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Super Reads Transformers: Lost Light #21

Written by SuperginraiX on Monday, August 27 2018 and posted in Features

Super Reads Transformers: Lost Light #21

The Grand Architect stands revealed maybe!

Super Reads is back and we're right in the middle of the final story for Transformers: Lost Light! I know! I'm excited, too.

Before we get all crazy, here's your obligatory warning:

There are SPOILERS ahead.

With that officially out of the way, let's get on with it.

Scorponok.pngThere are some Decepticon scientists who are one hundred percent loyal to the Decepticon cause, committed to following the few rules of conduct written down in the Tyrest Accords and report back to Decepticon High Command at regular intervals.

I mean, there HAS to be, right? Someone's actually gotta be following the rules.

Anyway, we've never met one of those Decepticon scientists. Scorponok is certainly not one of them. This guy has been engaging in his own secret experiments ever since he heard the words "secret experiments."

When Scorpy was introduced into IDW continuity, he was being chased by Ultra Magnus for defying the Tyrest Accords (he shared Cybertronian tech with non-Cybertronians). He was severely damaged while fleeing Magnus and ended up on Earth where he somehow convinced a rich man to become his head while building an army of Headmasters around the Autobot Sunstreaker's design. That was working out surprisingly well until Scorponok decided to try and recruit Grimlock to his cause.

After that, everything blew up in the Decepticon's face and Ultra Magnus ultimately caught him, placing Scorponok in the Autobots' premium prison complex on Garrus 9.

Scorponok and a bunch of other prisoners ended up escaping the prison after an army of Decepticons assaulted the place during the events leading up to All Hail Megatron. From here, Scorponok ended up under the sway of The Grand Architect, the mysterious guy who has been pulling a lot of strings behind the scenes. With The Grand Architect's backing, Scorponok could get back to his dream of rebuilding the Decepticon army with sparks harvested from organic test subjects.

The dude is weird.

So that's what Scorpy is up to. He also appeared last issue to beat Rodimus up before being teleported away. To this issue. You'll see him soon.

OMGRIFT.pngYou'll also see this CRAZY RIFT IN THE SKY.

At the end of last issue, the skies above the planet Mederi tore open in true, awesome comic fashion and we were left with a tear in space (possibly time!) that definitely doesn't bode well for our cast of oddball characters.

It's a good thing it showed up, though, because otherwise Rodimus' mission would be pretty much over. The Lost Light found Cyberutopia, which was their ultimate goal. Sure, it wasn't what they expected but OF COURSE IT WASN'T WHAT THEY EXPECTED. Beyond that, Rodimus wanted to get his ship, the Lost Light, back while also tearing the bot behind it's mutiny, Getaway, a new one. Mission accomplished.

So, naturally, the sky opens up so we know that things aren't all fully wrapped up in a neat bow.

Besides, this whole series has NEVER been about the goal. It's always about the journey. So let's journey with them a little longer...

Pharma.png"But what about Pharma?" I hear you saying.

Well, let me tell you about Pharma.

Pharma was one of the best Cybertronian surgeons in existance. He was a friend and colleague of Ratchet, serving as head medical officer of the Autobot medical facility, Delphi, on the world of Messatine. When Ratchet decided to step down as Autobot Chief Medical Officer, his first choice was Pharma.

However, things on Delphi had taken a terrible, terrible turn. Messatine was located well within the Decepticon Justice Division's territory and to save Delphi from danger, Pharma had made a secret deal to provide the DJD's leader, Tarn, with Transformation Cogs. Tarn had an addiction to transforming and ended up burning through T-Cogs quickly. At first Pharma harvested the Transformation Cogs from those that died at Delphi. Then those that MIGHT die. Then maybe he killed a number of healthy patients to keep up with demand. As things escalated, Pharma realized that it was just a matter of time before he was found out.

