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Durnkin Reveewz: Detective Comics #980

Written by Zechs on Monday, May 14 2018 and posted in Features

Durnkin Reveewz: Detective Comics #980

This comic right here? This is the sweet stuff. THE REAL GOOD STUFF. We should have more of this stuff DC. More. MOAR!!!


*To those who do not know what they're about to read. Well, here's your warning. The following is just Zechs being Zechs. Grammatical errors are bound to happen you down three bottles of This Ain't Your Dad's Root Beer or several soft drinks mixed with Captain Morgan trying to comprehend the garbage you read.

Further, these reviews began on the forums. Those looking for a numerical system as per my other reviews best look else. Some folk above me love me blurting out raw brutally honest shit, and rather have that be on the front page. So there. You've been warned. Anything now is on your head for not following the warning. 

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Nearing the end of his run, writer James Tynion IV looks to add a few more exclamation points on an already exemplary Detective Comics run.  Oh sure, the OMACTimBat (yes that is somehow a thing in this comic and it's glorious) continues his reign of trying to "secure" Gotham while being looking horns with Batwoman. But really this was the appetizer. On the other hand, it drives the subplots for these two characters to their crux with Kate at long last seeing what caused Titans Tomorrow Tim to go down the path he did (as we saw ourselves a few issues ago). It's great that we see just Kate's reaction and it'll be interesting to see just how this subplot ends with the two. Because surprisingly, both characters are kind of in limbo (Kate's ongoing will be canceled sadly, and Tim? Well, who knows what will happen to Tim). So there are some interesting stakes to be had and results that will possibly change both's status quos. 

But really, you know what I REALLY want to talk about. The thing that you WANT me to talk about. The "main course" of the plot with this issue with Batman, Orphan, and Spoiler taking the fight directly to the ones manipulating OMACTimBat and the events in "Batman Eternal": Brother Eye and the General. 

Here we get something that's been A LONG TIME coming for the characters of Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain. Ever since their reintroductions into the mainline of DC Comics, there has been one flaw with both characters: erasing their times as Batgirls, for Stephanie as Robin, and Cassandra being utterly alone (save for her friendships with Tim/Steph and Clayface).

This issue tackles that HEAD ON and it amazes me the lengths Tynion went with it.  I'm kind of surprised given the history both characters had during the New 52 and the toxic editorial stance (the characters were never that just whomever up there at DC itself who made the stupid decisions that resulted in fans' ire) on the two. The fact that Tynion actually went there and the reactions both had to was icing on the cake. Save for one thing. Like Tim Drake and Kathy Kane, Stephanie Brown is also kind of up in the air sadly again (Cassandra will still be around in the next arc post-Tynion, and it seems VERY likely she'll be a part of an Outsiders spin-off). But something in my gut tells me that there's probably something for her and Tim down the line (*cough* it'd be stupid if DC doesn't do a Young Justice comic with the pair plus Aqualad try to find Superboy, Impulse, and Wondergirl *cough*). 

The reactions for both, but Stephanie, in particular, was just amazing. Since this run, Stephanie has been meh as a character. I figured Tynion just enjoyed playing with Cassandra and Tim more, and Stephanie kind of got left out (of the three her arc throughout his run felt the most rushed). So it's just so satisfying to see her get the last laugh on the villains of this arc. That basically Stephanie wins and it just feels so damn satisfying after well, all of this. 

But there is one tiny flaw I found in Stephanie's reveal of her past to her. The artist, Scot Eaton, used A TON of homages on Cassandra. Like literally, I kind of knew each and every one (which either astounds or scares me that I know what exactly was used). There was  A LOT of effort in that and I appreciate it. Stephanie though? Just one. That's kind of disheartening given Dustin Nguyen, Lee Garbett, or Trevor Scott worked on her ongoing.  You'd think we get one memorable thing done from that run?

I will say this though, the last time I remember Eaton's pencils in Batman & Robin Eternal they so didn't impress me and distracted me from the comic. This time? Not so much. I mean there were some problems, but nothing to stand out and make me think I was staring at the Ark of the Covenant and seeing characters with melting faces terrified my face was next to go if I didn't look away. 

Anyway, for those saying it was to accept these current versions of the characters? No, it was to finally reveal that in fact something was taken from both. A lot of in fact. That in loss, the two rose up to smack the living hell out of the villains of this arc.

Now, the only question is can Tynion stick to the landing with his end? That's the grand problem he's had with some of the arcs on his run. Some work. Some do not. So far this looks like this end is on target to end quite the memorable run on the comic. Possibly even more memorable. We shall see. 





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