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C2E2 2018: A Look Back Part 1

Written by Zechs on Friday, April 13 2018 and posted in Features

C2E2 2018: A Look Back Part 1

Given how amazing this year's entry it needs to be split into two parts! This entry covers Karaoke Mania, and the return of DC Comics (I swear I didn't get into any trouble with them).

Another C2E2 is in the books but unlike prior ones. This one just felt bigger than any other C2E2 than I've been a part of. Like literally a few points I was reeling at how overwhelming it was compared to other times. Honestly, I should have seen this coming as this year's was the grand (or is it feared?) return of DC Comics fully to the con. Since a certain "year" they've not really had any huge booths at the convention floor. 

This year was different. They had a booth. They had the guests. They had basically it all. Save a DC Collectibles panel (wait it's not called that anymore but I'll be damned if I won't still call it that). They actually had a presence, and surprisingly, it was a decent one. More importantly a positive one. For the most part.

But it wasn't just about DC's big showing. Adult Swim showed up in force as well with Toonami honcho Jason DeMarco attending the convention to show off FLCL Season 2 (more on that later). And of course, you have the Indie Comics. Your Darkhorse, IDW, Image, Oni PressBoom, and every other person trying to show off their comic.  Add to that the celebrities there. Yep C2E2 was packed with a lot of goings-on.

For me other than Sunday, Friday was THE day. Because of the after-mentioned Toonami showcase. You had a panel on the main floor discussing how Seasons 2-3 of FLCL were being made, the reasoning behind why Episode 1 of Season 3 subbed was shown on April 1st, and then talk on how to craft a sequel to the series so long after the fact.

Then the main panel I just knew something was going to be shown. A huge space and basically the same kind of talk? Sure enough, the panel premiered the first episode of Season 2.  My initial thoughts of the episode are, that it does an excellent job setting up the new characters and sticks to the utter batshit insanity the series was known for with very relatable characters all while making you hungry for the return of Haruko (and she has a grand entrance in this series). 

But that was just the appetizer for Friday. The entree. The main course was what was going to happen Friday night and that was-- Karoeke Mania hosted by Satellite Kilt aka Dick Manly and Johnny Unicorn

To put it lightly, the event was epic. From the very moment, I entered the line and it was already way past where a normal line for the room would end. That it garnered this much attention? Yeah... the hype was real and what was met was equally hype. 

Here are a few choice selections from the panel (I am uploading more parts of this as we speak for as "complete" as I took it. So take this as a taste while I SHALL update it:

But this was just merely Friday. ONE DAY of the con. Suffice to say, there's pretty much more C2E2 to be had and went I post part 2. There will be a lot more pictures, interviews with two creators Josh Warner and Dan Mendoza

Till then...

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