So, naturally, he created a sonic virus that would quickly rust out its victims after they transformed for the first time. You'd think this would be a great way to take out Tarn, what with his transformation addiction but since he couldn't find anyone willing to administer the virus in the presence of the DJD, Pharma settled for killing everyone at Delphi in order to get the facility closed down and all his nasty exploits safely hidden.

That obviously didn't work out for him. But, as a bonus, Ratchet DID end up getting ahold of Pharma's perfectly good hands to replace his failing extremities.

In a following adventure, Pharma found himself working with Tyrest, testing out the Chief Justice's kill switch prior to its full release. Since Pharma was a famous forged medic, his survival meant that only those Cybertronians that had been constructed cold would likely be affected (with their deaths). After that, Pharma was given a pair of hands that could transform into... anything? But mostly he just turned them into chainsaws.

When Pharma faced off against Ratchet THIS time, he ended up killing one of his former Delphi medical colleagues, Ambulon, by cutting the bot in two. Lengthwise. Because by THIS point, Pharma was mad as a hatter. When all of this reached a head, Pharma's head was shot off by another of his medical colleagues, First Aid. But, while no one was looking, the loony medic's body was dragged off through a portal, presumably to Cyberutopia. Which is actually Mederi.

But we haven't actually SEEN Pharma's body, yet. And you KNOW that's going to lead somewhere, especially when Drift had a vision a while back that showed Pharma at the head of a fleet of Worldsweepers (The Grand Architect's favorite mode of transportation) and an army of Sparkeaters (which we've already seen).

TransformersLostLight21.pngTransformers: Lost Light #21
Crucible (Part 3): Farsickness
Writer: James Roberts
Artist: Jack Lawrence
Colors: Joana LaFuente
Letterer: Tom B. Long
Editor: David Mariotte

This issue in a nutshell: The Grand Architect blows a hole in the universe and Megatron is back, baby!

Bullet Points:
• Everyone loads aboard the Lost Light as they fail to escape the rift that has formed above Mederi.
• Withing the Worldsweeper fleet, Flame fixes up The Grand Architect's body to make it presentable while Scorponok and Tyrest fulfill TGA's plan and scan for the upcoming horror.
• After being sucked into the tear in space, Rodimus and gang are witness to five Cybertrons of varying colors.
• Landing on one of the Cybertrons, the gang is able to figure out that this world is pretty new compared to the real Cybertron but matches what the real planet would have looked like near its creation.
• The Black Block Consortia lands and is prepared to kill everyone before Rodimus manages to convince The Grand Architect to take them aboard his flagship Worldsweeper.
• Scorponok is enraged that The Grand Architect didn't kill Rodimus and his crew and enacts a plan to probe TGA's mind and figure out what the hell is going on.
• The Grand Architect faces a mental attack.
• The Lost Light lands in The Grand Architect's World Sweeper and Rodimus gets bored fast.
• Examining the Magnificence worn by Nickel, Rung finds himself forcibly transformed into whatever his alternate mode is.
• Froid and Sunder join our group and detail a lot of The Grand Architect's more recent plans.
• One of those plans was the creation of those five Cybertrons which form a super interplanetary God Gun that can cut a hole in the fabric of the universe.
• Scorponok attempts to dispell any connection to Sunder's failed mental attack but after learning more about The Grand Architect's plans, he believes this God Gun is actually summoning the monster that the Grand Architect meant to dispell and chews out his boss.
• Which leads to The Grand Architect chainsawing him through the chest and head because TGA knew Scorponok was behind Sunder's attack and he also knows how rude Scorpy is.
• The Grand Architect's body looks exactly like that of Pharma, BTW.
• A fleet of spaceships erupts from the portal created by the God Gun.
• Rodimus and Ultra Magnus get calls on their communicators from Megatron who is aboard one of those ships.
• Yay Megatron is here!
• It's really weird to be cheering for Megatron when he shows up.

