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Teen Titans Go! to the Movies Review

Written by Zechs on Friday, July 27 2018 and posted in Features

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies Review

It was alright.

I was wondering the best way to post this review of Teen Titans Go! to the Movies. Part of me screamed, "A video review. It has to be this movie. BECAUSE---- PAIN!!!!" Then I saw the movie and it kind was the opposite of that. Not screaming good it knocked my socks off amazing. It was just- fun.  The jokes are rapid fire from simple words, to sight gags, easter eggs, and um the poop humor. 

This movie almost holds nothing back. It takes shots at everyone. DC Comics live-action movies, Marvel, and others you'd be surprised that they go after. The only thing that surprised me was that it just didn't go all out. There really isn't any Justice League jokes at all save for the beginning. I am kind of surprised the movie went there with the Richard Donner era Superman jokes. But where's my Nuclear Man joke movie? WHERE IS IT?! Still, this movie did have a few good dark jokes that make me chuckle madly. 

That said, there is one depressing thing about this movie. Stan Lee really shows his age in this movie. Yes, it's just his voice. But it sounds so tired and not the usual jovial Stan Lee voice we're accustomed too. It kind of made me depressed in just realizing the reality of how old Stan is and dammit that really gets to me and the fact that this voice probably happened just a few months ago. You know that time period.


Other than that. I can't complain about the voice acting in this movie. The voice actors for the Teen Titans literally have been doing this job for almost twenty years now. Like they could have been doing this in their sleep and still have nailed it. So really I can't say anything about it. 

Will Arnett as Slade *ahem* SLADE though? That was pretty good. But where was his song dammit movie? How do you have a Will Arnett role and not let him sing? There are songs in this movie and no villain song? Not after Arnett gave us this glorious one?!  Kristen Bell is good too, but really you know where her character is going (and it's going exactly where you think it is. So much so the movie even points it out). Though the standout voice actor was whomever the narrator was for those trailers in the movie, yeeeeeeeeeesss. I did enjoy that narrator's voice indeed.

But if I'm going to slice this movie apart and critique it. I will say it did kind of drag at one tiny point. Like literally I kept waiting for a reveal to happen, but nope just an endlessly long joke. Followed by another somewhat better one. Then more jokes. Eh, I'm too old for this movie dammit. 

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies is a fun superhero movie that moments that did make me like it. This was a fun movie, just one I know wasn't fully made for me, but meant for younger fans. I did enjoy that it even tipped it's hat to what even came before it (aka the 2003 series) several times. I'm just surprised it didn't go deeper into the rabbit hole of obscure heroes or characters that will probably never get a movie. Then again, the joke they did have worked to perfection. Unless you're a fan of those characters. Eh, probably not many, and that's why the joke worked. 


3 out of 5*


*But kids will probably love this, and 5 out of 5 this. I'm just an old fart and this is how I rated it. Now get off my lawn!  




**A side-note this movie also featured the revamped short for DC Super Hero Girls show. Best thing I can say about it is Mr. Freeze puns. GLORIOUS FREEZE PUNS. That's basically all the ice things to say about it. It just literally is Super Best Friends Forever! with a coat of paint all over the previous DC Super Hero Girls show. Like literally this is Super Best Friends Forever! even reusing a few of the jokes from that. Just add a ton of more characters and take out Donna Troy then put Wonder Woman in her steed. That's basically it. Heck, it even reused several jokes from that series.

Eh... yeah I know I'm giving the show already a cold shoulder. I should be more chill about it. But I have to break the ice that this is basically that show and not the previous one. Now if you excuse me, I have to avoid tonight's forecast: I hear a FREEZE is coming! 

Okay, that's enough freeze puns. You all are probably bitter cold for me bringing it up.

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