way he shifted lighting several times. There's one scene in particular where Norah is in her car and there is a street lamp over it. Sean really nailed that, and so many other parts. I believe that proper lighting is crucial to setting the overall tone. Kudos to you, Sean!

Norah will have a new artist beginning issue five, Kelly O'Hara-Nemzek! Kelly is an artist that has done some amazing work with painting as well, and I am excited to see the collaboration between Kasey and Kelly. Continuing covers will be Jason Westlake- who is also an amazing artist, and graphics designer. I really love the way he has designed the covers for Norah so far, particularly issue #3. His use of bold colors brings forth a certain intensity that pairs well here. 

I have included a quick interview with Kasey on Norah. If you'd like to check out Norah, you can find it on ComiXology, order it through Source Point Press website, check with your local comic shop, or find Kasey at a comic-con near you!


What exactly was the experimental drug Norah and her husband took? 

We reveal Project Warlock in Vol. 2.

The absorbed twin totally killed me. It reminded me of Jonas Venture. Medically speaking, does this actually happen?

I love the Jonas Venture comparison.

The fetal tissue is absorbed by the other twin, multiple, placenta or the mother. The cause is unknown. However, I'm apt to believe that it's an act of nature. The body knows there's something wrong with the fetus. Like a dog that won't let one of her pups feed from her teat. It just knows.

This is just mere speculation on my part, though.


 Can you explain how Norah is able to crossover without going into a coma/dying? What do you call that area between alive and moving on, is it limbo?

I don't have a name for it but I've always seen a coma as a metaphysical house in space; somewhere cold and desolate between life and death. Norah is delving into the subject's mind's eye. She's projecting her soul whereas the subject's soul is actually in limbo. Think astral projection.

Is Norah immortal?


Do you believe that genetic modification could open up the possibility of special abilities?

Absolutely. I believe it's already been done and being done. Tampering with human genome isn't anything new. Ask me over a beer. I get crazier.


When will issue four come out?

March 2018

Where will you be at for signings and other appearances in the coming months?

Great Lakes Comic Con is the next one with Source Point Press. I'm honored to say that I'm a guest at this year's Fantasticon Toledo, Toronto Comic Con, Motor City Comic Con, and Boston Comic Con-(later this year). I'll be with Source Point Press for Indiana Comic Con, C2E2, and Tulip City Comic Con.

Will SPP be launching a trade collecting issues? Or will they continue to be singles?

Oh yes! I'm so excited we'll be launching the Kickstarter for the trade this summer! Most likely in mid-June but I'll keep everyone updated on all my social media platforms.


You can check out the entire team by clicking their names here:

Kasey Pierce Facebook 

Sean Seal 

Kelly O'Hara Facebook 

Jason Westlake Facebook

Source Point Press Facebook  





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