Super Reads Transformers: Lost Light #19
Super Reads Transformers: Lost Light #20

And, behold, the skies have torn apart over the planet, Mederi! This is both terrifying and awesome for Swerve. Terrifying because, hey, the sky is breaking. Awesome because it's on Swerve's Questlist. So he can officially check it off.

Anyway, as the horror is unfolding, our cast of characters is running into the Lost Light, which Rodimus must have landed between this issue and the last. Also being loaded on board are all the former crew members of the ship who had previously been changed into Sparkeaters. They're all better now but still recovering. Rodimus tells Riptide to load them all into stasis pods located on the Observation Deck since the Med Bay is being used to hold the Red Scraplets that have fallen in love with Whirl (oh, last issue, you were amazing).

As the patients are carted past him, Rodimus gets an apology from a weakened Perceptor. He shrugs it off since he has a lot more important things on his mind right now than the mutiny, but seeing how things went for his crew, Rodimus thinks they've suffered enough. He announces that everything is square.

Back at Ward Zero, First Aid and Ratchet are seeing to the transport of the organic telepaths that had been the original residents of this place. With the sky opening up above them, it seems like they'd all be safer on the Lost Light but these guys don't know that much about organics. First Aid suggests they loop in Misfire for the organics' care since he seems to know a thing or two about how that would work.

Also in Ward Zero, Rewind has noticed that a geobomb has suddenly appeared, floating, in the room. He doesn't know what it is and is about to give it a poke but is stopped by Rung. Rung has experienced a geobomb first hand and doesn't want a repeat performance.

The rest of the evac happens quickly and we see the Lost Light airborn before the end of the page. Piloting the ship is the Scavenger Crankcase who, as mentioned a couple issues ago, is the best pilot they have. Crankcase is loving the ship. Rodimus casually mentions that he can have it provided they escape the rift in the sky but takes it back quickly, claiming that in high pressure situations like this one, his mouth tends to ramble crazy stuff.

He needn't have taken back his offer. The Lost Light doesn't escape the rift. Instead, the ship is pulled inside.

Elsewhere, a massive fleet of Worldsweepers flies through space.

It's like no one reads my memos or anything.

Yeah, that's a Worldsweeper. A giant, flying Decepticon symbol. While they first made their appearance in the pages of More Than Meets the Eye, you'll also see a number of these over in Transformers: Unicron as part of the Decepticon Vengeance Division's fleet. They are unrelated fleets! Hell, Lost Light isn't crossing over with the FINAL, final IDW Transformers story so everything is unrelated.

Aboard the green Decepticon symbol, we see Flame making a heavily shadowed Grand Architect presentable for his later full appearance in this very issue! He asks The Grand Architect about fixing up the mysterious bot's voice and TGA says that would be great, time permitting. They won't have time to mess with The Grand Architect's voice, however because things are coming to fruition at a fast pace.

Flame is one of those rare Autobot scientists who seems to act a hell of a lot like a Decepticon scientist except with an Autobot symbol on his chest... except that has been changed to the gear symbol featured everywhere. Flame was another inmate at Garrus 9 and escaped alongside Scorponok after the Decepticon Surge that led right into All Hail Megatron. Both found employ with The Grand Architect... and if you're noticing a theme, The Grand Architect seems to REALLY like employing brilliant minds with criminal intentions.

While Flame continues to put The Grand Architect together (he asks his boss how many hands he wants to use), the big guy fields a call from Scorponok on the bridge. Scorponok reveals to us that he's sent that geobomb we saw earlier to Ward Zero. It's supposed to blow up when the rift reaches its full size. Apparently, everything is set to go off when "Mederi is SHUNTED." This is all information that The Grand Architect knows because it's his plan.

TGA asks Tyrest, who is ALSO located on the Bridge, if anything has shown up yet. Tyrest is scanning pretty much every way known to Cybertronian kind and there is nothing to report. The Grand Architect expects there WILL be something any moment and tells Tyrest to scan HARDER. When Tyrest explains that everything is already at maximum capacity, The Grand Architect scolds the Chief Justice for talking back and lets us in on the fact that Tyrest is only part of TGA's gang because of "the IRONY."

