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Zombie Apocalypse at Woodstock!!

Written by The Indie Huntress on Friday, February 23 2018 and posted in Features

Zombie Apocalypse at Woodstock!!

I interview Bruce Worden on his comic Woodstalk, now on Kickstarter!

Source: Bruce Worden

Hey all, I am back with another review/interview! I am hoping to get things back to regular schedule, stay tuned as I work out the kinks and get the feelers out for some more great indie comics!

I have a comic called Woodstalk for you today. This comic is by Bruce Worden, he lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with his wife and son. He has been an illustrator for over fifteen years. He made his first picture book , "Goodnight Keith Moon" in 2009, and has been self-publishing comics and small picture books ever since. Woodstalk is a fun zombie comic that takes place during Woodstock. What better time to bring about the zombie apocalypse than the biggest music festival in history, right?

I read the first couple of issues, and I went into it not knowing anything about it. The story starts out with the band The Zombies, trying to make their way through the sea of people at Woodstock to get to the stage. They're there for a 'gig', but only if they can actually get through the security guard! They're not 'technically' on the bill to play, but they figure if they can just sneak up on stage maybe they could have a shot. Things had went south for the band after the broke up- the record label is threatening to take all of their rights away if they don't get back to what they once were- so they figure if they can get on stage at Woodstock, maybe they can get back what they lost. Unfortunately in doing so, they stumbled across something sinister. What follows is absolute mayhem as large portions of the crowd are being converted into zombies.


The issues that I have read thus far have been a lot of fun. The art is very cartoony and enjoyable, and I love the story. There's a lot of comics, movies, books, etc out there about zombies and it's tough to make one stand out among the rest. I think Bruce did an incredible job keeping his light, funny, and different from the sea of other zombie stories. I found it really interesting that he chose the band The Zombies to play part in those first few issues, they're not a terribly popular band- but they do have some great tunes. I think reflecting on their struggles as a band will resonate with lot of creatives- it's the nature of the beast, you get signed on in the industry, only to be burned later.

Bruce is currently promoting Woodstalk on kickstarter, and you can check out the collection for FREE at Issuu! I have also included a quick interview with Bruce


What provoked you to write about zombies at Woodstock?

At some point I started wondering why all these zombie stories were crossing genres (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, etc.), but none were crossing over with rock and roll, which seems full of mystical death-obsessed characters (Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Rob Zombie, etc.). Then we hit on the name woodSTALK, and the thing started writing itself!

Were you actually able to get licensing to write about The Zombies?

Nope. Didn't try. They're famous, public figures, so there's some leeway using them as the subject of a story. I'm fictionalizing them, not using their full names, and trying to keep them fairly heroic anyway, so there shouldn't be any problems.

Have you sent your comics to them, and if so have you had any feedback?

Not yet, because I've been releasing each chapter separately. But when this Kickstarter is successful, and the first 8 chapters are all in one volume, I will definitely be sending them a copy!

How many issues does the kickstarter book collect?

Eight. The first 7 which were released as single issues, and the new #8 which is brand new and only available in this collection.

Will they stay black and white or do you want to get them colored?

I would love to see it in color someday, but for now just black and white.

Did you write, draw, and letter the whole thing or did you have help?

This collection is all me. Originally I had intended to have a different artist for each chapter, so I had some friends do the artwork for a couple early issues. But that didn't pan out in the long run, and I ended up doing the rest of the issues myself. So for this collection, I went back and redrew those early issues so it's all consistent now, and all my own work.

sun and star

Will you be continuing this series?

Yep! There will be one chapter for each band that played at Woodstock. 32 in all! The first 8 chapters take place on just the first day of Woodstock.

Do you have any appearances or signings coming up, and if so where?

I'll be at MSU Comics Forum on Feb 24. SPACE April 28 & 29. A2CAF June 16 & 17. And Woodstalk will be available at the Little Red Bird table at TCAF in Toronto and CAKE in Chicago as well!

Are there reward tiers that include your other comics?

Now, that would've been a good idea...

Where can we follow you on social media?

Twitter @bruce_worden

Ello @bruceworden

Facebook bruce.worden.1

Don't forget to check out Bruce's Kickstarter! Every dollar helps, and as always, thank you for supporting indie comics! <3 

Woodstalk Kickstarter: click here!


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