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Marvel attempting to win back the fans, and interviewing comic book creators Josh Warner and Dan Mendoza conclude this year's epic C2E2!

One article wasn't enough this year to cram all the goings on of this year's C2E2. Though this final installment did have some hurdles to get through (to which I apologize for how long this took to get out). With Day One being an epic day from beginning to end, Days 2 and 3 were to be a little hard pressed. But I'll be damned if the two days almost topped them.

Day 2 I decided to go see the Big Two in Marvel and DC Comics. With the latter's return, I figured maybe this year I wouldn't be put in a detention room and scolded for asking for interviews. I still didn't cause most of the people back then are kind of big now in other fields (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers writer Kyle Higgins being surrounded by fans of the franchise and rightly so).

Still, I went to the Action Comics #1000 panel and watched the traitor new acquisition Brian Bendis hold court with a few others (notably Tom King finning obedience till the Batman panel following and revealed his true allegiance which was sadly not to Darkseid). The interesting story was learning the new villain of Bendis' Superman mini was named after his Doctor and after learning who he was said Doctor wanting the character to be a chainmail blooded woman. All and all it was a panel that showcased the good that DC was trying to promote (even if I am not a fan of Bendis, but I'm open in giving it a tiny try). 

The Batman panel was also interesting to learn of this week's issue (aka Booster Gold giving Batman probably the worst best gift) and the events leading up to #50 (which have been basically all talked about in various other sites) with the Joker prelude and the various one-shots dealing with Bat Family members & Harley Quinn vs. various Batman Rogues.

Marvel's panels felt more them trying to throw things that could lure back in readers. Honestly, I am hyped for the new Exiles and Domino comics, but other than that. I'm kind of disappointed in them retreading in other areas. Likewise being amused at watching a certain head of Marvel pitch something to a comic writer who isn't fully with them (but has just done a comic over there recently), with an editor of Marvel close behind them like a silent bodyguard. 

The other Day Two highlight was, of course, seeing Twisted Toonz panel again this year with most of the voice actors being there (save a few who showed up as surprises for two skits) and two that didn't sadly. My personal favorite part was Fred Tatasciore can do an uncanny Darth Vader voice.

Day Three, was all about the interviews and I have two to share with you all. One was Dan Mendoza, who's comic Zombie Tramp caught my interest when I was scanning artist alley for just some curious works. The unique art style caught my attention. Here's the interview I had with its creator who also talks about his other works.

For more on Zombie Tramp can be found on ComiXology here and the official Zombie Tramp Facebook page here.

Also now having been two weeks I have finished Volume 1 and it was freaking awesome! Was like I was reading a comic from Fullmoon Pictures and 80s horror in general. It was glorious. I can't wait to read the Vol. 2 copy I got as well. .... He did say it was long-running, didn't he? Crap... Well, at least I admit I'm beginning to have a problem.

The other was of Josh Warner, who is a creator I've been seeking out since first meeting him at Wizardworld Chicago waaaaaay back in 2011.  His comic Mighty Moose always interested me given the nostalgia I had for 80s cartoons and well hearing what he currently had I just had to interview him to talk about it: 

You can see the preview video for Mighty Moose here and here

Again, this was probably one of most memorable C2E2's I ever attended. It amazes me nine years of the darn convention and they just keep upping the ante on how fun the convention is! With next year being the ten year anniversary it'll be very curious to see how they can top this year. Cause man this was something else. 


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