Scorponok cuts in, wondering why nothing has shown up yet. The Grand Architect says that it's all going to happen at the proper time and even then, with all his planning, he doesn't think they've prepped enough.

Switching back to the Lost Light, we see that the ship has exited to the other side of the rift where the crew looks out to see five different colored Cybertrons and a bright star in the background (like, within orbit distance-- there's also a starfield because: outer space). The readings all indicate that they're in the Benzene Cluster but Rodimus doesn't trust that because Whirl spilled Tailgate all over the navigation computer way back in the day. He should. They are totally in the Benzene Cluster.

I mentioned this last issue but for those joining us late or those who just don't wanna keep all the details committed to memory, the Benzene Cluster was a disputed area of galactic space that is currently in the hands of a group called the Black Block Consortia. The Black Block Consortia is a splinter group from the Galactic Council. Both groups basically run a protection racket, taking money from organic civilizations to keep them safe from the dangerous Cybertronian Great War. The Consortia is just more militant about it.

We also know from some of Tyrest's cryptic conversations with Getaway over the last two issues that the Benzene Cluster plays heavily into The Grand Architect's plans. You might have clued in on that with all the Cybertrons flying about. Beyond that, Tyrest mentioned that Benzene was "threadbare" and "cleared." These are notions that Drift mentions right here, indicating that the Benzene Cluster is part of a "Spiritual Leyline" that connects such places as Deimus, Theophany, Troja Major, and Mederi. It's the end of the spiritual journey.

And, if you're wondering, all of those places were destination location for the Lost Light or at least Team Rodimus.

Rodimus orders the Lost Light down but we learn that they would have had to land anyway. Going through the rift sucked the power cells dry. Once they've landed on one of the Cybertrons, we are treated to some of the most beautiful panels in the book. Seriously, Jack Lawrence has turned in fairly average work (IMO) until this issue but he's finally come into his own with this comic. It is amazing looking (IMO).

OK, enough gushing (good job, Jack Lawrence!). The Lost Light lands near an area of Cybertron known as Upper Tetrahex. This is where Cyclonus is from. It not only reminds him of home, it's picture perfect to his memory. As in: this is what Cybertron looked like back in HIS day. And he's REALLY old.

The planet, however, is brand new according to quick tests performed by Swerve and Anode.

Nautica and Rung have their own thoughts on this. Way back when Chief Justice Tyrest was trying to kill every Cold Constructed Cybertronian, the Autobot Skids ended up passing through a portal that presumably led to Cyberutopia. Skids is dead now but what he described (to friends like Nautica and Rung) was exactly like this.

OK, that's enough of sampling the local culture. It's time for our dudes to get attacked.

You don't want to start your offer too high on a knock-off Cybertron.

Remember when I said the Benzene Cluster was held by the Black Block Consortia? Those are their ships. Oh, that's also a Decepticon Worldsweeper behind them.

Before our loveable cast can decide whether or not they should defend themselves, they are already without that option, fully surrounded with nary a gun in sight... that isn't trained on them. Before those guns can fire, however, a spotlight blinds our heroes from the Worldsweeper. The Grand Architect speaks directly to Team Rodimus and the Scavengers, leading with the statement "Getaway was right."

Off on the right foot, there.

Rodimus is being particularly feisty during this convo. The Grand Architect says that Getaway warned him that Rodimus and crew would stand in the way of his meticulously laid plans and that he can't have them hanging about as unknown variables as his end game is begins. Rodimus, snarky throughout, admits that he's definitely the kind of bot who might throw a wrench in someone's plans but also invites The Grand Architect down to this fake Cybertron to talk him through what's going on.

The Grand Architect decides that instead of doing any of that, it's best just to murder off everyone here and now and save himself future hassle. The Black Block Consortia prepares to get their kill on. Nautica, remembering Skid's visit here, phonetically sounds out that gear symbol we've seen everywhere. Again, it looks like this:

I've never seen this symbol before in my life.

This gear symbol is one of the coat of arms of the Knights of Cybertron and we've seen that The Grand Architect has been using it as his own personal symbol.

Being able to speak his symbol gives The Grand Architect pause and he decides not to kill Rodimus and friends just yet. At least not until they've explained HOW they could speak his symbol. Well, at first, The Grand Architect agrees to meet only with Rodimus and his command team, saying that everyone else is gonna die. Hearing this, the Magnificence bursts into a list of suggested people to bring with. "Rodimus, Rung, Ratchet, Tailgate."

I haven't explained the Magnificence yet, have I? It's the bauble that Nickel is wearing around her neck. The Magnificence is one of the original MacGuffins in IDW's Transformers series. Rodimus secured it from the planet Ki-Aleta back in his Hot Rod days but his team was killed off in the attempt by a traitor in their midst named Dealer (sometimes called Double Dealer because he's a double agent seeking money). The Magnificence has the crazy ability to answer any question posed to it. Clearly, Rodimus didn't keep the device and it was handed over to Autobot High Command who then placed it in their prison facility of Garrus 9 where it eventually ended up in Grimlock's chest cavity (which happens sometimes) and then got lost for a while before... y'know what? It's around Nickel's neck after quite a journey.

And if you are wondering who's important for the future of this storyline? Rodimus, Rung, Ratchet, and Tailgate might be good options.

Back to the story: Rodimus isn't keen on leaving anyone here to die and he's not about to make a decision that will automatically kill people. Instead, he makes a speech about how The Grand Architect should take them all up to his magic Worldsweeper in the sky.

We've seen off a PHASE SIXER, cured an ARMY of Sparkeaters, survived a mutiny, traveled in time, gatecrashed a universe, and saved HALF OUR RACE.

I'm not even done!

We've liberated planets, defeated the D.J.D., found Luna 1 AND the Necrobot, rescued TWO Metrotitans, been ERASED FROM EXISTENCE, and STOLEN A MOON-

-and a few hours ago we DIED and BROKE HEAVEN.

The key word is WE. This isn't about TEAM RODIMUS. This is about Team Magnus. It's about Team Nautica. Team Anode. Team Skids. Team Nightbeat. Hell, it's even about TEAM WHIRL.

So if 'The Grand Architect' turns out to be nothing more than the latest in a long line of NOBODIES trying to PROVE A POINT- another sad little trumped-up tyrant who throws a HISSY FIT whenever the world won't listen- then maybe just maybe, Getaway WAS right.

Because if you're stupid enough to turn this into US versus YOU, guess what?

We'll win.


That's a hell of a speech, Rodimus. It's enough for The Grand Architect to change his mind and invite everyone on board his flying Decepticon symbol. And THAT is enough to piss Scorponok the hell off. Scorponok thinks it's a better idea to kill these interlopers and be done with it and he begins to wonder why he's even still hanging about now that his OWN plans of rebuilding the Decepticon army have been dashed by the Scavengers.

Tyrest believes that Scorp is here "for the greater good." Which is hilarious. Scorponok wonders why TYREST is here, considering how talented and intelligent the former Chief Justice is. Tyrest is the kind of dude who should be running things, not this Grand Architect guy who no one's even seen... besides Flame, of course.

Tyrest explains that after his OWN plans were foiled, he managed his own escape by teleporting away only to be left severely wounded. He believes happenstance left him in close proximity to The Grand Architect who saved his life and restored his sanity. This is when we all notice that the hole that Tyrest drilled into his own brain module is gone (even though it appeared a couple issues ago on his hologram communication-- which was probably an error). With all that The Grand Architect has done for him, he feels it only natural to serve his savior, even if he doesn't know EXACTLY who it is.

None of this satisfies Scorponok. He wants to know what The Grand Architect is doing. To do that, Scorponok calls a bot called Sunder on a personal communicator and tells him it's GO TIME.

In The Grand Architect's darkened chamber, Flame is setting the Lost Light on a coarse towards Docking Bay 1... just as The Grand Architect faces a mental attack.

Or he just got a massive headache. Caused by a mental attack.

Meanwhile, the Lost Light lands in Docking Bay 1 of The Grand Architect's Worldsweeper and our friends disembark. Looking out the giant window at the tear in space, Rodimus is quickly bored. He asks Nickel about the Magnificence hanging from her necklace, believing it to be a well-made facsimile but learns it's the real deal... it's just not doing what it's supposed to: answering complicated questions... or talking at all.

Which is weird because Rung thinks he hears it calling his name. Which is SUPER weird because everyone gets his name Wrung. I mean Rung. Wait, I mean "wrong."

Rung looks the Magnificence in it's eye (yes, it has an eye) and suddenly seems to be forcibly transformed into his alternate mode. He even verbalizes the transforming noise when he does so... which is something we've all done at LEAST once with our Transformers toys.

After a couple million years, I bet the ink is all dried up.

If you're wondering what Rung ACTUALLY transformed into, get in line. That's been a running sideplot for most of the series. The Functionists classified him as an ornament after exausting the possibilities of what he turned into. When the minibots see him in his alt-mode, however, one thing is clear. His form "makes them feel young."

Lug draws Rodimus' attention back to the window in time to see Mederi punted through the rift before it ultimately closes. I guess that geobomb didn't manage to destroy the planet. Lug postulates that maybe THAT was the purpose of the rift all along, to bring Mederi to the Benzene Cluster.

Froid congratulates Lug on her hypothesis as he and Sunder are brought into the hangar in handcuffs. When Rodimus notices the cuffs, he realizes that they've been in one giant prison cell the whole time.

We've gotta do some more explaining of these two, don't we? Froid is a psychiatrist who seems to lack any sort of ethics but is still known as an expert in his field. His partner, Sunder, was once a talented mnemosurgeon (which is a lot like being a telepath including all those ethical problems) until his talents got the better of him and he went insane. He also went on a murder spree. Froid did the psych profile on him and became fascinated with Sunder's case (which doesn't really seem THAT interesting). Things slid into bad territory from there with Froid essentially feeding Sunder's addiction for murder which included all the mnemosurgery fun of reading his victims minds before a killing occured. Sunder is the guy who helped change the crew of the Lost Light's memories so that Getaway could continue on as their captain. Froid is the guy who brokered the terms of that deal, demanding a certain number of crew member's lives for the arrangement.

So these are BAD GUYS.

You might also remember that Scorponok called Sunder up VERY recently (read up about eleven paragraphs). That's why these two are in custody right now. Sunder tried to read The Grand Architect's mind to figure out what his whole master plan was. Instead, the psychopathic mnemosurgeon only got a bunch of recent memories before The Grand Architect kicked Sunder out of his mind. TGA also cut off Sunder's mnemosurgery abilities. Both of those things are supposed to be impossible.

Krok asks Froid what they were able to find out about The Grand Architect and Froid happily answers while Sunder laments the loss of his abilities. The Grand Architect's identity remains unknown, as though TGA has hidden it away, but this grand plan of his is definitely leading to a battle against a universal threat... but even these details are sketchy. It seems The Grand Architect is so scared of the coming cosmic threat that he's kept himself from thinking about it even while preparing to confront it.

But wait! There's more! The Grand Architect built a mold in which to craft five of his very own Cybertrons. The mold isn't specifically named here but long time readers can probably guess that it's the planet used by the Necrobot as his home base since we learned that not only was the planet hallow but that the interior matched up with details of Cybertron. Those five Cybertrons were brought to the Benzene Cluster and the entire area was cleared of other worlds through the use of the Black Block Consortia who are actually biomechanical beings created by The Grand Architect.

So what would someone need with five Cybertrons? The Grand Architect is making a God Gun. Rewind laughs at this but then has to explain why it's so funny to everyone else. Apparently, there was a belief that Cybertron could be used to fire a powerful beam under the right circumstances. Unfortunately, one of those circumstances was that Cybertron had to be in good repair which wasn't the case because of all the wars fought over the planet.

This myth might have made Rewind laugh but if this series has taught us anything, it's that all those myths are true. If it's sister book has taught us anything, it's that all the myths were made up by a time-traveling Shockwave. BUT! In this book, all myths are true.

And if one Cybertron could fire a devastating space ray if positioned JUST right in relation to a nearby star, FIVE Cybertrons could cut a hole right in space-time, especially in an area like the Benzene Cluster which, spiritually speaking is "threadbare" and "the end of a key spiritual leyline." As our heroes watch, the God Gun is activated and it begins tearing a hole right in the ass of the universe.

On the bridge, Scorponok learns that The Grand Architect fought off Sunder's mental probe and deftly maneuvers away from culpability, claiming to have tried to reason Froid and Sunder away from mentally attacking his leader. The Grand Architect reveals a bit more of his plan while making his way to the bridge himself. Apparently, The Grand Architect was brought here a LONG time ago through the subspace network of tunnels called "the Warren." TGA claims that he observed a "monster" that couldn't be defeated. Instead, the great evil had to be pushed into another universe. The God Gun will create the path and The Grand Architect has been attempting to lure the monster back here using "twin-spectrum flares and signal code."

Tyrest's monitors spark to life and he exclaims that he's detected a powerful energy source but it's not coming from THIS universe. It's coming from the other side of the portal just NOW being created by The Grand Architect's God Gun. Scorponok realizes that the unbeatable monster that The Grand Architect was hoping to send to another universe was already IN another universe. And now it's coming back HERE. He curses The Grand Architect out for being a complete idiot.

And then Scorponok gets a chainsaw in his chest.

Doctors usually use chainsaws, right?

The Grand Architect stands revealed as PHARMA! And Scorponok's attempt to distance himself from Sunder's mind assault totally failed. TGA knew it was Scorpy's doing all along. But it's how rude Scorponok has been that earns the Decepticon an upward chainsaw through his face.

So... Pharma. It's POSSIBLE. The Warren has been shown to be have some time-traveling qualities. When the Lost Light traveled through it, they arrived at their destination before they had even LEFT. So, if Pharma has been using the Warren, it's POSSIBLE that he's been around long enough to be The Grand Architect and has done everything that The Grand Architect is responsible for. But, at the same time, we saw a headless Pharma being dragged into that portal to Cyberutopia (Mederi) way back... so we'll see.

Full disclosure: when I first read the issue, I was like "wow! Pharma was The Grand Architect the whole time! I can't wait to see how all those dots get connected!" It was the internet that got me sceptical. As it does. For now, just know that there's obviously more to this story... than meets the eye.

Back down in Docking Bay 1, Rodimus and his crew (and Froid & Sunder) watch as the five Cybertrons blow a hole in the fabric of space-time. They wonder what kind of monster has been waiting on the other side of that portal when a fleet of ships bursts through the opening. Leading them is a ship that looks a LOT like the Lost Light.

Rodimus and Ultra Magnus' personal communicators ring simultaneously. When they answer, the hear a familiar voice.

It's Megatron. He's aboard one of those ships (three guesses which one) and he's sporting a fusion cannon again... and his hand is obfuscating his chest so we don't know if he's still wearing his Autobot symbol or has gone back to being a Decepticon.

But holy crap it's Megatron! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm way too excited to see him again. And you should be too! Thanks for reading and I hope you're back soon for the next exciting Super Read of Transformers: Lost Light!

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